Essence 55 Coralize Me!

četrtek, september 15, 2011

Coralize me! finally reached our drugstores too. It was supposed to be released last year in September and I've been looking for it ever since. It's a coral shade with a frosty finish and even though I really don't like frosty lipsticks, the shimmer in this shade isn't that bad. It's one of the prettiest coral shades I've found so far, however it is on the sheer side (as are all Essence lipsticks). It's a perfect match for pairing it with Coralista blush as it is a very similar shade. Like all Essence lipsticks it's moisturising and I would describe them more as tinted lip balms. However, this particular shade is more drying than the others and can look really bad after a while on the lips. In terms of longevity, it's performance is quite poor. After about an hour all the colour was gone. The packaging is a plastic tube in the shade of the lipstick, it feels cheap but hey so is the price. 

And here are all four shades I own (coloured text is a link to the swatch) : 44 Almost Famous, 45 This is Me, 53 All About Cupcake and 55 Coralize Me!

Miss Sporty Miss Cocktail lipgloss in 007 Boy Trick is a red shade that smells like cherry candy (if you're familiar with NYX Mega Shine lipglosses this has the same scent). The colour is sheer but it still colours the lips slightly. It is super cheap, I believe it was about 1,7 € plus now you get a free nail polish with purchase (Müller), so it's quite a good deal. Staying power is really poor, but the scent is quite cool.

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  1. O, luštna je ta šminka. Jo moram dodati v svojo zbirko :)

  2. MozesMliMozes mi preporuci ti zamijenu za essence lipstick almoust famous 44

    1. Essence colour up! shine on! 08 flaming red in praktično vsaka rdeča šminka katerekoli znamke s prosojnim videzom.