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sobota, september 12, 2020

DM is just like Cosnova (Essence, Catrice, L.O.V.) a company who has a lot of limited editions and also likes to discontinue (at least some of their) products to replace them with something new. That's especially true for their shower gels, hair care and their makeup brands like Trend it Up. So some things from this post might be gone in the next years, but a lot of things manage to stick around for a long time, like the waschgel, which I remember from when I was a kid. I don't buy anything from Alverde due to previous bad experience (except with body oils) and I only have a few things from Trend it Up, all three things I like are discontinued, and nothing from S-He Stylezone because I still remember how sucky the brand was years ago (apart from nail polishes, but lipsticks, eyeshadows, powders and eyeliners were terrible).

Gentle cleansing mousse
A great second cleanser for dry skin, which I also use on its own when I'm not wearing sunscreen and/or makeup. It's a nice fluffy mousse that feels gentle, doesn't burn if it accidentally gets into the eyes and isn't drying. It's pH neutral which is a big plus. When I started using this, a dry and rough area I had on the sides of my nose disappeared (before I was using the Wasch gel). This smells like Nivea, so it's not fragrance free despite being for sensitive skin.
1.99 € | 1.95 in Germany

Refreshing cleansing gel
I've gone through several tubes of this (well, the old formulation) and still have a backup, but the mousse has replaced this since my skin is dry. I still think this is a nice product for oily-combination skin. It doesn't irritate my eyes or skin, it does the job and it has 10% aloe vera. I'm not sure if this is pH neutral too, since the changed the formula, but the previous was. 
1.99 € | 0.95 € in Germany

 By they way, I had Balea's cleansing oil, which is very popular, but I don't like it. It's too thin, I used up a lot at once, it didn't remove makeup well and it broke me out.

Concentrate against pigmentation marks
One of my recent skin care discoveries and boy was I glad I found this, since my K-Beauty purchases will have to be on hold until shipping charges drop. However, in my local DM this is marked as being removed from the shelves and it was more than half off, yet it's still on DM's website with the regular price. I hope it's not being discontinued, but if they are just chucking it out from (some) Slovene DMs it sucks too. It's one of the best Balea skin care products in terms of ingredients as far as my preferences are concerned. It has niacinamide high on the list, but it also has a small amount of a version of vitamin C (ascorbyl  tetraisopalmitate) and pinolumin which reduces redness, calms down the skin and fades age spots. I didn't get this for fading pigmentation marks because I only have freckles and nothing major, I just got it because of the niacinamide which works for my skin. It's a small bottle with only 20 ml of product and this is not a very light, serum type of product, meaning you don't only use a little at once, but it actually lasted way longer than I expected, months. The texture is like a medium thick cream, so a type of product I use as one of the last, but mostly as the actual last step in my routine. This works for my skin, it's finally as nice as it was before I started using The Ordinary products. The texture is nice, I have no spots and I even have a healthy glow.
Original price in Slovenia 3.99 €, now 1.49 €. It's still 2.95 € on the website, which show prices for Germany.

Sensitive lip balm SPF 50
For a basic lip balm with a high SPF this is very nice. Formula is soft and not overly waxy, so feels nicely nourishing on the lips instead of like a layer that just sits on top. Unlike some other SPF lips balms, this doesn't have a bad taste. 
1.69 € | 1.95€ on the German website

I've gone through a lot of these. If only they had 1 litre bottles because this runs out so fast in my shower. I use it as both a shower gel and shampoo. Formula is thin, but still ok. As a shower gel it's a nice, non-drying formula, but not as nicely creamy nourishing as Dove. As a shampoo it's not drying on my very dry hair and it doesn't leave it overly squeaky clean and tangled, which I appreciate. It's not outstanding, but the fact it has urea, it's cheap and non-drying makes me keep on buying this and frequently. 
2.25 € | 1.95 €

