Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcreams

sreda, december 15, 2010

I already raved about these lipcreams, which are amazing. They feel like liquid lipsticks, are very pigmented, and dry mat. I recently purchased shade called 53M, which is peachy-pink. Swatches of 45H and 56K can be found here. Today I swatched all 6 colours available together and I think I'll also buy 54L. They are about 6-7€ and are quite heavily scented, the smell like vanilla ice cream.
V eni izmed prejšnjih objav sem že govorila kako obožujem Manhattanove Soft Mat Lipcream-e (slike odtenkov 56K in 45H so tukaj). So kot tekoče šminke, zelo pigmentirane in prekrivne, posušijo se mat. Nazadnje sem kupila še odtenek 53K, ki breskove barve. Na voljo je 6 odtenkov (spodnja slika), mislim da bo kupila še odtenek 54L. Stanejo nekaj čez 6€. So zelo odišavljeni, meni dišijo po vanilijem sladoledu.

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  1. Hi there! I'm so glad to read your reviews about these Manhattan Soft Mat lipcreams, cause I've been wanting to try some of them ever since I discovered them back in September and your post really helped me to decide which colour I should buy. :-) Thank you! Yesterday I finally purchased my first lipcream from them (53M) in Germany (they're not available here in my country), it's really super beautiful and indeed mat, long lasting too. I really really love it! 10 out of 10! I regret that I didn't buy more (I'll ask my boyfriend to buy all the rest of the colours when he goes to Germany again).

    Thanks again for the super review and I hope to see more reviews from you! :-)

    Last but not least, happy new year!!! :-D


    PS I'm surprised that it costs so much in your country, in Germany it costs 3.95 euro.

  2. Thank you. It gives me pleasure to know that someone trusts in my reviews. I'm glad to help. I'm absolutely in love with these and I hope to try out Nyx's version too. Have a great new year.
    Oh and as far as the prices go, here in Slovenia the prices of make up are really exaggerated.