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torek, september 08, 2020

I've done the post for Catrice already and I thought I had a bit more time with the Essence one before I hear the news of the semi-annual line update, but it's already here. It was a stupid idea for a post anyway, since almost nothing lasts long at Essence or Catrice, apart from a few exceptions (luckily like my favourite mascara). I don't know what's being discontinued (I think this might be it, I'm just now sure it's all), but news of new products can be found here
EDIT: Foundation, Witch Side palette, Soft Contouring lipliners and This is me nail polishes are being discontinued. 

This is one of the most light coverage foundations in my collection, though it's enough for me and I value it because the lightest shade fits me, making this a foundation that is easily accessible to me in just about any drugstore here and it's affordable. I have the shade 10 #cool porcelain, which is one of the lightest I found and it's pink toned. It's a light coverage foundation, a bit above a tinted moisturiser, though it is buildable and doesn't get cakey at all. Finish is very far from the promised "strong matte", instead it's a natural looking foundation with a finish that's nothing specific, so neither matte, nor glowy, it's just skin-like (my skin is on the dry side and this might even be dewy-shiny on other less dry types), but it needs to be powdered to keep it that way or matte. It blends and applies with ease, so it's the type of foundation that's quick to apply, but it's not the most long-lasting one on its own. Basically it's cheap as chips, it's natural-looking on the skin and comes in 9 shades (or at least it did when it came out), making it a good choice for younger crowds, those who are just getting into makeup and/or don't like the look of heavy makeup. Just don't believe the strong matte, waterproof claim because it's a flat out lie. 

Aside from mascara this is the other product on this list I've already repurchased, which considering how Essence loves to discontinue things is an achievement. This grew so much on me over the years. I originally just banded it together with the rest of the medium-high coverage crowd, but it is nicer on the skin than those (their matte version, however, might be the same as those). Camouflage + Healthy Glow has got enough coverage for spots and redness, but the formula is not so dry matte like Catrice's famous Liquid Camouflage, so it's the ones formula that I've used plenty of times all over the face when I was pressed for time and it never looked ugly cakey. It wears nicely, doesn't oxidise nor crease, plus the shade is pale enough for me, though they only have two shades and both are light, which is not cool on the part of Essence (matte version has more shades). 

This came out in the last Essence line update (spring/summer 2020) and it's available in four shades. I'm a sucker for glowy blushes, with L.O.V. being my favourites and this is so similar. Shimmer is very fine and gives a very natural looking radiance, I just love wearing this one and it's become one of my all-time favourites. Any other shimmery blush in my collection tends to make the skin look textured, but not these two formulas and Essence is very easily accessible here, so it's great to see a decent replacement for L.O.V. which is not easy to get since they removed the stands. Pigmentation is good, but I'm very pale and I suspect people with a darker skin tone will have to layer this one a lot (two other shades look darker). Formula was crappy from the start because it didn't feel very finely milled, but when I broke through the top layer, this became so much better. I have 03 Cassis Sunburst, which is a very basic peachy-pink shade, perhaps a bit boring, but also flattering on many skin tones. It might be too light for anything darker than medium skin tones, but the glow will still be visible. 

My favourite mascara and I speak about it often. I've used up many tubes of this and always have a spare. I said a million times that it's a favourite because it holds up my lashes up, which regular formulas can't, nor do all waterproof formulas. But this also creates a lot of volume and length, plus since the formula is more on the dry side, it's never messy nor does it clump my lashes together. It has the best multiplying effect because it catches individual lashes. One minus that I can live with because this is regardless a great mascara, is the massive brush which almost always touches my lids during application, but otherwise I have no complaints. It's waterproof so I don't use it every day because it's too harsh on the lashes to remove such a heavy duty formula so often, but this is my "the lashes need to look good today" mascara. 

This is one impressive felt tip eyeliner, especially for the price. I got mine in February and it's still working, which is a not common feature of such felt tip liners. It's still very pigmented, it's actually not much different from when it was new, even the tip is still in great condition. There's never a need to "revive" it by shaking between application on each eye - I don't recall such a liner where I didn't have to do that after a month or two of use, so this is very impressive. Formula is a deep black and it lasts all day on my normal eyelids with no base - the only thing I will complain is that it's not as good as my usual Catrice one in summer when I wear a lot of sunscreen, as it can on occasion transfer in the crease. The applicator is small, smooth, very precise and it's also softer than some other ones I've tried, so it feels very comfortable to use. 

If someone told a few years back that my favourite eyeshadow palette with be from Essence, I'd say they are crazy. I was never a fan of Essence eyeshadows, not even the praised Chromes ones, but this palette is so good and I love the shade selection. It contains 15 eyeshadows, 7 matte and the rest are satin or shimmery. Matte eyeshadows in this are lovely and satin ones are truly impressive, only the spotty glittery ones are not worthy of praise and can only be applied with a finger, but that's only four shades out of fifteen. Most eyeshadows have a great pigmentation, they blend with ease and last well on my lids without a base. I'm particularly in love with shades Haunted (I just adore these types of colours), Talisman and Charm. They last well, they blend well and I like most of the colours - truly this palette is just excellent. 

Just like at the eyeshadows, I don't associate Essence with great lipsticks. However, they have gradually improved over the years and I'm quite impressed by the quality of this formula. It's very smooth and creamy at application with a semi-matte finish and a non-drying texture. Staying power is improved based on my experience with Essence lipsticks, though I won't claim it's incredible. I had one more of these, but I only kept 01 Freaky, a nude peachy-pink, which is surprisingly a nice nude for my skin tone. 

I'm a much bigger fan of this new Soft Contouring formula than their previous lipliners that were unlike most of Essence product, sold for many years. These are soft, yet firm enough to be precise and to be able to apply all over the lips. It's also got a better staying power than before, but it's still not quite there. I have a few shades, but I love 08 Big Proposal most, in fact so much I have two or three backups. This is my perfect my-lips-but-better shade. It's about a half a shade darker than my natural lip colour which is very pale compared to most and it's perfect for defining the lips without looking to much like makeup and I can cheat/fix my lip shape.

Essence knows how to make a great nail polish formulas since forever and these are no exception. Formulas are super smooth, though a bit less at the pastels, but that's not uncommon and regular as well as some gel formulas at other brands in such shades suck compared to Essence. They last well on my nails, though I always top them with Seche Vite, which does its part. I don't like the shades as much as the previous ones (56 You and Me is gorgeous, as is 98 Pure Beauty, still my most worn shade), but 01 Freaky from This is me is nice enough (shade on the left is Millennial Pink).

ESSENCE 4 in 1 Profi File
I've been buying these for years. It's a cheap, basic nail file that does the job and I like it best of out similarly priced competition, including Ebelin's glass file. I'm a fan of the fact it has four sides with surfaces that vary in roughness, so I can get a smooth edge. I always buy this one for shortening and polishing the tips, and Ebelin's Polishing file for polishing the entire nail.

Have a great day! 

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  1. Odgovori
    1. I love it, but it's already being discontinued. Essence can be so annoying :/

  2. Draga Mateja, koji gloss nosiš iznad slike extreme maskare????:)

    1. Catrice Lip Oil koji je bez boje - Clear. Ovo je moja prirodna boja.

    2. Hvala! Već imam jednu providnu. Izgleda kao da ima glitter:)