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sreda, september 14, 2016

I did a post about eBay bargains last year and since then I started shopping on AliExpress as well. In fact I prefer it because they actually have reviews and pictures uploaded by people who bought the product, so it's a lot more helpful than eBay. Also I noticed a lot of products are cheaper there. I again included link to the products, but not all are from the sellers where I got the items because some of them are already gone. Prices are those that I paid and not necessarily what on the links. 


Pearl & Crystal Headband
I got the silver version, but I think gold and black exist as well. It's a wiggly metal design with pearls tied on with a fishing line and the rhinestones glued on. When it's new it's very glamorous looking and very appropriate for special occasions, but with time the metal darkens. I have quite a small head and the bands feels tight with time. 

Silver and Gold Crystal Headband
I actually ordered these both from eBay and AliExpress because the first parcel got lost, so it arrived after 2 months and I was sure it got lost, so I ordered another. I ordered three in total, two gold ones and one silver, but I currently have just one of each. The gold one is very yellow and an odd shade, so I don't like to wear it, but the silver one is perfect and so glamorous looking. Again it can be tight with time. So far neither has darkened yet, but I suspect they will. 
Lazy link 1 and 2

Minnie Mouse Ears
I bought this as a gift, so I don't have it anymore, but it turned out better than I expected and it's so adorable. The ears are made from a thin piece of foam dressed in a thin, stretchy black fabric, while the bow is made just out of satin (or satin-like) fabric. The headband is comfortable and soft, so it's never tight. It's great for toddlers, kids and adults (tried and tested).

Gold Leaves Hair Barrette
An excellently made hair clip, truly it's so much better than I expected. It's got an "old school" type of clip, the design is lovely,it isn't flimsy and holds well. 
$ 1.37

Triangle Hair Clip
This one is again so much better than I expected. It's well made and holds well, but it doesn't close if you add too much hair, so that's one thing to consider when making a hair style. I use it for holding my fringe back, as well as for my classic half-up styles. I don't have a feeling it'll break anytime soon.
$ 0.64

Infinity Hair Clip
This is the same type of clip as the triangle one and the quality is again the same, so it's great.
$ 0.49


Simple Stub Bar Earrings
I love these so much and I actually have back-ups. The design is so cool to me because it's something special, but still my style of dainty earrings. I have both gold and silver version, but I much prefer the silver ones, as they also last longer, since the gold ones quickly turn brassy. The back clip is very loose, so these kept falling from my ears during sleep, but I simply replaced it with a tighter one from my other earrings. They make your ears green if you wear them in the shower, but that's easily removed. I should probably get a pair of real silver earrings in this design, since they are all I wear.
US $0.77

Silver Snowflake Earrings
 I bought these before Christmas but they arrived in February or March, so it was too late to wear them. They're cute and simple, pretty much the same thing as the bar ones.
$ 0.39

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed on all pics.

Rhinestone Statement Choker Necklace
I saw all these necklaces in an European web shop where they cost over 20 € and I just knew they were cheap versions from eBay/AliExpress. I found all of the necklaces that caught my eye, only on AliExpress I got the for a fraction of the price. This one is my favourite because it suits my tiny neck and stature. It looks ok for the money, actually very glamorous now that it's new and I did wear these on special occasions - people were really surprised when I told them how cheap these were, so that should tell you how good they look. 
$ 2.64

Cystal and Gold Statement Necklace
This one is quite a big necklace and since my neck is so tiny, it doesn't look as good on me than on others, but it's still lovely and well made. The crystal and the chain look more expensive than they are, but it's still a cheap type of jewerly. It's quite heavy, the heaviest of the three, but not uncomfortable to wear. I wore this to a christening and it looked great with a bodycon dress. 
$ 5.80

Crystal White Statement Necklace
This is everyone's' favourite and it truly is pretty in real life. I've seen two version of this necklace, mine has a bronze chain, but some have a thick gold chain like the previous necklace. Again it's well made and lovely, but the back of the necklace has tiny cones, which can feel a bit prickly on occasions.
$ 4.80


I've talked a lot about these already and I bought several sets, one for me and a few for my friends. I use them a lot in my routine, especially the powder blush, blush brush and the contour brush, which I use both for contouring and foundation. These look expensive, though the handle is plastic, which is actually much better to me as I would hate to have a heavy brush to handle. The bristles are amazingly soft and these just feel well made. Mine are still perfect because I'm very careful with my stuff, but one of my friends are already really battered with chipped colour.

