Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks

četrtek, december 10, 2015

I already talked about the "regular" matte lipsticks by Jordana and these are their younger sisters. I read reviews about these and a lot of them are not positive, however, I don't share the same experience. Maybe it's just these two shades, but they perform similar to their other matte lipsticks and they are actually pretty good. It is possible that the rest of the shades aren't as good, but I haven't tried them, so I can't say. But any way, I have two shades, 01 Matte Bare and 12 Matte Style, out of 18. 

These are thicker than their original matte lipsticks, but both of these shades apply ok, not completely smooth, they can skip a bit, but it's still fine. On my lips these actually behave the same as the original ones, despite the difference in texture. Both shades  are fully opaque with a rich pigmentation. I don't find these drying and I've been wearing Matte Style a lot since I got it, but they aren't moisturising, so it depends on the condition of your lips whether you'll need a lip balm or not. Because they are thick, they stick on the lips well and have quite good staying power.

01 Matte Bare

Matte Bare is a rosy brown medium nude shade. A standard everyday appropriate shade that will suit so many.

 12 Matte Style

Matte Style is a classic Hollywood blue-toned red. I've been wearing this shade loads since I got it, it's a perfect budget shade for us Snow Whites. 

These come in a better packaging than their original lipsticks, but it's still very basic. The lid holds so tight that I need to use considerable force to open it, but I am a weakling. This of course means that they won't randomly open inside the bag, so they are travel friendly unlike their other matte lipsticks. The clear plastic outer casing is like a separate packaging of its own and can slide off (probably happened unintentionally to me when I was opening them), which again isn't a sign of the best packaging. The shape of the lipstick is quite wide and the fact that they are cut straight doesn't help at precise work, so a lip liner is actually a must, especially at Matte Style. These have a scent of vanilla, though it's quite subtle at these two shades. 

I find these just as good as the original ones, but I am a bit confused about all the bad reviews I read, so it is possible that these are the stand-out shades. Matte Style is absolutely beautiful and I've been enjoying wearing it so much, there something about a matte good old classic red that just makes me feel so posh. These cost 3.79 € on Click2Chic (I got these to swatch them for their website. I keep repeating that for transparency reasons) and 3.16 € on Jordana's EU site. They are 3 $ on the official Jordana site.

Have a great day!

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  1. Ful lepa odtenka, meni so res všeč rdeče šminke s hladnim podtonom se mi zdi, da mi veliko bolj pašejo :)

    1. Imam tudi raje hladnejše odtenke rdeče, izgledajo bolj classy, ampak lahko nosim obe vrsti :)

  2. Oba odtenka sta luštna in ti prav pristajata. Sicer mi oblika same šminke ni všeč, mi je že Revlonova povzročala ogromno težav, ampak tale vsaj gre cela v embalažo. Mogoče si katero celo omislim kdaj. :D

    1. Ja, ta gre k sreči cela not v embalažo, čeprav se vidi da sem Bare tudi uspela nekam "ruknit" pred slikanjem :) Oblika res ni najbolj praktična za nanos ampak pač z liplinerjem popraviš :)

  3. Oh I looooooove the look of Matte Bare!! :-) So pretty and flattering.

  4. Yes, I too have read bad reviews regarding these but they seem so good to me. Both shades are pretty but I'm more keen on Matte Bare, Amazing!

    Chaste & Beautiful

  5. The shades are amazing. Love matte bare and natural.