Catrice Poreless Perfection Mousse Foundation 010 Warm Ivory

četrtek, marec 05, 2020

This is a new foundation in Catrice's line up. They already have a matt foundation that's probably the only thing that survived their discontinuing frenzies for years and this time they made a mousse version. For such a formula it's surprisingly silicone free and also mineral oil free unlike Rimmel's latest such foundation. I find it a very problematic foundation, though that's just my experience on my dry skin and this is designed for normal-oil skin types.

Texture: It's a mousse foundation that so thick it's hard to get it out of the tube, yet when you apply it on the skin it turns into a light, instantly dry-to-the-touch and completely matte texture, so it's like some pore refining primers. It's actually very similar to the Rimmel's Lasting Matte foundation except the coverage is much higher at that one. For some reason Catrice's foundation is impossible to lighten with The Body Shop Adjusting Drops, as the texture clumps up and becomes useless, like seized chocolate. Another big issue with this is that I can't apply a concealer over it because it makes the foundation under it pill and becomes cakey. I can only wear this on it's on and as an extra minus, I also can't layer it for more coverage, but in a single coat it works ok.

Coverage and finish: Coverage is light, I can't call it a light-medium as any big imperfection or redness is still visible. Finish is perfectly matte. It hides the pores somewhat, but not outstandingly well like L'Oreal Infallible Matte 24h

Staying power: is nothing special, it doesn't last long as long as most other foundations, but it's not terrible in that respect and it's fading evenly.

Shade: I got the second shade in the line-up called 010 Warm Ivory. 005 exists too, but we had no testers in my local Müller, so I don't know how it compares to this, but given how dark 010 is, I'm not expecting much. 010 is maybe close to NC25 with a neutral-warm undertone. Due to being so sheer, you can get away with a darker or lighter shade easier than with a high coverage formula.  

Packaging: It comes in a tube with a regular screw lid. Since it's so thick I'd prefer it were in a pot, but then it would be less hygienic. 

Price and availability: It cost 6.09 € in drugstores. 

This is not a foundation for me. Rimmel's foundation is very similar in terms of texture and somehow it manages to behave a lot better on the skin. Maybe it's those added silicones and mineral oil - whatever it is, it's working and Catrice's foundation doesn't on me. Those with an normal to oily skin might have more luck with this one, but I am wondering if they'll have the same problem as me with layering, adding concealer or trying to lighten the shade. In a single coat it's not that bad, but I need more versatility from a foundation.  

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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