I already did a review about this. It's a liner you get to try such liners. It works beyond perfectly the first few days, then it dries up. For the money it's not bad, but if you're a serious user of eyeliners, you might be wanting something more reliable.
$ 0.76

Polka Dot Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
I wanted smaller polka dots, but this is the closest to my wishes I found. It's a medium thick case, so it protects really well, but it is very tight, so when you're taking it off it can pull off the battery cover too.
Lazy Search 1 and 2


Cute Bunny Ballpoint Pens
These are so cute and I use them all the time for writing. The ballpoint pens are pretty classic ones with blue ink, the thin shafts are then wrapped with satin ribbon and the tops are plush toy design. They mostly sell these in random colours and I first got a yellow one, a colour I'm not a fan off, but if you explore eBay and AliExpress a bit you can find sellers who let you pick the colour.
Lazy Link and 2 

Racing Car Ballpoint Pen
I got this as a gift for someone. It works, but it's bulky to hold. By the way the wheels turn, so for a kid, it's perfect.
Lazy Link and 2


Skater Dress with a Galaxy Print 
I bought this not fully knowing what to expect, but it turned out quite ok. It was too big for me, so I had to tailor it (by hand because my sewing machine died, so that was fun), so S is surprisingly not for petite women like 99% of clothes from China. It's not hemmed and it ends down at my knees (for reference I'm 1,6m). The material is cheap stretchy fabric, Spandex I think, so not the best, but good enough. The pattern is more red than the pictures online show it.
$ 7.59

Antique Bronze Pendant Necklace with a Galaxy Image
I expected this to be an awful pixelated picture, but it's decent. The other side of the pendant is actually even prettier, so you can wear it both ways. The chain was a bit wonky, with spare bits, but nothing terrible. The chain is longer than on my picture because it was easier to photograph.
$ 0.69
Lazy link

Anything interesting you got of eBay and AliExpress recently. Have a great day!

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  1. These brushes are amazing! Must prder them asap!!!

    Yiota x

    1. They are worth it, especially the blush, contour and powder brush :)

  2. Kje si kupila rozasto srajčko z čipko pri naramanicah?

    1. Vogele na otroškem oddelku :) Ampak že kar nekaj mesecev nazaj.

  3. Ohh, I frigging love it! Sploh lasni nakit je super kjuttt!!

    1. Res, ta lasni nakit je tako poceni, da kar ne moreš verjet, ampak dejansko dobre kvalitete :). Ista roba kot se pri nas prodaja v trgovinah.

  4. I really like this type of posts. Do it more often please.
    I love stub bar earrings and I want sterling silver ones as well. If you order them from Ebay, post them on Instagram please. I want review and real photo ;) Thanks.

    1. I'm not sure if you missed it, but these are my photos. I already got the items and I'm showing them on me, so the earnings are on my ears :) These are not stock photos from eBay.

    2. I know it is you wearing earrings on these photos :D But you have alloy ones. Are you planning buying sterling silver bar earrings from Ebay? They sell even sterling silver ones there.

    3. I'm sorry :D Actually, I was planning to check local jewellery shops for real silver ones :) Somehow I don't really trust eBay is going to sell me the real deal :D

    4. I have already checked my local jewellery shops and they were looking at me like I was crazy. They had no idea this shape of earrings even exist! Good luck to you :) I tried to find sterling silver ones online but they cost 20-30 dollars on Etsy. I found "sterling silver" ones on Ebay from Thailand for 3.99 dollars. The seller claims that they are 92.5 % silver. I think it is normal % in all sterling silver products. Silver jewellery is not 100 % silver. I don´t know what to do. Maybe I will risk it because I really want them. Will you update us if you buy silver ones from somewhere, please? :) Thanks.

