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Some basics about me

Skin tone:
Fair, neutral undertone with freckles.

Shades that suit me (NC/W10-15)
(N = Neutral undertone, W = warm a.k.a. yellow undertone, C = cool a.k.a. pink undertone) 

ESSENCE Stay All Day 20 (C)  (old version)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly (N) (lightest concealer I ever found)

Darker Foundations (NC 15-20-25):

My post on mixing foundations - how to get a neutral undertone.

Post on how to determine your undertone

Pale foundations and foundation lighteners:

Skin type
Normal/dry with only occasional spots. Check under All-time favourites for what I'm using.

Hair colour 
Naturally it's dark brown with a cool undertone. I'm currently bleaching my hair to a lighter shade.

Hair type 
Very dry, coarse, frizzy, curly and thick. I always keep it long at about mid back length. 

Grey with a bit of green and blue, it depends on the light. Also they are hooded. My eyelashes are super stubborn and refuse to hold a curl - my post on how to curl stubborn and difficult-to-curl lashes.

My makeup preferences
These are the products I tend to use in my regular makeup routine: black eyeliner, neutral eyeshadows, toned down blushes and matte lipsticks.


I used to take pictures with my smartphones - Samsung Galaxy S2 until January 2015, Galaxy S5 until September 2016 and since Olympus PEN E-PL7. I use the Pancake lens M. Zuiko 14-42 mm and M. Zuiko 45 mm.