Catrice Made to Stay vs, Essence Stay All Day Cream Eyeshadows

sobota, september 17, 2011

Drugstore brands really stepped up their game recently. After Catrice's Made to Stay longlasting eyeshadow, Essence released Stay All Day longlasting eyeshadow and guess what - they really last a long time on your eyelids.

I own Stay All Day in the shade 02 Glammy Goes to... which is a light gold-champagne color, super shimmery and all-together a very pretty shade for everyday (at least I wear it like that). It's not the creamiest of the creme eyeshadows, but it still blends nicely. I use a synthetic eyeshadow brush (from The Body Shop) to apply it and Mac's 217 to blend it, but you can use fingers. It's very pigmented and it sticks to the lids well. It lasted all day (yes, all day!) and without any base underneath. Didn't even crease. Just brilliant! It almost looked like I just applied it. Luckily, Stay All Day are a addition to the permanent line and come in six colours. I highly recommend these, I'll definitely get more colours  The packaging is a nice, sturdy plastic container with a screw lid.

I have Catrice Made to Stay in a darker shade called 050 Metall of Honor . 050 is a darker bronzy brown shade with shimmer (brilliant shade for lighter eyes). It's creamier than Stay All Day, it blends well and is very pigmented. Again like Essence Stay All Day it lasts all day on the lids. Since it's a darker shade it faded a bit (but really just a bit, a minute difference) and it didn't crease (again without any base). Made to Stay come in six shades. The packaging is a glass container with a screw lid, very posh and pretty. 

Essence Stay All Day contain 5,5 g of product for 2,89 € while Catrice's contain 5 g for 3,79 €, so basically Essence one's are a lot cheaper and quality wise there isn't really any difference between them. Still both are seriously good and affordable, all I can say is give them a go.

I also bought one of the Catrice's powder eyeshadows, just to test their quality. For the price (just under 3€ for 2 g) they perform very well. The shade I own is called 070 Mr. Copper's Field and it's a light gold shade, just a nice neutral, everyday shade. It's very pigmented and it blends well. The selection of shades is really nice, loads of pretty neutral shades, brighter shades, even some (very pigmented) matte shades.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great comparison. I am always tempted for the creamy shadows but they crease on me even if others confirm they won't haha!

    I think the "misspelling" on the Catrice shade was intentional, btw ;)
    Best wishes from Austria x

  2. Well I have normal eyelids, neither dry or oily and these work great for me. Try them, maybe they'll suit you as they have sort of a cream-to-powder and thicker formula. x

  3. I really wish I could get Catrice and Essence here in the UK! x

  4. Just wanted to say, I really love your blog and tried the John Frieda Glosser today based on your raves about it, and I totally get it now! It has made my hair the softest it has ever been! One question is, how often do you use it?

  5. First of thank you! Secondly, I use it everytime I wash my hair when they are still soaking wet.