I got the hand cream first, which impressed me so much that I had to try the lotion too. It leaves the same silky smooth film on the skin as the hand cream and it's an excellent formula for dry skin. Formula is medium thick lotion and for my preferences this absorbs fast enough, but it's not in minutes. For dry skin where you can see the tiny white flakes like it happens on my legs, this is excellent. 
2.99 € | 1.95 €

One of my favourite ever hand creams that rivals L'Occitane's shea butter. It leaves my hands nicely nourished and with this nice silky feeling so they feel softer than with other hand creams. It absorbs fast enough and is just overall a fantastic cream for the price.
1.69 € | 0.95 €

Scalp balance conditioner
This is a conditioner dry scalp, but it isn't meant just for the scalp, however, I always combine it with a more nourishing treatment on the bottom part. These type of products are not easy to apply when you have such long hair like mine, but I try to do my best and focus on areas where I know are driest. It's not heavy, so it doesn't leave my scalp feeling oily or leave me with less volume. Together with the balm below these two have helped the dandruff problem to a degree. There's much less of it and the scalp also feels cleaner, but it's still itchy at times, still I like this. 
1.79 € | 1.45 €

Scalp balance balm
This is a moisturiser for the scalp that goes with the conditioner. It has a handy long and precise nozzle, which helps at application, but it's still hard getting it all over the scalp, impossible really because this isn't liquid, it's a medium thick cream and I just give up before I manage to get it all over. There's definitely less dandruff when I use it, but I use it in combination with the conditioner. This is also meant for the ends since it has some keratin, but it feels like nothing on my ends and I don't waste it for that, however for hair that isn't as dry this might be nice, since it doesn't feel greasy. 
 2.49 € | 2.95 €

One of the cheapest protein treatments I have found in our drugstores that actually has hydrolysed proteins high on the list, so it's basically something along the lines of a poor man's Joico K-Pack line or Redken's Anti-Snap, but scaled down at least compared to Joico with its Quadramine complex. It's a silicone free formula with glycerine as one of the first ingredients, so it combines some moisturising action too with the protein. All proteins are in hydrolysed version which is the most effective version of protein and they are quite high on the list. There also hyaluronic acid which benefits the scalp and supposedly hair too. Formula is like a thin gel-like formula and it's a leave-in product. It can be applied on damp or dry hair, but on dry hair it feels like I applied nothing. I don't notice it makes my hair any smoother and it dries into my usual super frizzy mess if I don't use any extra products, but it's a nice way to add proteins because it's very light and it doesn't interfere with other products.
3.29 €  | 2.95 €

I got this for one reason only: it's 150 ml for 5 € making it the cheapest such serum "silicone-oil" per millilitre in our drugstores. I use these oil serums as heat protectants and since I have to use a lot of it, I get the cheap stuff for the job and I like this one a lot. This is one of the lightest on my list, so it's not super effective on taming the frizz like heavier oils do on me such as Orofluido, Moroccanoil or Precious Argan, but like I said I use it before using heat tools and I can apply this one all over the hair in large quantities. It's got quite a basic vanilla-coconut scent. This might be a nice "regular" oil for those with less thick hair than me, but it's not the lightest formula in the drugstores (that honour goes to Luxurious Coconut).
4.99 € | 4.95 € (a small 20 ml version exists too)

Beauty Secrets Rich Coconut Oil
I got this because it's silicone free. This means it's more nourishing and heavier than silicone-oils, it also means it makes the hair significantly more weighed down just like all natural oils (coconut oil) when you use them every day, but such oils are the best way I deal with the excessive dryness of my ends. It's rich, yet not too heavy and it doesn't leave the hair looking overly greasy like coconut oil does. The scent is the same as in their Langhaar Mädchen Haaröl, so a vanilla-coconut scent that's super basic, but better than coconut oil to me, though this one starts to smell weird too on later days, especially if I keep my hair tied up. 
2.99 € | 2.49 €

