Tigi Bed Head Spoil Me

petek, marec 29, 2013

In my heap of hair products, which I swear I use most of them, there are a few products that haven't really bonded with, but I still hold on to them for some reason. In this case it's because I have a fondness for Tigi products and they rarely disappoint me. And here enters Tigi Bed Head Spoil Me. I got it once as a freebie when I purchased the Masterpiece hairspray, which I use a lot, but this product confused me. It's a defrizzer, smoother and instant restyler. The instructions say it's supposed to be used on dry or damp hair and that it's great as a second day spray to refresh your hairstyle. It also claims to have a bit of a hold. I used it the way they said on the instructions and I saw no effect whatsoever apart from making my hair smell like lemon sweets. This was before I was using a hair dryer and I left my hair to dry naturally. I put it in the back of my hair care shelf for a long time and "rediscovered" it while cleaning. I decided to check some reviews to see how other people use it, so I could finally have some use out of it. After some experimenting, I came to a conclusion that it works best on damp hair before hair drying. It doesn't claim to be heat activated, but it doesn't work other way, at least on my hair. This is a brilliant defrizzer, I absolutely notice the difference if I don't use it. My hair is annoyingly frizzy, especially if I use a drugstore conditioner and this helps a lot. It performs best in combination with one of the silicone oils (Macadamia Healing Oil triumphs here). One of the best features, in my opinion, is the fact it's extremely lightweight, it actually feels like there is nothing on your hair. For a product that I considered completely unessential, I would actually repurchase it. Of course, if I don't find something better, but so far I haven't.

The can is massive with 300ml of product (it's the same size as the Mastepiece hairspray in the back of the picture). Tigi Bed Head products are sold in hair salons and online. If you plan to order online, forget UK sites or eBay because aerosols can't be shipped via air mail. Prices vary, but it's around 15€. Tigi has some brilliant products and I actually used a lot of Tigi in my early teens, I don't know why I stopped. The scents of their products are so yummy. The Bed Head line has mostly tropical fruity scents, something I really like. I think I might purchase a few Tigi products soon, especially their styling products. Totally Baked from the Candy Fixations line is the first on my list.

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  1. I love bed head products! They work really well and they always smell sooo good :D
    That's why one of my first review was on a tigi product :D

    Greets TRA x

    1. I agree, most of their scent are great :). And they have some nice products that are not too expensive.

  2. is there another product similar to Tigi Spoil Me I cannot Buy In Australia

    1. I'm not sure if Spoil Me is available anymore. So you'd like a product that smooths down the hair and defrizzes? Currently I use Sebastian Potion 9 for the job or Percy & Reed No Oil Oil, which is even lighter, but both aren't sprays, they are serums. I also adore Dove's Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum, however, I can't find it any where anymore. Perhaps Dove Style+Care Frizz Free Cream Serum is similar.