Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume on Demand Mascara

sobota, april 04, 2020

 Scandaleyes Volume on Demand

Wand: This has a similar brush to Oriflame The One Eyes Wide Open & Awake mascara. At that one the hourglass shape is even more pronounced, with a similar design that the top par is smaller than the bottom. At neither have I actually noticed that such design brings anything new to the table. At Rimmel's the product gathers at the top of the brush, so it needs to be wiped before every application. The brush is capable of enough definition and fanning out and it doesn't clump the lashes, though at third coat the it's already harder to comb the lashes neatly, but that's due to the formula.   

Formula: Formula is quite wet, but not heavy, still the wetness drops the lashes pretty fast at this one, though not all the way like I recently experienced with an Essence Panda mascras. The curl didn't even last until I started taking pictures, so most of the effect and length is lost. The formula is a nice average one for a regular formula. It creates a decent amount of volume and length, but it doesn't really stand out. So far it hasn't dried up and become more volumising, as is common for Rimmel mascaras (at least it used to be), but it'll give it a bit more time.   

This formula lasts ok on me. I don't notice anything special. It doesn't smudge, crumble or run. 

Wonder' Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow
012 Kha-Ching

I already have a review for the silver shade of this formula. This one is more opaque compared to that one and it's better in most respects, but it still needs an extra coat. 012 Kha-Ching is an emerald green shade with shimmer. Formula is more watery than regular black eyeliners, so it takes some extra time to dry. Just like my other shade 001 Slay it's meant to work as an eyeshadow too, but the silver one wasn't the best and you can see how this one sheers out on the swatches bellow too. Slay transferred in my crease during the say, but this one doesn't, however, it fadea faster than my black eyeliner.

Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer
261 Noir

This is Rimmels's waterproof eyeliner formula in a twist up format, a smudger in the back and a sharpener. When it comes to eyeliners, Maybelline's Tattoo set the bar very high for me and though this is an ok liner, it's not really close to that one. It's a thicker formula, so it doesn't glide smoothly like Maybelline's gel, which is why my lines on the pictures do not look very nice (I tried my best, I swear). It's not as intensely black and despite the sharpener it's much harder to create a line on the top lash line. In transfers into waterline, but not as quickly and intensely as it's competition. Staying power in the waterline is nothing to write home about, but on the top lash line it fares better, lasting long into the day.  

 Rimmel products are sold in DM here. I meant to check the prices, but I haven't had the chance.

Have a great day!

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  1. i really enjoy kikos liquid eyeliners! and they have great shades too! like this really electric blue which i absolutely loveeee!!

    stay safe!
    Beijinhos Jessy

    1. I've tried a few products from Kiko, but never their eyeliners :). They are a bit of out reach for me now. Elctric Blue sounds great, though I tend to stick to boring black :)

  2. Meni je Rimmelova maskara celo všeč. Rečem presenečeno, ker me malo maskar navduši. Sicer zdaj, ko se bolj izsušuje, jo moram še večkrat nanest za več volumna, mi je pa bila takoj všeč zaradi lepe definicije. Z zavihanostjo jaz nisem imela problema, sem pa večkrat našla kakšno pikico pod očmi.

    Svinčnik pa tudi mene ni navdušil. Na sploh ne maram preveč teh formul. Jaz sem ga popravila pri nanosu s čopičem, ker ne moreš naredit lepe linije. Nemogoče. Sicer obdrži se pa kar dobro na vekah.

    1. Saj je kul, če imaš trepalnice, ki se ne povesijo takoj, ampak meni grejo trenutno take maskare res na živce. Kaj mi pomaga maskara s katero se moje trepalnice sploh ne vidijo. Kar se tiče efekta je pa ok, ni mi pa tako super kot Paradise Extatic.

      Ja, svinčnik je preveč tečen za nanos. Sploh ne drsi lepo po koži. In niti v waterline ne ostane dolgo. Pač Maybelline ga totalno pregazi kar se tiče kvalitete :)

  3. Ja ću svakako potražiti ovaj zeleni lajner,🙂👍