BALEA Oil Repair Intensiv Haaről
I've actually never used up a bottle of this stuff myself, however, my mother, who has about the same hair type as me (very dry, thick, super frizzy & coloured) uses hectolitres of this stuff almost every day and says it's the only one she likes (though I recently introduced her to Gliss, which is changing that opinion because it's super thick). It's one of the thickest oils, especially in the drugstores, similar to Orofluido, Moroccanoil and Macadamia, however, I find there's something missing in it and I prefer Orofluido and other two, still for the price this oil is great for very dry hair. It also works as a heat protectant and if that Langhaar version gets discontinued, I will be buying this one for the job instead.
3.99 € | 2.95 €

BALEA Rasiergel
I've been buying these for so many years, both the original scent and the many limited editions. It's a shaving gel that's nicely thick, it forms a rich foam that sticks to the skin well (much better than shaving mousses including Balea's) and helps the blade to glide nicely. After I wash this off, the skin feels a lot silkier than when I use nothing and there less dryness. 
1.99 € | 1.15 € 

BALEA Parfum Deodorant
Pure Blossom and Golden Moon
DM basically made it possible to have a high-end scent for a ridiculous price. The pink Pure Blossom smells very similar to Lancome La Vie est Belle and Golden Moon like Alien by Thierry Mugler. I had Pure Blossom first despite the fact I'm not a fan of La Vie est Belle at all (too much patchouli), but it made an absolutely brilliant room spray because it lasts hours in a room, which is amazing for a 1 € deodorant and only BBW room mists beat it. As an deodorant it last well, I could still smell it after about 4-5 hours, but it was faint. Pure Blossom is already empty, so I got Golden Moon next. It's another strong scent that indeed smells very much like Alien, so like jasmine, but a very warm, nice kind that so far hasn't given me a headache (like Lush's jasmine in Flying Fox does). I think I described Alien once smelling like a sitting under a jasmine tree in warm sunlight - basically it's a nice floral, warm, ambery-woody and to me a childhood scent that I prefer to Pure Blossom. They recently made body lotions with these two scents.   
1.19 € | 0.90 €

SUN DANCE Sonnenmilch SPF50
This is far from an elegant sunscreen and it's just stays on the skin all sticky and heavy, yet I still buy it every year. It's cheap and most importantly it protects so well. I also enjoy the basic sunscreen scent this has. I have one of these bottles so everyone who comes can use it and someone didn't manage to apply it well on their back, they good badly burned where it wasn't and three months later they still look like they have vitiligo with such a clear division where this was applied and where it wasn't, so now I know for a fact this one protects well and also long. On the left is the new bottle from this year. 
4.99 € (It think. It was over 4 € for sure)| 3.95 €

BALEA MEN Rasierer Revolution 5.1
Excuse the very beaten up look, this razor has been through a lot and I've had it for many years, but I refuse to buy a new one until this one completely falls apart (I don't think it will be soon though. Mine fell so many times, it's missing parts, it's full of hard water deposits, yet it's still useful). It's brilliant for the price. It's miles better than any female razor I tried, it stays sharp for quite a while and the replacement blades are cheap enough. It has five blades plus one in the back, so it can also be precise. I just like this one a lot. Before I was buying men's Gilette for years, which is so expensive, but this one does the job for so much less money.
4.45 € in Germany, I think I paid more, but it was so long ago. Spares are 10 € for 8 here, 8.95 € in Germany.

BALEA Elektrischer Hornhaut Entferner  
Electric foot file
It's on the picture, but ignore it because it's not sold anymore in this version. It was decent when I got it, but it quickly became essentially useless, slow and weak. 

