Manhattan Perfect Creamy & Care Lipsticks

torek, januar 18, 2011

 8 of the 9 shades (54L, which is another brown shade, is missing), taken in sunlight:

Manhattan has two lines of lipsticks, one is called X-treme Last & Shine (which has a wider selection of shades), the other one is Perfect Creamy & Care. Aside from LE shade Rosewood, I never owned a Manhattan lipstick. So I decided to swatch them, to see if any shade appeals to me. Well I was a bit disappointed, from 9 shades available, only two were pink (one of those, 57D which is a really bright bubble gum pink, is not particularity wearable) and more than half of the line consist of brownish shades (I really dislike brown shades). Two remaining shades are a really bright orange (34N, completely unwearable) and a tomato red (45N) The only shade that I would consider worth buying is 56L, which is a lovely light pink shade. All of the shades have a frost finish. I hope these swatches are useful.

6/9 shades (pic taken in sunlight):
Taken in the shade:

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