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petek, oktober 01, 2010

Lip Paint 147 Peachy Pink

This lipstick was such a pain to picture. It looked really pink on every picture, I finally succeeded to capture it in all it's peachy glory in 94.574th attempt. Picture of the lips is very accurate, the colour is really bright, light orange peach. It's really opaque and drying, it emphasises every imperfection on the lips. On my porcelain skin it looks quite a bold choice of colour, as it's really bright, so I passed it on quickly.

Lip Liner #13 Baby Pink

This is more of a miss purchase, I didn't really know what to expect since I wasn't able to find any swatches online. It's one of the most horrible pale lilac pink colours, I doubt it looks good on anyone. The formula is dry and chalky, so this really is quite useless.

Touch of Magic Lip Paint, renamed to Genie

This is one of those colour changing lipsticks that turn to a different shade of pink depending on your pH levels It turns pink immediately when you apply it on the lips and gets the full intensity of the colour after 5 minutes. On me it turns into a really bright berry pink, I presume it's the darkest it can get (I have been told than I have a very low pH of the skin, my silver jewellery turns dark in record time). It's really a pain to remove, it stains your lips and it lasts a really long time. Lipstick is moisturising and glossy.

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  1. Glede te šminke so, kolikor berem, deljena mnenja.
    Ampak mi je všeč odtenek, ki se ustvari na tebi.

    Če bi vedla, da bi na meni bilo podobno, bi jo
    z lažjim srcem kupila. :)

  2. Če ti kaj pomaga ima Bourjois nov gloss, ki deluje na isti princip ( ). Preizkusi tester (v Műllerju imajo že, pravtako v Nami), če imaš možnost, pa boš videla kako take šminke/glosi izpadejo na tebi :)