Wet n Wild Megaglo Contouring Palette Contour Dulce De Leche

sobota, november 12, 2016

Here's something kind of new - a drugstore contour powder kit where both products are matte. An interesting idea, but does it work? Well, not on my skin tone, but I can see it work on darker skin colours than mine. This holds a high rating on Makeup Alley, but I get the feeling it was mostly reviewed by people who aren't pale as snow like me and probably have a warm undertone. Out of all the contouring products I own, this is definitely the warmest palette, so if you find most such products ashy, this might be for you.

Texture: These swatch a bit chalky for my taste, though the powders are soft, they're just a bit dry. Both are nicely pigmented and yes, also the highlighter, which tend to be more sheer in other palettes. They apply ok, though I need a bit more time blending the contour.

Highlight: It's a slightly yellow tinted matte powder, but it's actually very pigmented. As a highlight on my face, it doesn't do much of anything because it actually matches my skin tone well, in fact so well that I've been using it as a powder, but not in a way that you would expect - I found a great use for this. Since it's very pigmented I use it to set the concealer, as it adds more coverage, but it doesn't look that terribly heavy. When I had a few spots, this was perfect and it works great under the eyes as well.

Contour: The darker shade in the palette is very warm. Unfortunately my skin needs a greyish taupe shade to create a fake cheekbone effect (Nyx Taupe works great as well as most taupe eyeshadows), this however, is just too hazelnut brown, so it works better as a bronzer on me. Those with a warm/yellow undertone might find this works for them better. Regardless, it actually didn't look off in pictures. 

Staying power: I really have nothing special to say here. I don't notice when it's gone, but as a powder is keeps my concealer in place for much longer.

Packaging: I've been using this quite regularly as a powder and I found that I so miss a mirror at this. I really would be so handy. The packaging is a simple plastic one, not the best quality but also not the worst.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic where it's 5.99 €.

Have a great day!

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  1. Sem slišala veliko pohval na ta dvojec. Jaz itak nisem navdušena nad mat highlighterjem in zdaj si sama ugotovila zakaj. Ker je praktično svetel puder za nas :D. Prav hecno no. Se pa tudi meni zdi druga polovica preveč topla za kakšen contour. Tudi na moji topli polti. Bi ga pa zagotovo uporabljala kot bronzer :).

    1. Hvalijo ga precej, ampak si ne predstavljam da kdo s svetlo kožo. Meni je ta dvojec zelo pretopel, sicer pa kot bronzer je že boljši in kot puder v kamnu mi je pa že precej všeč. Sploh pod očmi mi da kar nekaj dodatne prekrivnosti :)

  2. Love the shade! I've seen Kathleen Lights wear this a lot and it looks beautiful. Gorgeous as always :) x

    | www.noirettediary.com |

    1. It's way too warm for the for a contour, but on much warmer skin tone than mine I can see it working. Thank you :)

  3. I agree, it looks quite nice in the snaps.

    1. On the pictures it really doesn't look that off, but in person I'd prefer to use it as a bronzer :)