Milani Liquif'eye Metalic Eye Liner Pencil 03 Gold

torek, april 16, 2013

This is basically the best gold eyeliner I ever found. It's incredibly soft and very pigmented, a slight touch is enough to get some colour. It transfers well to the waterline and manages to last there quite long, while it lasts for over 8 hours on the top lashline and the entire day between the lower lashes. The colour is just perfect, a proper old gold. It's easy to blend for the first 30 seconds, then it sets and doesn't budge. The texture is very similar to Avon's Supershock eyeliners.
I've been wearing it on my waterline instead of my fleshtoned Max Factor Khol, because I think it brings out my eye colour and makes it more blue. It's also great as an eyeshadow base for gold shades, I use it with E.l.f.'s Studio pigment eyeshadow in Golden Goddess. Because it's so soft, I have to sharpen it very often, but that's my only negative. If you're on a hunt for a great gold eyeliner, look no further.
I got it from and it was 6.99$ (or currently about 5.3€).

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  1. Za tega sem pa že slišala, da je top! Škoda, da ne uporabljam eyelinerja. Če me bo pa kdaj zamikalo, bom pa zihr nabavila Milani ;).
    Kul review!


  2. This is my favorite liner available at the drugstore! I've only purchased the black one, but after seeing this I'll give the colored ones a try :)

  3. Wow, I think 10€ is around $14 dollars. That's insane for a revlon lip butter! They are about $7 american dollars where I'm at, but sometimes they go for more depending on where you shop. I have all of the pinks and reds, I do love them on summery/hot days, but they do wear off quickly! You picked my two favorite shades :D My other favorite is Red Velvet.

  4. Perfect zlat liner! Res je lepa barva, meni so takšne super ker imam modre oči in pašejo zraven :) Nisem poskusila še nič od Milani, mogoče ne bi škodilo malo pogledati, kaj imajo :)