July Favourites & Everyday Makeup of the Month

nedelja, julij 30, 2017

I used the last bits of this mascara in mid-July, but it has served me well. I keep recommending it to those who message me about mascaras and I noticed not a lot of people know about this one, or they missed my posts about it, so here it is again. This is great volumizing drugstore mascara that catches every lash and doesn't clump them up. The formula isn't that thick, gloopy mess that would drop my lashes in seconds, instead it keeps them lifted well enough and I've actually stopped using lash curlers, except for special occasions. I've also mentioned before that this is a mascara that worked perfectly from the moment I opened it, so no annoying wait for it to dry up a bit or any other issue. The brush is a classic one that is comfortable to use, so that's an extra plus and what I started to appreciate a lot since I got Essence's Volume & Curl mascara - it's very easy to remove, whilst Essence requires a triple cleanse. I miss it already even though I got the super hyped up Paradise Exposed/Lash Paradise by L'Oreal, but I only used that one twice and I admit it has a similar effect.

CATRICE Travelight Story LE  Liquid Liner
C02 Deep Dark Waters
I've searched for a proper navy eyeliner for a long time, actually the first one I bought was all the way back in 2007 and I never got exactly what I wanted until this wonderful collection came along. The colour is one of those dark navy blues that looks black from afar, so it gives the classic definition to the eye, but from closer up you see it's a nice blue, so it kind of also emphasizes your eye colour. It's nicely pigmented, so not some random sheer eyeliner, but it's very liquid so the pigment can shift if you don't apply it with some care. Staying power is excellent on my eyes and it easily lasts all day even in the summer heat (but I don't really sweat a lot or have oily eyelids). 

I neglected this one way too much since I got theBalm's Committed, but I dug it up this month from my stash and was just blown away at how beautiful it looks on the lips. I deliberately apply a thin coat because I feel it gives me just the right amount of definition for a very simple every day makeup without looking too dark and harsh for the summer - the look with it is at the end of the post. This one is one of those mauve-rosy-brown shades that's a bit lighter than for example theBalm's Charming, so I think it looks more wearable (for me of course). The finish is nicely matte and I don't find it drying, especially compared to Colourpop's Ultra Mattes, so I'm enjoying wearing it. I actually thought I lost on a car trip and I felt so bad, I already planned on getting a new one. This just shows how much I like it because it's expensive for a lip product. 

I'm sure most pale porcelain princesses like me know how hard it is to find a peachy pink that's actually that shade and not orange/too peachy on light skin. This one is one of those rare gems that's not just properly peachy-pink, but also a muted version of the shade, so not in your face bright, but it still lifts up the skin tone. Petra sure know how to pick shades for me. I've said it before , but Avon's Mattes are wonderful, so nicely siliconey-creamy and smooth with a nice matte-ish finish. If you like Milani's Moisture Mattes give Avon's a try and vice-versa. 

I wanted the glow on my cheeks this month and this is one of the best blushes for that. It's the perfect mix of a highlighter plus warm pink blush that gives a beautiful glow to the cheeks without any obvious shimmer. This is such an underrated blush for me in the beauty community, but it may be because it's more for pale skin tones since the shade is quite light and because it's expensive, but the packaging is beautiful.

This is by far the most adorable skin care item I've ever tried. I've used these cute heart patches almost every day since I got them on my smile lines just to hydrate the area, diminish the appearance of lines and more to make the condition stop progressing. They look gimmicky, but on that day that I was too busy to use them, I did notice a difference despite that these are actually designed for use under the eyes and on the cheeks. These are hydro gels meaning the essence is a part of the patch as well and they are shaped like hearts, which are perforated in the middle, so you can easily tear them into two parts. They stick on the skin well and even if I smile wide they don't move, but they are slippery in the pack and for a few minutes on the skin before they warm up. The only minus is that they are heavily scented with a type of rose scent, but I already got used to it.

I posted how gorgeous the gold honeycomb design on the sheet is in my Empties, so go check it out if you're interested, but aside from being the prettiest sheet mask I've tried, it's also one of the best in terms of effect. I love the original Bombee Honey and this one has a very similar effect. It's another brilliant one that evens out the skin tone by calming everything down, it nourishes and leaves the skin super soft. I had this annoying spot on my chin that just refused to calm down and this toned it down significantly (I started testing Skinfood's Black Sugar Serum instead of Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence and it's very likely the cause why that spot appeared and refused to heal. I switched to remaining testers of COSRX Galactomyces and it's so much better now). The scent of this one is mostly honey, but there is some rose mixed it. I actually liked the combo despite disliking rose scents. Definitely repurchase worthy.

I never liked this scent whenever I checked it in the shop. Everyone was praising it, but in all the years it's been a summer limited edition I was never impressed by it - that is until this year. The scent is one of those high-end summery ones that aren't exactly like sunscreen, but somewhere in the ballpark. Think something like Bronze Goddess or Guerlain's Terracotta, so it might be tiare flower what I'm smelling. It's slightly oily, so a little bit nourishing, but it washes off completely without any filter.

Oh, the smell of this. It's been so hot this month that my fragrances were just out of the question (why don't I have something citrusy or clean?), but this is so uplifting and fresh. It's got a fantastic orange-minty scent that reminds me of Ricola Orange Mint Drops, so I keep opening and sniffing the pot. However, it's not the most nourishing product and my skin, especially my feet need a lot more. It's thick, but whipped and it needs time to absorb, but it's not quite nourishing enough, still I love using it because of the scent.

