Catrice Instant Awake Concealer 005 Neutral Light

četrtek, februar 20, 2020

I never truly got along with Catrice's popular Liquid Coverage concealer, I find there are better formulas for the price (Essence's Camouflage + Healthy for one), but this concealer by Catrice is more up my alley. It's a similar type as my beloved Maybelline's the Eraser Eye, not just because of the packaging, but also in terms of texture and effect. 

Texture: it's very similar to Maybelline's the Eraser Eye, meaning it has a light formula that looks very natural for a concealer. It's a formula best suited for under the eyes, though due to the liquid, blendable texture it creases and needs some powder to set it in place.

Coverage and finish: Coverage is only a medium, but I always preferred the natural look to more coverage and potential cakeyness (like I experience at L'Oreal's Infallible concealer). There's nothing worse for me than a cakey, obvious texture and with this you get an a lot more seamless blending into a foundation under it or just on the skin. Finish is satin/natural skin texture.

Staying power: It can't compare to full coverage concealers such as The Saem, Collection Lasting Finish or L'Oreal's Infallible, but with some powder staying power is extended by a lot.

Shade: 005 Neutral Light is the second shade in the range of five. It's a passable match for me, especially since the formula has only a medium coverage. 

Packaging: This could be great if the sponge applicator were not empty. Now it feels flimsy and you can't use it for blending like the more firm Maybelline's one, unless it's almost without product. But it's not a big minus, it's just one for me, you can just blend with anything else like pretty much any other concealer. The much bigger issue is the quantity you get. It's only 1.8 ml, which is so much less than most concealers (it's about 1/4 of what you get at Maybelline). I had Bourjois 123 CC Eye concealer which is amazing, but you get a similar amount and it didn't last long. Here you also have a sponge which is bound to absorb extra product. 

Price and availability: It costs 5.09 € in drugstores.

As far as formula and performance is concerned this is a great concealer in my books - it looks natural and covers enough. However, it's just not a great deal when it comes to quantity for the price and you get a lot more if you buy Maybelline's, which has a better packaging too.

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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  1. Meni je tudi zelo všeč, čisto lahek, ampak za mene odličen :D Jaz tudi ne maram tistega maskastega videza, raje imam da se še kaj skozi vidi :D Moram pa sprobat še Maybellinovega, še vedno nisem prišla do njega :D

    1. No, če ti je ta všeč potem ti bo Maybelline tudi :) Tale ima krasno formulo, ampak ima pa druge pomanjkljivosti.

  2. I Never bought or used any concealer but i do believe these two you have put in the picture together Are the most suitable colors for you.

  3. I'm wondering why is the inner corner of your eyes so white, compared to the rest?

    1. What a strange question :D. I wear glasses, so that part of my skin never sees the light of day. If you concentrate you can see the shape of silicone part of the glasses.

    2. Thanks for answering :) It is very noticeable in other photos too, and I was wondering if you use something, that might help to lighten dark undereye circles too.

    3. Is it? You know I never noticed it myself :D Maybe because I'm used to it. I'm not using anything, at least not a special eye cream, but I apply all the same skin care as on the rest of my face. If you're looking for something I heard great things about Innisfree Orchid Cream, apparently it really helps to lighten under eye circles. There are rave reviews.