April Favourites, Updates and Wishlist

nedelja, april 29, 2018

As far as matte liquid lipsticks go, this is one of my favourites out of the ones that are sold in our drugstores. Maybelline's last forever on the lips, but these are more comfortable and still perfectly matte, pigmented and last enough to get you through the day. It's one of those lipsticks I can apply in the morning and just forget about it because there's no need for fixing or reapplying it, plus if I apply one coat, I can't even feel it on the lips. Rimmel did a great job with these.

I've worn this one on most days because it's such an easy to wear nude shade. Compared to the pinker Devotion this dries (almost) matte faster, likely because it's one of the new shades and they might have tinkered with the formula, but these are still so comfortable and despite the creamy finish from the start, they also last well too. 

I've been using other mascaras for a while now because I'm always testing something new (though I'd rather stick to my favourites to be honest, however, I can't justify buying a new mascara if I have a PR sample at home to use up), but I opened a new tube of this formula and it just reminded me how awesome it is. It's more volumizing and lengthening than the stuff I've been using in the last months and since it's waterproof I finally had my lashes perfectly curled all day. The formula is on the dry side, which also means it defines well and doesn't create clumps. 

As time consuming as this is to apply because it's in liquid form and needs two layers, I like this because it just lasts though anything. It applies nicely with no fear of a patchy look, so even one layer is nice, the second is only added for the intensity of the shade, so it's almost a foolproof product. Once it sets, which doesn't take long, it doesn't move, doesn't crease or smudge, so it's a very long-lasting product and the best eyeshadow in such form I've tried. Mauve your body is a great, universally flattering shade and it reminds me a lot of Mac's Satin Taupe.

BALEA Duschgel
They see me rollin'
I think this is one of the best shower gels Balea made, not just because of the scent, but also the formula is much thicker than their other shower gels which means you use less. The gel is tinted blue with white frosty shimmer, so that's another cool thing apart from the packaging which always makes me think of those funny "they see me rollin" cat videos in the shower. It's one of their best smelling shower gels for my taste because it smells like berries, but more specifically like that kids pink toothpaste with a crocodile Vademecum, so it's not super sweet, but a bit fresh.

BATH & BODY WORKS Ultra Shea Body Cream
Twilight Woods 
This by far my favourite product in this post, I'm just so blown away by the quality of it. I'm a big fan of the Twilight Woods scent and I use the body mist all the time, but I wasn't sure if the rest of the products are nice too, especially BBW's body lotions always looked suspicious to me like they have that thin, non-nourishing texture of Aveo and Balea LE scented stuff, but then I read this review from the Sunday Girl and I went straight on eBay to buy the Ultra Shea Body Lotion. This is amazing! The texture is so rich and creamy, it's pretty much a body butter in a tube. I'm loving this so much and I'd like to get more versions like Country Apple.


Full size looks like this.
This has great ingredients, as niacinamide is 4th on the list and it also has hyaluronic acid, adenosine and a bunch of extracts, though the latter are very late on the list. It's a medium thick moisturiser that is somewhere between a cream and a gel formula, similar to Etude House Moistufull Collagen, but less jelly. I've used this morning and night for a couple of weeks untill the sample all but ran out and my skin really loved it. I'm not sure if niacinamide had any effect, but my skin just looked a picture of health - it had that lovely healthy radiance, zero spots or other pore problems and it felt comfortable. The scent is floral which is ok to me, but some might find it too strong and that's the only potential minus I can find at this. At the moment my top three moisturisers are this one, Tony Moly Panda's Dream Sleeping Pack and EH Moistfull Collagen.

This is a brand new product that'll launch in June and it will be available in several scents, but Banana is that one special one that doesn't exist in their body care lines, just the hair care so far. The scent of this is addictive and I don't even like banana scented stuff, especially those that smell like that Casali candy, but this is close to real ripe and sweet bananas, though not exactly spot on. I use it in the morning, mostly because I like the fragrance it leaves on my skin for a couple of hours, plus it's also cool I use at least something moisturising in the morning, even if it is light and my skin prefers their more nourishing body butters.

I attended one of the very rare special occasions in my life and this is the makeup I used, so this is my "good stuff" that makes my skin look good and the shades that compliment my pale, neutral skin tone.

MILANI Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer in 00A Porcelain as a concealer (I ran out of Bourjois Radiance Reveal)
 URBAN DECAY All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (as a base and on top. I ran out of Max Factor's Facefinity All Day primer for the base)
TOO FACED Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, shade Gilded Ganashe (not on the picture)


ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Air Therapy Sheet Mask in Snail (Repurchase. Review here, ordered here) // Bra for low cut dresses / Plunge Bra / Lace Socks - all three ordered from this seller.

BATH & BODY WORKS Country Apple Fine Fragrance Mist and Ultra Shea Lotion // BOURJOIS Radiance Reveal Concealer (A repurchase of my favourite, but I'm delaying because it's 10 €) // PACO RABANNE Olympéa Acqua Eau de Parfum Légère (I think it's the best Olympea so far as it's got less jasmine) // ECOTOOLS Precision Blush and Wonder Color Finish Blush & Contour Brush (I've seen these in person at my cousin and they look amazing. I use their old blush brush all the time).

Have a great day!

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  1. Po prebiranju prvih vtisov o Bourjois senčilih, sem jaz očitno edina, ki me nanos živcira. Sploh pa blendanje...jaz moram nanest kar nekaj slojev in se mi ne posuši takoj, potem se pa začne nabirat v gubico preden se sploh posuši oz preden zblendam. Obstojne so res odlično in na koncu zdržijo ves dan pa še nekako enakomerne so na očeh, ampak ta nanos me pa prav odbija. Jaz sem pričakovala kaj veliko bolj pigmentiranega v enem nanosu.

    Ecotools čopiči so res odlični. Sem že malo pozabila, dokler nisem kupila še enega seta. Si moram prav pogledat kakšne oblike imajo, da še kakšnega naročim. Pa še dokaj poceni so :).

    1. Nanos je tečen, ampak jaz nanesem "piko" izdelka z aplikatorjem, potem pa zblendam s prsti in čopičem. Naslednji sloj isto. Je veliko bolj zamudno kot senčila v stiku, mi je pa všeč naravna in lahka tekstura na očeh. V gubo mi pa nič ne leze. Meni bi bila popolna formula, če bi bila mešanica pigmentacije Story of my Eyes senčil od Essence in te Bourjois formule.

      O Ecotools čopičih se skoraj ni ne govori, pa so odlični :). Nekaj jih imam že leta, ampak teh prenovljenih verzij pa še nobenega.