Freedom Makeup Pro Lipstick Pro Red 108 Expression

sreda, november 11, 2015

It's been quite a while since I got this lipstick. I even had a review ready for at least a month, but I sort of avoided posting it because honestly, this is a boring lipstick. It's not bad, just unimpressive. I did a couple of reviews of Freedom Makeup products already, which are essentially just Makeup Revolution products in a bad disguise, so the lipsticks don't differ much from MR's classic ones. So nothing new, nothing exciting, insert a dispassionate review bellow:

Colour: It's a pinky red that is semi-transparent and has a creamy-glossy finish. The colour in the tube is so different from what you get on the lips, it even swatches pinkish red, which really surprised me. It needs a few layers to get a nice colour going, so it's more reminiscent of all those lip balm-lipstick hybrids. I'm not a big fan of glossier-creamier reds because there is a bigger chance of it moving too much, so I'd prefer this was matte.

Texture: is nicely creamy and it applies without tugging. It feels waxier than for example MR's Iconic Pro, which is to me a good thing because it sticks on the lips better. Staying power is ok, better than I expected, but reds have so much pigment that it's easy for them to stick on. It almost survives eating, the inner edges of the lipstick do wipe off, but the rest is ok, still I would reapply.

Scent: It has a light scent of chemicals.

Packaging: The tube is pretty much the same as at Makeup Revolution lipsticks and MUA ones, so it's rather basic, but it works. I tried to pull out that coloured part out, but I can't.

These are very cheap at 1.95 € from Lič It's a ok sheer red for those who want to just try if reds suit them, but for red lipstick addicts like me, it doesn't quite cut it. 

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Včasih me kar zamika, da bi se pobarvala na temnejšo barvo las in upala, da mi rdeča paše tako kot tebi:):) drgače pa velikeee čestitke za tole 2, 000,000 številko ima toliko ničel, da sem morala preverit, če sem jih zapisala dovolj:). Sem vesela zate, za tvoj trud,energio, čas in voljo, ki jo vlagaš v svoj blog. Ostani še naprej takšna kot si, posebna, drugačna in v svojem mehurčku;););)

    1. Jaz pa vedno hotela imet svetlejše lase :) Meni se zdi, da vsem pašejo rdeči odtenki, samo pravega moraš najti :)

      Hvala <3

  2. Gorgeous! Expression looks lovely on you.

  3. Yes, I don't like MUR lipsticks as well and this one is no exception. The color looks good on you though. Good review!

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. They're very average. I know I shouldn't expect a lot for that price, but I've tried better ones in about the same price range. Thank you :)

  4. The shade looks gorgeous on you.

  5. I'm pale myself so this review really helped me out. Thanks for sharing Katie. X

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