November 2011 Favourites

nedelja, december 04, 2011

This month I've been wearing black liner religiously. I still love the Avon Supeshock eyeliner (seriously the blackest liner I ever tried), I also love the waterproof version by Gosh (not in the picture because I left it in Ljubljana). As for the rest of the make up, I was quite modest. I only used some concealer and mascara, sometimes a bit of Maybelline's Dream touch blush in Peach
My newest drugstore discovery is the Dove Oil Care 1 minute mask. As you can see I've almost used it up. It's a seriously good conditioner for the price. It is definitely the most moisturising drugstore conditioner I came across. If you have really dry hair, give it a go.
I use L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil not just for my body, but also on my hair. It just smells so amazing. 
Nuxe Multi-Purpose oil is still my preferred moisturiser for my face. It never breaks me out and it makes sure I don't get dry patches (especially now with the central heating season). 
Euphoria was the scent I wore the most this month. It's just works so well with my body chemistry, I adore it. 

The last thing are dusting powders by Lush. I actually prefer Silky Underwear to Vanilla Puff, the scent of the latter is just a bit too strong for me. But Silky Underwear smells amazing. I sprinkled some on my scarf (it's white) and it smells so nice, especially now when it's mixed with a range of my fragrances.

And something that is not make up/skin care related, it's the Air Wick colour change candle. I have the Cocoa Truffle & Creme version and the scent is just yummy. Check this video if you want to see how it looks. It just so pretty when it's changing colours. Mine's almost completely burned, so I plan to buy I new one.
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  1. baje je ta sveča res fuul fajn :) bo treba probati. joj vedno sem dobre volje ko vidim da imaš nov blog post :))

  2. Joj, veš kok je lepa :). Ooo, hvala <3

  3. I did a similar thing to moisturise my face other than using plain moisturiser: Vaseline. I know, it's gross but it's working wonders on dry patches and it's cheap! My sister has the shimmery version of the Nuxe oil and it's so lovely to use during summer! xx

  4. Think I need to check out the Dove hair treatment! Everything you recommend seems to work really well for me too. Quick question about the L'Occitane oil; do you use it on wet skin or do you towel dry and then apply? I've always been so confused about body oils!

  5. I always use the L'Occitane oil on dry skin. I generally don't apply oils on wet skin :)