Mac & MNY Haul (Lipstick and Glosses)

sreda, februar 09, 2011

Mac Creme Cup

Créme Cup is a light pink with a neutral-cool undertone. It's a part of their cremesheen line, which makes it one of the creamy formulas, however, Mac lipsticks tend to be thick despite creaminess. It has a signature Mac vanilla scent that is nothing special. I got this one in Graz (Austria), where a Mac lipstick costs a whopping 18€ (that's about 25$) and considering that the US customers pay only 14,5$ (or 10,5€), saying that it's overpriced is an understatement.

Mac Underage

Underage is a soft pale pink with subtle shimmer. As all Mac's lipglasses it's very thick and sticky, but stays on long. 
MNY 365

365 is a coral shade with golden shimmer, but not that pigmented. It has a really lovely sweet candy scent. The formula is quite thick and it's a bit sticky, but it's a surprisingly good gloss for the price (I believe it was about 2€). A great gloss for the price, especially if you compare it to other glosses in the same price range (looking at you Essence). They have a lovely range of shades, from the more demure shades to hot pinks. 

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  1. Taki odtenki so tudi meni najbolj všeč. Res lepe pridobitve!

  2. Meni je edino žal, da si nisem kupila kakšen odtenek več. Macova Please me in speed dial sta res lepi.

  3. ampak je mac creme cup je pa res lepa... ful dobra zamenjava za overtime... aja, sm šla pogledat odtenek 47... zelo lepa... ;))

  4. Še vedno bi še Overtime, pomoje je vseeno svetlejša. Pol nisi vzela 47?

  5. hehe, teb res ni pomoči :):) ne, nism je še vzela.. sam sej veš da jo bom... ;)