Maybelline Color Sensational 420 Coral Pop

ponedeljek, avgust 15, 2011

When I saw this post on Make Up & More blog, I immediately put Coral Pop on my ''to check'' list. When I swatched it in Műller I was overjoyed over the fact it matched my favourite nail polish Miss Sporty's 370. It literally looked the same shade, a perfect mix of pink and coral. Damn those deceiving lights! So imagine my disappointment when I put it on in actual daylight and it looked, well, orange. Plain bright orange. I had a feeling something will go wrong, I mean considering I'm pale (NC 15) I shouldn't expect anything else. Oh well, what's done is done. I have no idea what I'll do with the lipstick, maybe one day I'll feel like wearing an orange lip colour. At least it brings out my eyes (if you aren't too distracted by the bright orange lips, lol). I did try it as a blush and strangely it looks great on my cheeks, a proper coral shade.

Quality-wise it's not one of my favourite formulas. It's quite a dry formula and it clings to every dry patch and imperfection and emphasizes them. However, it's very long wearing, on me it lasts about 4-5 hours. The tube looks quite cheap and plastic. It costs around 9-10 €.  

If you're not as pale as I am, chances are this shade will look great on you. Make sure you check it in natural light before you purchase it.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. jao kako mi je krivo :(
    meni je to jedan od najlepših letnjih boja, i baš je koralan na usnama, ali ja sam dosta tamnija preko leta (nc30) pa možda zato.... e baš mi je žao što si se razočarala, pogotovo ako toliko košta, meni se čini da je za maybelline mnogo i 6-7 eura koliko košta ovde...

  2. Ah, bolj so problem luči v Müllerju. Ne vem zakaj večina šmink na meni izgleda tako temno in drugačno kot na drugih. Enak problem imam z Creme Cup in Airy Fairy. Saj za blush bo ok.

  3. Men se pa zdi, da ti lepo paše :) Sicer so pa oranžne šminke letos ful moderne! Pa ne vem, če sem že omenla, ampak men maš tkooo lepe ustnice <3