Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars

sreda, marec 13, 2013

These must be the most adorable little tinted lip balms ever! I did a preview post (here) a few weeks ago and I've had them for long enough to do a proper review. Tonymoly is a Korean brand and there are 9 shades of Petite Bunny Gloss Bars. I got number 05 called Juicy Peach and 06 called Juicy Orange.
The packaging is super cute, little pens with bunny caps and each colour has a different face expression. Juicy Peach has a happy face and Juicy Orange a grumpy one. I adore the grumpy face on Juicy Orange, because it reminds me of grumpy kitty, my favourite meme. It's a standard lip balm, you screw the bottom to get the product out. The problem is that sometimes it doesn't go back and you have to push it back in. 
I expected them to be very sheer, but I was surprised that they are actually do have some pigmentation, especially the Juicy Orange one, but mind you, you'll need a few swipes. In term of glossiness, they remind me of Revlon's Lip Butters, it's more of a creamy shine than glossy. They are very soft and buttery, I really like how they feel on the lips. They are moisturising like any lip balm and don't cling to patches, but wear off evenly. Staying power is nothing special for a tinted lip balm, you'll be lucky to get an hour from it, though Juicy Orange manages to stay longer due to the intensity of the colour.

Juicy Peach is a light, baby pink with a hint of peach. It reminds me a lot of a lip balm version of Hue by Mac. I really enjoy wearing this shade, this is my definition of my perfect everyday natural shade. However,it needs a lot of swipes to get the colour going. It has a light artificial peach scent, but it's not too strong.

Juicy Orange is a pigmented orange. I knew it would be orange when I was buying it, despite the fact that the packaging is more pink-coral, I just had to have it because of the grumpy bunny packaging. Besides, I don't own anything orange in my collection. Orange is a difficult colour to pull off, but this is sheer and glossy enough to still make it work (I did quite a heavy swatch). It has a stronger scent than the Peach one. It's a medicinal orange scent, reminds me of Panadol/Lekadol syrup medicine if you remember it. I actually really like it.
I got them on eBay for 6$ each (4.6€) from this seller. I might get some other colours and I'll probably repurchase Juicy Peach as I really like the colour on me.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. So kar dobro pigmentirani, sem imela v mislih da so bolj prozorni - barve ti zelo pašejo! :)
    Preglej tole stran:
    Imajo bolj cenejše korejske izdelke...ampak meni se vedno zatakne pri koncu naročila- nekako ne morem skozi z poštnino x)

    1. Hvala :) Sem jo dala pod zaznamke. Trenutno iščem kakšno dobro azijsko maskaro, mi bo tole še prav prišlo :)

  2. Tole sta najbolj adorable izdelka kar sem jih kdaj videla, še posebno ta 'grumpy' :) Barvi sta obe lepi in ti pašeta, tudi oranžna izgleda super :)

  3. Embalaža<3 pa oba ti pašeta :)

  4. ja kako luškana šminka :) Pomoje bi jo kupila samo zaradi cute embalaže :) Ti pa obe barvi pristojita :)

  5. So cute :)

  6. Se ravno potegujem za rumen odtenek na dražbi, upam da bo končno moj ;)

  7. I bought mine from ebay too. But I paid $8 with free fast shipping. I didn't feel like waiting for weeks to receive it. I got it super fast, and I must say I really like the bars. I got the juicy peach one and I'm planning to get a few more. Those of you in the US. You can buy the gloss bar from this seller. You will get your gloss in 2 to 3 days.