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sreda, september 22, 2010

Mineral lipsticks Natural nymph and Runway Pink

These two are a part of the mineral collection by E.l.f. which is in terms of quality far exceeds their regular line of lipsticks. The texture is smooth, but classically matte-like, so you don't get much in the moisturising department. Pigmentation is great on both shades and neither get caught on patches.

Natural Nymph is the epitome of the late 00's - a pale, slightly pinkish nude. It's as awful as it sounds, as is substantiated by my swatch on the lips. But hey, if you're looking for something that'll make you look dead, look no further.

Runway Pink is a pale pink shade with warm-neutral undertones. I wore it to death in my late teens and it's a very wearable colour, though still quite pale.

The packaging is a plastic square tube, though it looks nice, it's cheap and fall apart. I ordered these from UK's website for 4€.

Hypershine Lipgloss in Bubble gum

This cost only 1.7 € when I got it and for that price, it's lovely. The colour is nude, milky pink, it has more pigmented than Nivea's Milkshake though the colours are similar, Bubble gum is a bit brighter. It's not sticky, however it is quite thick which personally I don't mind, but according to other reviewers it bothers a lot of people. The packaging is a click pen with a brush, when you use it for the first time, you have to twist it several times so the product comes out. Staying power is nothing special, about 2 hours. It smells sweet, like a mixture of coffee and bananas. 

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  1. vsaka čast..mal blogov pregledam cele..tvoj je med ''tamalimi'' :D

  2. Hvala. In jaz sem tvojega ravnokar. Fantastičen blog maš. Fouš sem ti za Macovo Angel in Cut a Caper :D.