Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection No.7 Naked

torek, november 01, 2016

I haven't that tried much from Beauty UK, I have their contour sticks, I used to own a lipstick and I bought one of their palettes last year called Eden, but I haven't tried any of these mini palettes before. Several versions exists and got the neutral one called Naked which unsurprisingly contains neutral eyeshadows.

Texture: There are ten eyeshadows in the palette and it's a mix of mattes with shimmer/satins. Mattes tend to be chalky and less pigmented, which is the norm for cheap palettes. The shimmer, one however, perform much better and they have a decent pigmentation, still I prefer to use fingers to apply them for maximum pay-off.

Top Row
Shade 1 - a light grey-slightly green shimmer shade. Pigmentation isn't the best.
Shade 2 - a matte yellow toned skin tone shade. I wanted to use it as a base, but it's too dark for my skin tone. It's chalky, but at light shades like this it doesn't matter.
Shade 3 - a matte light peachy shade. The same quality as the one of the left and it actually looks the same on the lids.
Shade 4 - a light taupe shade. Looked promising to use as a light contour, but it's too light to create a shadow. Quality is the same as the two shades on the left.
Shade 5 - a taupe shade. Swatches a shade darker than the one of the left, but on the eyes looks the same. 

Bottom Row
Shade 6 - a satin-shimmer violet-brown-taupe shade. Bears a resemblance to Mac's Satin Taupe and it's my favourite in the palette. Pigmentation is nice and it blends well.
Shade 7 - a satin-shimmer old gold-ochre shade. In the same colour family as Mac's Patina, but more yellow toned. Quality is the same as the one on the left.
Shade 8 - a satin-shimmer rust shade. Very red when swatched, so prone to making you look tired unless paired with a lot of eyeliner and mascara. The quality is the same as the two shades on the left
Shade 9 - a matte deep grey/taupe shade. Chalky and not well pigmented.
Shade 10 - a greyer version of the previous shade, but of a better quality. Still it's not the best.

Staying power: These last averagely on the lids, but the good news is that since they are more dry that the rest of the eyeshadows, they don't crease (or at least much). With a primer they last well.

Packaging: The palette is small in plastic, the closing mechanism holds almost too well. It's got a mini mirror where the applicator sits, but it's too small to be of use.

Price and availability: Mine is from Lič where it costs 6.95 €.

*PR product.

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  1. I really like Shade 3 & 8. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Appart from the first shade, the next four shades in the top row look the same, but eight performs much better :)

  2. These are a neutral lovers dream! Specially in love with that bottom row, perfect for Fall <3

    | |

    1. It looks lovely, yes, but there's very little variety since shades in the top row look the same, as do the last two grey's in the bottom row.

  3. This looks like an amazing neutral eyeshadow kit.

    1. I think the quality could be better, but some eyeshadows work well :)

  4. Ooo kako lepi odtenki! Vedno sem nora na te zemeljske tone, še posebaj zato ker se mi zdi, da mi samo te pašejo z laski. Pa še ful poceni je ta paletka! <3

    1. Odtenki so lepi, samo zgornja vrsta izpadejo vsi enaki. Je pa vsaj ugodna :)

  5. I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette :D you can use it as a soft everyday look or as a night look :D love the post!
    -E from