Maybelline Dream Touch and Dream Mousse Blushes

petek, maj 27, 2011

Maybelline's Dream Mousse blush in Satin Peach is one of my all time favourite blushes. But unfortunately they aren't available here in Slovenia, neither could I find them the last time I was in Graz (I actually bought mine in Graz previously). I saw on feelunique that they have Dream Touch blush, so I assumed they might be the same thing or at least the shades might be the same. The new version is a cream blush with no apparent shimmer while the ''old'' dream mousse blush is a mousse with a frosty finish that looks gorgeous on the skin. In terms of shade Peach Satin and Peach are nothing alike, Peach Satin is a coral-pink shade and Peach is a very natural shade, sort of beige with some peach. Personally I much prefer Peach Satin, it just works so well with my skin tone, it just make me look more healthy and glowy. But as far as the formula goes, I actually like the Dream Touch more, it's a nice soft cream texture sort of like Jemma Kidd's Ice Gold highlighter. Both formulas blend very smoothly and are a pleasure to use. These are great blushes for the price, but I'm not sure whether Dream Mousse blushes were discontinued and replaced by Dream Touch blushes or they are both still sold. I think both were around 7 €.

First pic shade, 2nd sun:

This is how it looks on a slightly darker skin tone than mine:

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  1. Waw, oba odtenka sta ful lepa, sploh tale Peach <3 Mogoče boš mela več sreče na Ebayu, al pa na strani fragrancedirect, kjer majo ful velikrat discontinued stvari po smešnih cenah :)
    Se že ponavljam ampak vseen - obožujem tvoj blog <3

  2. Ja, saj ko mi satin peach zmanjka bom kar iz eBaya naročila. Za tole fragrancedirect pa še nisem slišala. Si jo že ogledujem :)

    Hvala še enkrat <3

  3. NC15 or Bourjois Healthy Mix 51.