Pixi by Petra Lip Lift Max

petek, april 27, 2018

I'm not that familiar with Pixi apart from their super hyped up Glow Tonic with AHA, but I got this in a swap from Canada. It's the first lip gloss I've seen that claims it contains peptides, which are anti-ageing ingredients, but the rest is already more common such as the claim it hydrates the lips. In addition to that it's a plumping gloss, meaning it one of those minty ones that tingles at application. 

Formula: It's a typical gloss and not one of those super comfy ones (like newest Max Factor Honey Elixir for example), instead it's just a classic non-sticky formula with a nice level of shine. It tingles when you apply it for that plumping effect, which so far never worked on me at any such product, but some swear they see a difference. It's not a strong tingle, but my lips aren't that sensitive to such things, so I might not be feeling the full effect.

Shade: My shade is called Honey Sheen and it's a pale, warm slightly peachy nude with shimmer. It's paler that I'd like, but nice nonetheless.

Staying power: isn't anything special for a gloss and it's mostly gone within the first couple of hours.

Packaging: This is such a tiny little thing and it has no description on the tube, except on the small label at the bottom, but I at first thought it's cream eyeshadow, since lip gloss tubes tend to be larger. It's got a classic doe foot applicator.

Price and availability: It costs £12.00 on UK's Pixi.

I saw this is on Cult Beauty meaning it has some sort of a cult status in the beauty community, but I wasn't that familiar with it until I got it. It's a very basic lip gloss with a tingling sensation for a plumping effect and that's it. 

Have a great day!

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