Max Factor Matte Lipstick 15 Flare

torek, oktober 22, 2019

Some time ago Max Factor released matte classic lipsticks, a sort of a sister line to their Color Elixirs, which got a new packaging at about the same time. We have six shades here out of seven, the one missing is a pink called Blush. I got the shade Flame, which will appeal to fans of coral shades.

Texture: Unfortunately these aren't matte, at least this shade, instead it's a creamy-satin formula with some moderate shine and a very comfortable feeling on the lips. They don't differ that much from their Colour Elixirs and it's still a nice formula, but I was expecting something matte like the amazing Bourjois Rouge Velvets or Colourpop Lippie Stix Matte X. Pigmentation is medium-full, it's not intensely pigmented, not that I miss any more pigment myself.

Shade: 15 Flame is a bright reddish coral. It's a classic summer shade that will look great on those with a warm undertone. When I was checking the shades in the drugstore, I liked Nude most, as it seems such a lovely universally flattering light-medium rosy brown shade, but also their shade Love is one of the prettiest looking cool toned reds I've seen.

Staying power: Considering it's not a fully opaque matte lipstick and more like a regular creamy lipstick, staying power isn't mind blowing. I get an average wear time with this, depending on what I'm doing during the day and it survives eating terribly forming a ring on the edges of the lips, plus some patches in the middle. You definitely need to reapply this one after eating or take it off completely.

Scent: These have a sweet vanilla scent.

Packaging: The shape of the packaging is the same as at Colour Elixirs, but these come in black and have a rubberised cap.

Price and availability: These cost 9.99 € in drugstores.

I can't say I'm impressed by these, as when I hear matte, I expect a fully matte finish. This is a classic creamy-satin lipstick that's comfortable to wear and that's about it at this formula. The shade range is pretty and I think shade Nude would fit many people, but considering these are Max Factor's range completely without any frosty shades, they really should expand the range with some more natural shades. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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