S-He Eyeshadow Quattro and Khol Kajal

sobota, julij 09, 2011

S-he completely revamped their line and I already raved about their single eyeshadows here (which I still love). However, the quattro eyeshadows do not live up to the singles. The quad I have in called 152/205 (at least I think it is, the naming is a bit odd) and it contains a pearly white, very light lilac, dusty pink and a bright blue-violet color (all have some shimmer in them). Honesty I really don't like the colors in this quad, they just don't suit me. Eyeshadows feel quite chalky, although they are quite pigmented and soft. Unfortunately they simply don't last long, they just disappear after a couple of hours (unlike the singles which last for hours). 
The kohl kajal in 003 is a smokey grey color (I have no idea why it looks a bit green on my picture). It's a great color for those who find a black eyeliner a bit to harsh but they still want to define their eyes. It a sort of in the middle pencil, not to soft and not to hard. It's quite pigmented, but it smudges quickly. I wore it as a liner on my top lashline and it smudged off quite fast, so maybe it's better just as a base for darker eyeshadows. It comes with a rubber ''smudger'' on the other side.
I was given this quattro and khol as a gift, so I have no idea how much they cost.

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  1. gledala sam ove quatro senke jer mi je jedna njihova mono senka koju imam bas dobra, medjutim, ostala sam razocarana kad sam ih probala na ruci, nekako mi uopste nisu lepe teksture, i vidim da je dobro sto ih nisam kupila. nisu skupe, kod nas su mozda oko 3 eura ili manje.

  2. Ne razumem zakaj je tako razlika med kvaliteto enojnih senčil in četvorčkov. Se mi je zdelo da so okrog 3€ :)