183 Days by Trend it up Swing Liner Black

četrtek, december 13, 2018

A few months ago a completely new makeup stand almost magically appeared in DM. It's a sort of a spin-off of Trend it Up brand with interesting products and some K-Beauty inspired cutesy packaging. I only took a superficial look of the stand the first time and walked out of the shop, as I tend to first check reviews online if anything is worth checking out and this liner with an interesting design was quite praised, so even though I am a die-hard fan of Catrice's liquid eyeliner and have a back up always in stock, I gave this one a try. Two versions of black eyeliner exist, a glossy and matte one, mine is the latter. There are also a couple of chrome colours, but those are rated poorly.

Applicator has an interesting shape of the handle, which I expected to sit comfortably in my hand, but unfortunately the stick with the felt tip is so long that it just doesn't balance nicely if I hold it low on the handle. I keep my finger close to the edge where it's thickest, so it's actually worse than Catrice's in that respect. But it might be good for some, I'm just used to shorter applicators. The felt tip is great, it's similar to Catrice's, perhaps even a bit better because so far it doesn't show sign of it splitting or becoming too soft with use. It's comfortable and firm just enough for me, so I can make a precise line with a flick.

Formula is very pigmented, very black, matte and completely smudge-proof when it dries (on my picture it's freshly applied, but trust me, it sets properly matte). It takes a bit longer than Catrice to dry, but it's not a big time difference. As much as I love how bullet-proof the formula is (it can survive rubbing and it doesn't fade during the day), one thing started to bother me so much - it's just too long-lasting and too hardcore. My usual double cleansing method with a cleansing oil and gel just can't remove this stuff. So I need an extra remover and a waterproof one as a micellar doesn't really do a great job. If you're looking for something super resistant and don't mind an extra strep in cleansing, this is a great formula, but I like my life to be a bit simpler in that respect, so I'll go back to my Catrice one when I use it up. One other thing that I noticed is that the formula gets thicker with age. For now it's still ok (I've had it for about a month), but I hope it doesn't thicken so much that it'll become useless soon.

It cost 2.99 € in DM. Apparently the name 183 Days means that this product will only be available for 183 days, then they'll swap the whole line of products for new ones. Pretty stupid if you ask me, but who am I to judge. So if you want it, you have about three more months to get it (I think it was launched in September or even August).

Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you so much for all your insightful posts!

  2. I have not seen this brand of cosmetics in stores, but I like the brush and the shape. Have you seen a similar brush shape in other brands? I would like to try