EBELIN Professional Nagellack-Entferner Express
Express nail polish remover
I've tried several of these removers that have a sponge inside and I like this one most for the price because the sponge is the softest. It removes well and quickly, but I stick to removing nude polishes with it, at least when it's new because as soon as you remove a red one or something dark, it leaves the fingers red. Glitter also ruins it, so I keep old ones for the job, but they remove it a lot easier than when using a cotton pad. 
1.99 € | 1.65 €

BALEA Reinigendes Handgel
Anti-bacterial cleansing hand gel
While these don't hold a candle to the Bath and Body Works ones and I also love the 48 one because it's in spray and small, these are still good and at least they are trying with the different scents. They don't leave the skin sticky, though there is a layer left and they aren't terribly drying for such a product. I always have one of these.
1.99 € | I think they have only this tube version in Germany now, but I don't recall seeing it here. 

I've been using these for years to polish my nails and mostly the tips. It's got three textures, two are very fine, non-harsh files and one side is just a smooth, final polish side. If I use it all over my nails, like for example when my nails look yellow because of the nail polish, I get a very smooth result that looks close to applying a clear nail polish. I don't do it often though, so I mostly use it on the tips to smooth them out.
1.59 € | 1.45 €

EBELIN Wattepads
Another product I've been buying for so many years. Every time when I pick some other ones because I can get to DM, I see how sucky the competition is. These don't just fall apart when wet and are nicely soft. I don't use cotton pads very often anymore, only occasionally when my cleansing oil doesn't get all the mascara off and when removing nail polish. I like these Maxi ones too, but I don't have an unopened pack to show you.
0.85 € for 140. Several sizes available.

BABYLOVE Feuchte Waschlappen
Baby wipes with aloe vera and camommile
Just basic baby wipes.  These come in a big pack of 80 for 2 € and I use them for everything: removing makeup, swatches, on the body, hands and cleaning/wiping surfaces. Cheap as chips and nice. I recently got the ones with 99% water, but they are still in my drawer as a spare.
1.99 € | 1.55 €

DENK MIT Hygiene-Spray and Reinigungstücher
Disinfecting spray and wipes
Basic disinfectants. I've been buying these for so many years and luckily was very stocked up before the craziness of this year. They're cheap and do the job. For some reason I always buy these two, though I know Müller has their own too and for about the same price. 
2.95 € spray | 2.19 € wipes (1.45 € in Germany)

Do you have any DM favourites you'd like to share? 

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  1. Never tried these before! These sound really lovely


  2. Dmove stvari so super ravno zato, ker so poceni in efektivne. Jaz sem verjetno najbolj vesela Med linije, ki skrbi za mojo občutljivo kožo po telesu. Jaz bi k tvojemu seznamu dodala še tuš olje za telo od Balee. Ga vedno mešam s tistim Med gelom za umivanje (sicer drugim kot ga imaš ti v objavi), da je koža še manj suha.

    Aja in Balea After Sun šampon, ki ga kupim vsako leto izključno za morje in ga potem porabim doma. Edini, ki res lepo očisti lase od morske vode in jih ne naredi preveč suhe.

    Britvica in gel za britje sta pa itak top. Jaz ju vedno znova kupim.

    Otroške robčke pa nisem nikoli gledala. Ampak ti z 99% vode bodo zagotovo zame. Sploh, če nimajo dodanega parfuma. Naslednjič preizkusim :).

    Odlična objava! :)

    1. Res je :). Pa tudi trudijo se bit aktualni, tako, da od vedno kupujem več DM-ovih stvari kot pa od Müllerja. Olje za tuširanje sem imela in mi je kul, ampak večkrat kupim od Aveo ker je malo cenejši.

      Šamponov njihovih si pa ne upam kupovat, ker vedno predvidevam, da so njihove stvari za lase zame prelahke. Morda se kdaj opogumim in malo bolj raziščem, in ne samo leave-in izdelke. Sicer se za šampone držim L'Oreala kot pijanec plota :D

      Sem prvič sploh videla, da obstajajo taki robčki. Se mi je takoj zdela kul ideja :) In ja so brez parfuma, bodo zate :)