L.O.V. The Rose X Copper Eyeshadow Palette

ponedeljek, december 24, 2018

L.O.V. disappeared from our drugstores, but we recently got the good news that two large online retailers, Click2Chic and Ličila.si, will carry this brand. L.O.V joined the by now a rather large club of brands that felt inspired by the success of very warm palettes in recent years and released their own with some reddish-copper shades. I look awful in such warm shades, so the colour selection isn't my favourite, but the quality is pretty good. 

There are 12 eyeshadows in the palette, 4 are metallics and the rest are satins. There are no matte shades in this palette which I sorely miss. Pigmentation varies from shade to shade, but overall this is a nice quality palette. None of the shades stand out for being poorly pigmented and all blend nicely. Four shades are too similar on the eyes, so I feel like they wasted space instead of adding some useful shades, such as a cool taupe crease shade. The shade Ambitious is the most impressive in the palette, as it's very creamy, super pigmented and very metallic looking on the eyes. It's too bad all four metallic shades aren't such quality.

Fearless - a satin medium taupe. It's more brown and warm on the skin than in the palette.
Courageous - a bronze that again looks much warmer on my skin than in the pan.
Bold - a satin burnt orange.
Smart - a metallic/shimmery champagne.
Confident - a satin light peachy pink.
Successful - a copper. 
Ambitious - a metallic burgundy. The most pigmented and impressive shade in the palette, it's fully opaque with a thick, very cream formula.
Powerful - a satin pale pink.
Passionate - a satin white gold.
Energetic - a satin cool deep brown.
Brave - a satin deep purple.
Daring - a satin/shimmery pale warm pink.

Staying power is good at this palette. Eyeshadows tend to last well on me because I don't have oily eyelids and these last like most eyeshadows do. They fade a bit toward the end of the day, but I got no creasing.

Packaging is cardboard with a mirror and magnetic closing system. It's quite heavy for such a material.

Price and availability: It costs 16.99 € and here it'll be sold on Click2Chic and Ličila.si.

If you want something in those modern red tones that my colouring just clashes with, this is a nice one. Pigmentation good at most shades and especially the red metallic shade Ambitious is super soft and crazy pigmented like a cream eyeshadow (similar to Milani's, but thicker, less smooth compared to those). What I miss at this palette are matte shades. It just doesn't have a selection of crease appropriate shades for me as everything is either a satin finish or metallic. 

Have a great day!

*PR product

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