Essence Silky Touch Blush 100 Indian Summer

sreda, maj 18, 2016

In the latest line update for spring, Essence added a new shade to their Silky Touch blush line called Indian Summer, which I completely missed in the press release, but if I saw it in person on the stand, it's definitely a colour I'd be interested in. I can't say I've ever been a big fan of the Silky Touch range, I do however, love the quality of their Matt Touch blushes and I must say I was a bit taken aback that they decided not to expand the range of those and added a new shade to their regular line instead. 

Texture: I wrote about the texture of these in my old post where I reviewed three shades, two of which have recently been discontinued (Autumn Peach and Kissable). The texture varies from shade to shade and this one is undoubtedly one of the best ones in the range. It's smooth, doesn't apply patchy or powdery and blends nicely. 

On the lips is Lavera Red lipliner

Colour: The moment I saw this shade it reminded me of Lancôme's Miel Glace, a shade I bought many years ago when blushes were sparse around here and this was one of the rare shades for Snow White complexions like mine that was nice to combine with red lips. I swatched them side by side and they are indeed very similar, but do differ mostly in intensity, as Lancome's is less bright. Indian Summer is a very muted peachy shade. It's almost like mixing a pale bronzer with a peach shade. Despite being a toned down shade, on me it's almost too peachy, verging on orange. It's surprisingly nicely pigmented for such a shade, well at least as far as my pale skin tone is concerned and it surprised me when I've overdone it quite easily.

Staying power: I am not happy with the staying power of this. If I apply it in a usual manner, so a nice flush that isn't too strong, it couldn't even handle an hour on my cheeks. Only if I overdo it, it last a long time, but I'm not wearing clown cheeks just so I can get a better staying power.

10 Adorable, 70 Kissable (discontinued), 80 Autumn Peach (discontinued), Matte Touch 10 Peach me up! (now has a different pattern) and 20 Berry me up!

Packaging: It's stored in the traditional clear plastic case. It's quite fragile and an instant goner if you drop it, but for this price, you can't really expect more. It closes fine and doesn't open unexpectedly.

Price and availability: I paid 2.79 € for previous versions and I assume the price is still the same. These are available in almost every drugstore as well as some supermarkets.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Not even an hour?! Dang, that's definitely a dealbreaker for me. Such a bummer because the shade is gorgeous! :(

    1. Unfortunately no :/ Maybe if you combine it with a cream blush under it, it would probably last a lot longer, or with a very long-lasting foundation that's set with a powder :)

  2. Odtenek mi je res zelo všeč. :) Sploh se nikoli ne ustavim pri Essence rdečilah. Me pa spominja na H&M Brown Sugar, ker ima ta tudi tak rjavkast podton, čeprav je bolj rjav kor peachy. Res zanimiv odtenek. Redko kdaj najdeš kaj takega v drogerijah, ki so bolj tradicionalno polne živih odtenko :).

    1. Jaz jih tudi ne pogledam že odkar sem miljon let nazaj kupila 10 Adorable. Ne zaupam kvaliteti, itak so od Catrice odlična pa samo evro več :) Se mi je zdelo, da bo ravno tebi tale odtenek zelo všeč :) Res je kar redek odtenek v drogeriji. Ponavadi so klasični roza, marelični in bolj slivovi, ampak tile zamolkli odtenki so precej spregledani. Saj kot pravim, sem morala enega od Lancome kupit vsa tista leta nazaj, ker drugega pač ni bilo.

  3. Whaaat, it disappears within the hour? That is not good. It's a pretty shade though.

    1. It's not that surprising for Essence. It's more surprising when their things last, though they have some gems in their line :) Matt blushes are much more impressive.