    5. Oh :/ Why do I suddenly get the feeling our jewellery shops will be the same.
      Etsy already sounds more trustworthy. I wouldn't trust that Thai seller too much, 4$ doesn't sound like the price for the real deal. But considering it's so cheap, it's actually worth the risk. If I find them, I'll update you :)

  5. These are great finds! Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. the jewelry worked out for you. I bought 4-5 pairs of jewelry from ebay and they were all different in certain ways. The look amazing in photos but were are not wearable in different ways. The leaf necklace was practically like a sheet of metal paper, the ear cuff earrings fall of easily etc

    1. I've been pretty lucky with my purchases. So far nothing was terrible, only the galaxy necklace has a bit of a strange chain, but it still works just fine. I'm constantly surprised by the quality of products I get from online :) Too bad not all worked for you :/

  7. Jaz imam taka obdobja, da sem včasih lahko cele dneve na ebayu, aliexpressu, včasih me pa mine. Zdaj zadnjih par mesecev sem pa čist pozabila na ebay, si me pa ti spet navdušila :P Ta pisala so tako kjuut :D

    1. Sama se poskušam čim več nazaj držat, sploh, ker se mi povprečno vsak 10 paket magično zgubi na poštah, ampak težko se je upret stvarem za manj kot evro :D Zdaj spet gledam kakšne lušne svinčnike in blokce :)

  8. Aliexpress je res priročen s svojimi ocenami, čeprav je meni tam včasih težje najti ko nekaj iščem. Ker imajo že preveč vsega. :)

    Tvoj hair jewelry mi je všeč. Najbolj tisti trikotnik. Če bi imela dolge lase bi si ga še kupila :D. Statement ogrlice se ful splačajo na teh straneh. So veliko ceneje kot v trgovinah. Jaz sem tudi kupila eno preko Aliexpressa in to tako res masivno za nekje 5 dolarjev.

    Zajčeke sem si shranila za eno prijateljico, ki je navdušena nad bunny everything :D. Metalik čopiči so pa itak odlični. Verjetno moj najljubši nakup na Ebayu.

    Jaz zdaj bolj malo nakupujem po Ebayu, sem pa ravno zadnjič kupila tisto choker necklace - izgleda bolj kot usnjena vezalka, ki se zaveže na mašljico. Verjetno si videla na mojem Instagramu. :)

    1. Res, je, iskalnik ni najboljši. Sploh te verižice sem našla šele na 15 strani prvo, ker jih je toliko s podobnim imenom, ampak bolj točno napišeš ime, manjša je možnost da sploh kaj najde.

      Ta trikotnik imaš lahko za spenjanje sprednjih las. Jaz ga uporabim npr. ko si delam mejkap :) Verižice se res zelo splačajo tam kupit, mi je pa kar malo podlo, da tista nemška stran na kateri sem jih prvo našla, prodaja identične verižice po 25€+

      Sem videla verižico. Kjut :) Jaz še vedno večinoma naročam bor mašine, tehnične drobnarije in rezervne dele za telefone :D Vse za druge seveda.

  9. The Gold Leaves Hair Barrette is so cute!

    1. And so well made :) Great purchase. I have the gold leaves elastic headband too :)

  10. O kul :) Tudi jaz obozujem aliexpress, ampak oba kosa obleke (blazer in krilo) ku sem ju tam kupila, sta bila malo cudna. Ampak nakit in podobno je super :D

    1. Oblačila so res bolj ok-or-miss na aliju in ebayu, ampak jaz sem extra mini oz. povprečne azijske velikosti in kar najdem tam. Kvaliteta je pa bolj cujnasta, to je res. Ampak prej pa vedno dobro raziščem kaj kupujem in če ne najdem slik in ocen od kupcev na Ali, pogledam še an Amazon in Instagram :)

  11. So many cute items you posted about, I'm obsessed with the galaxy dress, reminds me of the one in nicki minajs' collection. You've inspired me to rummage the pages of eBay and find some goodies!

    1. I found a few versions of the galaxy dress and skirts too, there are different patterns available too :)

  12. Pretty purchases :)
    I like your hair clips and the bunny pens are so cute ^^

  13. Your blog is the best! I love shopping on Aliexpress and Ebay for beauty bargains too! Check out my blog for my finds~

  14. Čopiči res izgledajo vrhunsko! Super tudi, da niso tako težki, če koga ličiš bi ti pomoje roka odpadla od teže-vsaj pri originalu je tako =)

    1. Nisem še imela originalov v rokah, ampak tile so čisto lahki :) Meni so odlični :)

  15. Aww, you bought such cute things. I really liked your polka dot phone case and especially that gold leaves hair barette. Very cute post! :)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  16. Omg the Bunny Ballpoint Pens are so so so cute!!! I need them all, especially the pink one <3