Product of the Week #1

sobota, februar 02, 2013

This Ombia Botanica Argan oil (100% pure oil, 30ml) was 45% off in Müller and it had to come with me. You can't tell from the picture, but I've used a lot already and I only bought it a week ago. I use it for everything: mixed in my home-made pre-wash treatment, on my dry ends and as a face moisturiser (in combination with Ombia Hylaruron gel and Nuxe dry oil). It doesn't have any particular scent. I quite like it so far and my skin looks a bit nicer, but will see how it performs long-term.

What is product of the week? It's a post featuring a product I either loved, just bought, rediscovered or was simply impressed by it recently, but I don't feel like it needs or it's to early for a whole review. I'll probably do more than one such post on some weeks.

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  1. Super ideja za produkt tedna! :)

  2. Tole kupuje moja mami zvesto že eno leto :)
    Pa še jaz ga kradem in je res super za vse! Res ga pa hitro zmanjka :/

    1. Saj je bi na moji wishlisti kar dolgo, samo mi je bil predrag. Sem pa končno našla arganovo olje v Leclerku 250ml za 15€. Si ga enkrat privoščim namesto makadamijinega za lase.