All reviews on my blog are based on my own honest opinions and all the products were bought with my own money, unless it's clearly stated in the review that I received them or they are marked with a *. I don't get paid to do reviews on this blog nor do I do any sponsored content and it will remain like that for the foreseeable future. All the pictures and other material is mine unless otherwise credited. Please do not use it without my permission and/or a link to the original. Almost all my pictures have a watermark. Please do not try to remove it by cropping, photoshopping or any other method.

I'd like to politely ask if you don't email me about guest posts, especially those in return for payment.

To international companies: I do not make it a habit excepting products that are not available in or shipped to Slovenia. My reviews wouldn't reach your target audience and there are also customs charge to consider. Thank you.