The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

ponedeljek, april 09, 2018

This concealer is one of the most popular products by The Saem and I believe also one of bestselling K-beauty makeup items (at least online), which is actually how I found it. When I was reading reviews, I saw it's often compared to Nars' Creamy Radiant Concealer, labelled a dupe for a fraction of a price. 

Texture: Out of all my high coverage concealers, actually all of my concealers, this has the thickest, most concentrated formula. You have some time to work with it, but not like at moisturising concealers and a tiny dot of this formula goes a long way when you start blending it. Due to a thick texture, it needs some extra blending, that's why I prefer to tap this in with fingers because it needs to be warmed up a bit to avoid it looking too heavy, especially if you layer it or use it on dry areas. Compared to Nars Radiant Creamy concealer it's thicker, but the coverage is similar, The Saem might cover a bit more. Nars' concealer looks a bit less obvious on the skin and if you want a dupe for Nars, I still say Collection and Look are it, though The Saem does a great job too.

Coverage and finish: Coverage is also highest out of the concealers I've tried, as it covers my circles perfectly. It also covers spots well and like with other high coverage concealers I always use two layers (I dot a small amount and blend with fingers, then repeat the process). My dark freckles are still visible through, so it's not completely full coverage, but it's close. Finish is matte.

Staying power: These high coverage concealers all last about the same on me. Without a powder I'd say it lasts about 8h+ on the skin, but it can start looking cakey as it's wearing off. With a powder it lasts longer. My skin isn't oily, so I can't say if this moves a lot on such skin, but considering it's matte and thick, I suspect it lasts well. 

I only realised when I started doing swatches that Bourjois Radiance Reveal is almost empty. It's a similar shade to The Saem, but more peachy, here the layer is very thin. 

Shade: It exists in three shades, I have the lightest one called 01 Clear Beige. It swatches light, about NC13-15 with a warm undertone that's not intense, but it's not as neutral as at Look. It's a bit dark for me, especially when it sets because it oxidises a bit, but unless it's a very thick layer (like on a spot), it's not that noticeable.

Packaging: The tube of this is very small, much smaller than my other concealers, but it holds 6.5g of product. (Look has 7ml, Catrice 5 ml, Collection 6.5 ml, Nars 6 ml). It's got a classic doe foot applicator.

Price and availability: I got mine on Cosmetic Love for $2.96, but I got it when I was ordering several items because their shipping is weight based and very high. You can get it on eBay and Jolse with free shipping, prices start at still very affordable 5$.

If you're looking for something affordable and available worldwide (most shops ship everywhere), this is a good buy. It's not my favourite because I prefer the lighter formula of Look and Collection, but it does its job of covering spots, redness, circles and other things you want to cover. It's worth checking out.

Have a great day!

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  1. Meni je zelo všeč. Ga trenutno testiram in me je presenetilo kako gost je. Ampak z gobico ga kar hitro zablendam. Prekrije pa res odlično in ravno zaradi tega mi je všeč. Včasih sem Catrice in podobne nanašala in nanašala, v upanju, da popolnoma prekrije, pa je bilo na koncu samo cakey. Tega lahko pa res uporabim samo nekaj pikic in je odličen. Tudi posuši se lepo. Vsekakor vreden tega denarja :).

    1. Sem pričakovala, da ti bo všeč :) Ta se mi zdi, da res edini resno popolnoma prekrije, kar se zelo opazi na slikah, ker pri nekaterih bolj prekrivnih je lahko še vedno videti malo rdečice pri npr. mozoljih. Odličen je za tistih 3-5$ :) Sicer je meni od Look še vedno bolj všeč, ker je boljši odtenek in malo lažja formula.