For the end I'll just quickly go through the makeup I've been using pretty much every day. I never share my makeup routine, so this time I'm including it in the favourites. 
I'm still using Maybelline's Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation, now official my favourite summer foundation and I got another shade, this time 100, which is actually almost the same as 110, so both suit me and I'm using my big AliExpress oval brushes for blending. On the pictures bellow it's actually Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in 50, since it's new and I'm trying it out. I've been using my fave concealer Bourjois Radiance Reveal under the eyes and nose, and just on my eyelids some discontinued powder by Catrice instead of an eyeshadow, so eyeliner wouldn't accidentally crease.
Eyeliners have been both from Catrice, so I'm still using Liquid Eyeliner in Dating Joe Black (used for the pictures bellow) and the navy Travellight Stories LE one. Once I finally admitted to myself that Beyu's mascara is dry, I bought Essence Volume Stylist which is nicely volumizing and it keeps my lashes up, but it's a nightmare to remove (means good staying power though. Definitely close to the promised 18h). On the pictures it's L'Oreal's Paradise Extatic - again because it's new and I'm trying it out. I couldn't be bothered to apply a single eyeshadow the entire month.
Pretty much all month I've been wearing Physicians Formula Sexy Booster. No highlighter needed for obvious reasons
Has been Avon Peach Flatters or Makeup Factor Velvet Rosewood. I had both versions of fotd in my Instagram Stories, but I'm again sharing a look with Velvet Rosewood.

Have a great day!

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  1. OMG those raccoon patches have the cutest packaging

    1. They really do :) The original version is cute too :)

  2. Kakšne čudovite slike <3 Velvet Rosewood si ogledujem že leta (figure of speach ampak dejansko možno, da re že toliko časa), ker je taka klasična-za-vsak-dan-pa-pašem-na-karkoli barva. Me pa malo cena odbija, ampak enkrat bo moj :)
    Secret key Patch-i so mega kjut, meni bi tudi prišli prav za smejalne gubice. Balea Adter sun tušgel ima pa idealen vonj za poletje <3

    1. Hvala <3 Verjetno je že leta, ker ga imam od lani, pa sem si ga še jaz ogledovala kakšno leto prej :) Se tudi jaz nisem mogla prepričat dat tistih 15 €, ampak mi ni žal.

      Balein tuš gel razvije krasen vonj pod tušem, čisto high-end poletni. Škoda da nimajo kakšne body mist s tem vonjem.

  3. Velvet rosewood je klasika, po zaslugi Petre ki nas je obsedla s tem! :D

    Tale shower gel je pa itak carski :D

    1. In Sanje :) Res je lep klasičen odtenek za skoraj vsakega :)

  4. BeYu maskara mi je bila zanimiva že tedaj, ko si naredila oceno :D Aja za tisto Essence maskaro, sicer nista ravno za isti namen, ampak embalaža je skorajda ista, razen barve. Sem svojo vijolično bolje stestirala, zdri cel dan, tud čez to vročino, ne dobim panda eyes... V glavnem super, ampak odstrani se pa tudi takoj :D Uporabljam pa Ombio odstranjevalec.

    Balea Fuss Butter imam isti, samo v tubi, ampak meni vonj ni ravno najljubši, preveč mi je po mintu :) O After Sun Dusche pa berem že leta po blogih, ampak ga v DMu niti ne opazim :)

    1. Aha, potem je morda temno vijola verzija morda manj "malo vodoodporna" ravno zato ker ni namenjena temu da se zaviha trepalnice in se lažje odstrani. Good to know :) Sem ravno testirala to od Essence vs. Paradise Extatic po vsako na enem očesu in mi je od Essence malo boljša, ker da hitreje več volumna.

      Meni je pa res krasen vonj, pravi za vročino :) After Sun dolgo sploh niso imeli med tuš geli, ampak pri sončnih kremah tako, da sem ga tudi jaz včasih iskala.

  5. Nice products! I really need to try the Bourjois concealer :)


    1. Bourjois concealer is wonderful, I really recommend it if you prefer a natural look over proper heavy full-coverage :)

  6. thanks for the articel that you shared.visit back my site :D
    kangen water

  7. Beyu maskara me še vedno čakal v škatli novih izdelkov. Pathetic, pa vsi mi že govorijo kako dobra je :D.

    Velvet Rosewood je zame bolj jesenski. Poleti imam vedno ali nude, ali pa bolj živahne odtenke. Si me spomnila na Peach Flatters, jo moram spet malo ven privleč. Ta formula mi je res všeč. Ena redkih mat, ki jih lahko nosim brez skrbi.

    Čudovit makeup. <3 Simplistična perfekcija. Na tebi Velvet Rosewood izgleda tako naraven. Z mojim tenom kože se bolj bije.

    1. Jaz si tudi želim, da bi me še ena neodprta Beyu maskara čakala v predalu :D Nimam nikoli na zalogo maskar, potem pa odlašam z nakupom nove in se matram s posušenimi. Upam, da ti bo všeč, ko jo končno odpreš :).

      Tukaj imam Velvet Rosewood nanešen v zelo tankem sloju, ker drugače je tudi meni pretemen in jesenski. Če ga nanesem čisto malo mi da definicijo, da ne zgledam bolna brez barve v ustnicah, ker imam tako svetle, ni pa preveč očiten :) Pa hvala <3 Peach Flatters je pa itak top :)