Catrice 1 Minute Face Perfector

nedelja, maj 05, 2019

Catrice had so many versions of primers over the years and this is just the latest. They describe it as a mousse, but it's more of a mix between a mousse and a cream. It promises to hide pores and skin imperfections, as well as it claims it can replace a foundation depending on the desired coverage. 

Texture and effect: The mousse-cream formula feels less silicone-velvety than primers I'm used to. Due to that it's also the least drying such primer I've tried, yet it leaves a matte finish. It hides/fills up more prominent looking pores and creates an even surface. It can't handle lines though and can make them so much worse in combination with more moisturising foundations. Foundation applies with no problems over it.

Shade: Catrice calls this an universal shade, but this is very dark for someone pale as me and I think anyone bellow light-medium skin tone won't be able to wear this alone. I need to be careful not to use a lot, blend it well and put some coverage over it, but it still ends up patchy looking on me, so I'm having trouble wearing this.  

Staying power effect: This lasts nice on my skin and unlike a lot of similar products it doesn't go all dry and cakey with time, but it also depends a lot on the foundation over it. I found that at more moisturising formulas it emphasises lines a lot time in time like I mentioned above and ends up so ageing. I would only stick to areas that need mattifying and hiding pores. It wears off nicely and evenly.

Packaging: This comes in a heavy glass pot with a lid. The opening is big enough that you can use a brush, but I prefer to apply this with fingers and in very small amounts.

Price and availability: It costs 6.39 € and is available in most drugstores. I'm not sure if this product is available on all stands or just the large one.

Catrice did an ok job on the formula when it comes to mattifying and hiding pores, though the discontinued Essence Mousse concealer was better. This is better suited for all skin types and it's less prone to drying the skin. However the "universal" shade ruins this for me. It's simply too dark and has too much pigmentation for my skin tone, so I can't properly wear it without the fear of looking patchy. 

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. šta se desi zašto nema da pišemo komentar u bilo kakvom postu? tražila sam i evo to je već treći post da otvorim samo da nađem neki da pišem nešto...Želim da te pitam jesi li ikad probala inglot? danas sam nešto kupila:)

    1. Ne znam zašto ne radi, meni sve radi :/. Nisam isprobala Inglot. Mislim da nemamo taj brend.