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petek, julij 12, 2019

Essence launched an extensive collection of matching lipsticks and nail polishes, I think there are 20 products in total and I believe they are permanent because they already got a place on a stand in my local Müller. I'm a bit confused about my shades because I got 01 and 04 which aren't on our stands. Here I saw numbers from 09 to 20 and I liked shade 11 most. They were made to suit an array of different skin tones. Beauty and Blonde blog has fantastic swatches of all shades on a darker skin tone than mine.

This is Me Lipsticks

Formula: Essence lip products tend to be a hit or miss, though their misses are never really bad and these are a hit for me, or at least very good for the price. Formula is very smooth and creamy, it just glides on the lips with ease, it's fully opaque, isn't drying and has a nice semi-matte finish. It is lovely to see Essence is improving, yet still maintaining affordable prices, they have come such a long way from their cheap frosty sheer lipsticks they had at their beginnings.

01 Freaky

When I saw this in the packaging all I thought way "great, another nude that's going to look orange on my pale skin tone", but Essence nailed with this one. It's a lovely nude peachy-pink, it suits my skin tone well and it's not too pale. I've worn this one a lot since I got it because it goes with everything and makes you look polished. 

 04 Crazy

04 Crazy reminds me of their discontinued Mat Mat Mat! 04 Wow Effect, which is a similar muted berry. Number 11 on the stand looked similar, but I've never compared them side by side, since 04 isn't on a stand here. 

Staying power: is improved based on my experience with Essence lipsticks, though I won't claim it's incredible. It wears off evenly, but most recently launched lipsticks do, so that's not an achievement anymore.

Scent: They have that sweet fruity vanilla scent that's common in a lot of their lipsticks and it's quite strong. 

Packaging: I love the went rose gold with the tube, but the white cap was a big miss because it gets dirty in seconds. It closes well and there's not fear it will open on its own.

Price and availability: These cost 2.59 €.

 ESSENCE This is Me Gel Nail Polish

Essence knows how to make a great nail polish formula and these are no exception. These two are some of the nicest nail polishes I've tried so far. Both are one coaters, so very pigmented and also so much smoother than regular nail polishes, there's no ridges with this formula and the first coat is even enough. They are just a pleasure to use. 

01 Freaky 

Freaky is a muted peachy nude with a slight rose touch. I was not a fan of it when I tried it first on one nail, but I've since fallen in love with this colour. It's different from the lipstick, as it's more rosy and I think it would suit so many. On the nails this looks so good. 

05 Crazy 

05 is a medium-dark muted rosy-mauve. It's much darker than the lipsticks and leaning to classic burgundy shades.

Price and availability: These cost a few affordable 1.69 €.

This is a well done collection by Essence and nail polishes are definitely worth a try if you find a shade you like and your collection isn't bursting at the seams. The formula of these is just a pleasure to use and you can be done with one coat if you want. The lipstick are nicely quality too for the price, though they could be a bit more long-lasting, but you can't have everything and they are an improvement on their predecessors. 

Have a great day!

*PR products.

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