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ponedeljek, november 26, 2012

Can Can by Paris Hilton 
Top notes: clementine blossom, black currant, nectarine
Heart notes: wild orchid, orange blossom
Base notes: soft musk, amber, precious woods

This is one of those super sweet celebrity fragrances that fans of Fantasy (by Britney Spears) will surely love. It's not in any way a Fantasy dupe, but it is in the same fruity floral gourmand family. It is not the same cupcake type of scent, it's a lot less gourmand - note the absence of vanilla or chocolate notes. Top notes of nectarine and black currant create a very sweet syrupy scent. This sweetness is toned down by the base notes of amber, musk and woods that make the fragrance more sensual, warm and cozy. Despite the same kind of sugary sweetness that Fantasy has, I find Can Can a more grown up scent, but still very girly. It is definitely a stronger scent (it's an eau de parfum) and lasts ages. Definitely one of my favourites fragrances this Autumn and so far in general. I've been wearing it on most days since I got it. And it's so cheap, I got in on eBay from this seller for 12€ (30ml). 

Victoria Secret Coconut Passion

Since I love VS's Love Spell, I wanted to get a more Autumn/Winter scent of body mist. Coconut Passion is predominately a vanilla fragrance with a hint of coconut. It smells very much like a vanilla desert of sorts, a very gourmand scent indeed. Honestly, I like Love Spell much more, but it's a nice fragrance. Don't expect much coconut though. It's a very strong scent and lasts a lot longer than Love Spell.  I got both Love Spell and Coconut Passion from this seller.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

I already raved about the Flake Away scrub and because I loved the scent, I got the body butter as well. It has the same strong Miss Dior Cherie/Coco Mademoseille scent that lingers for ages. The texture is great, very moisturising and buttery. I got it on eBay, but that seller doesn't have this item anymore.

Essence Smokey Eyes and Gel Eyeliner Brushes

These brushes were such a pleasant surprise. I actually went back to get another smokey eyes brush. Both retail for around 1.5 € and are synthetic. I have hooded eyes so Mac's 217 is too big for applying eyeshadow in the outer corner and in my ''wannabe'' crease, though it is indispensable when it comes to blending. Previously I used Italian Round brush that I got from Coastal Scents, but I only have one and it's really old. The Smokey Eyes brush is a synthetic version of that one, it more accessible and performs just as good. I like it also for applying eyeshadow on the lid (I have small lid space). I love it.  
Gel Eyeliner brush is a nice brush for gel liner and applying shadow very close to the lash line. It's similar to Ecotools eyeliner brush, but I prefer the Ecotools one for applying eyeshadow as a liner, while the Essence one is better with gel/liquid products.

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  1. I love Paris and I'm surely gonna buy that perfume of her. Thanks for the post! :)

    human pheromones

  2. mirise nemam iako bi ih voljela probat nna test trakicama da vidim kakvi su a kistove nemam

  3. Te2 čopiča sta fenomenalna! Moj najljubši pa je za senčke ob Mullerja. Mislim da stane 1.20€ in jih mam 4.
    Boljši kot katerikoli drugi "dražji čopič" ki sem jih sprobala :)

    1. Jaz imam tudi že nekaj let Müllerjevega, samo meni pa ni všeč. Mi je Macov 239 veliko boljši.

  4. Hey your post seduces me to purchase it- What Are My Colors