August Favourites

sreda, avgust 31, 2016

I've just posted a review for these and though I bought two shades this month, Charming and Committed, it's the latter that was on my lips all the time and became one of my favourite ever shades. It's a difficult colour to describe, theBalm says it's a pinky nude, but it's so much more than that on me, as it definitely has a bit of peachiness to it. The formula is in my eyes outstanding - properly matte in minutes, it doesn't transfer or smudge, it lasts well on the lips, plus fades nicely and is comfortable to wear. So far these are my favourite matte liquid lipsticks.

I've been holding out on you because this could have been in my monthly favourites for several months now. The thing is that I ended up using it on most days. I use waterproof formulas on days that I need my lashes to look good and perfectly curled all day, but this is a mascara for lazy occasions. It still gives a fab amount of volume (well, now it's almost dry, but when it was new it was great), it defines and it lifts my lashes a bit. The more I think about it, the more I'm drawn to repurchase it, even though the price is steep for a drugstore mascara.

This sort of a staple of mine. I haven't bought any new nail polish in a while and at such times I always go to my classic red or nude shades, this one is actually at the top of my list because it's "the" retro-glam red shade. It's a blue toned one, but more of a neutral version of the shade and looks amazing on the nails. The formula is a simple one that works great, I'd say almost a one coater, but I always apply two coats for better staying power.

This is something that I have been searching for years, but no affordable brand available here apparently decided to either make one or sell it. It's the most simple heat protector in a serum formula. Why do I like the serum version? Well, milks, lotions and liquids leave your hair wet, which means you have to apply heat protectant way before you get to work if you want the hair style to hold and to avoid sizzling in contact with heat, but with this I can get straight to work. Tigi actually has something very similar called Catwalk Sleek Mystique, but it's more expensive and not as easy to get as Balea's, but it is thicker, which I actually like more, while those with thin hair will probably prefer Balea's. 

Dove is just blowing my mind with their hair care range, well at least their leave-ins, which for some reason aren't sold in our drugstores (because Slovenes don't deserve the fancy stuff, like always).  Dove Quench Creme Serum is still my favourite, but this is amazing as well, just on damp hair. It has keratin and coconut oil high on the list, which is basically unheard of for the cheap stuff, so it's not surprising it's so good and it's another fantastic product for frizzy, dry hair. It helps my hair look more smooth, shiny and silky, it basically feels normal and moisturised. Great stuff.

I'm kicking myself for not picking this is sooner, even though it was on my wishlist for a few years now, but this is seriously so good. The effect of this on my hair is just fantastic and it does all that I expect - really nourish my hair, make it more manageable, smoother and easier to style. Drugstore conditioners like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, which is actually really good, pales in comparison to this, so I will invest in a 500 ml pot and probably set aside all of my cheap stuff that made my hair just too dry with prolonged use. 

I'm saving this obsessively and I just know it'll go bad because of my stupidity. It's one of my favourite scents ever and I had such a hard time getting it, that I treat it like it's some super special thing. It smells like vineyard peaches (not the peaches from shops, I mean the home-grown stuff) and peach yoghurt, so I adore it and it's an excellent fruity summer scent, but it's got a very weak staying power. I just like the idea of these TBS body sprays, since they look a more high-end due to the glass bottle and I'd like to get more scents.

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  1. The Body Shop Body Mist sounds like a great product! It's something that I might end up purchasing. Great review! :)

    1. It really is :) And they have a nice selection of scents :)

  2. Tvoje hair stuff mi vedno delajo lušte :D. Dove in L'Oreal maska se oba slišita super. Zakaj nimamo teh zadev pri nas?! Mi je prav annoying, da imamo neke drugstore znamke in kar ene in iste stvari...20 balzamov za suhe in poškodovne lase in 20 šamponov za barvane lase. Maske in raznoraznih tretmajev pa izjemno primanjkuje. Pa še zelo slabo dodajajo kakšne nove izdelke.
    Itak si zdaj želim še theBalm šminke. Kot da tri NYX še niso dovolj :).

    1. Pri nas je res zelo malo teh stvari, ampak predvidevam, da zato ker se enostavno ne prodajajo. Res mi je škoda, da nimamo več stvari od Dove, vsaj suh šampon bi že lahko dobili, ko so končno postali popularni :) Vsaj Salma ne razočara.
      Jaz si vedno dovolim kupit nove mat tekoče šminke ker vem, da jih bom nosila :)

  3. Slovenes aren't alone in their quest for Dove products! Here in France it's the same thing, you can find the old Dove shampoos, but their leave-ins are not sold, which I don't understand since they receive rave reviews! Unfortunately there's no site that ships them here, so I can't try them, argh.

    If you tried the tigi balm you should give a try to their Glaze Haze serum, it's really good too :)

    Have a nice day!

    1. Man, does Dove play hard to get :/ I thought at least you have them in Europe. It's the same here - plenty of shampoo and conditioners, plus that oxygen root lift product and that's it. Have you tried Boots International? It's not always in stock, but the have a few bits.

      Thanks for the recommendation, I might give it a try :)

  4. Po dolgem času grem malo brat bloge pa se moja WL že daljša :)
    Balea serum in L'Oreal maska sta dodana in sigurno na prednostni listi za nakup. Joj, pa Orofluido olje moram ponovno nabavit oziroma tebe vprašat če si mogoče na novo odkrila kakšnega boljšega ali pa vsaj približno dobrega kot Orofluido - vprašanje pač, ker si pravi "hair expert" :)

    1. Samo ne preveč zapravljat zaradi mene :D Orofluido mi je še vedno najboljše. Zdaj sem preizkušala Baleinega z Arganom in ni vreden omembe. L'Orealov Extraiordinary je tudi skoraj kot voda. Kar sem preizkušala zadnje čase ni bilo dovolj za moje lase. Najbližji Orofluidu je še vedno Macadamia Natural Oil.