April Favourites 2013

ponedeljek, april 29, 2013

Benefit Coralista
The perfect coral blush with gold shimmer that makes your cheeks look glowy. It's my most worn blush not just because I love the colour, but also because it lasts long on my cheeks. An old swatch here

Nyx Taupe blush
I use it every day for contouring. It's a great shade for pale skin as it doesn't have any orange or warm tones in it, but it's a cool brown-grey shade that imitates a natural shadow. I did a review with a picture where I'm wearing it here.

Essie Mint Candy Apple
A beautiful mint nail polish that is perfect for Spring. Admittedly, I have many dupes, but this month I wore mostly this one. Wearing it here. (Btw, a very good dupe is Depend 245)

Refan version of Burberry Body
Normally, I dislike rose scents with passion and I wasn't really loving this scent from the beginning. I guess my taste has changed (at least temporarily) this month and I have been wearing this fragrance on most days. It smells like roses, but not like a grandma type of rose. There are other notes that temper the rose scent, which makes it smell more fresh and powdery. It's a clean skin scent, floral and woody. There is supposed to be peach in it, but I don't smell any fruity notes at all. Oh, and if you're wondering, yes it smells like the original. I checked. And it lasts as long as the original, about 5-6 hours. 

Rimmel Apocalips Stellar
A super bright pink-red-coral liquid lipstick. I wore it every day in the beginning of the month. Review and swatches here.  

Catrice Ultimate Colour 250 Matt About Pink
I found my new every day shade that I wear everywhere. It's a bright peachy pink colour with a matte finish. Review and swatches here.

Mac Lady Danger (matte) 
A vivid orange red. I have a sample size, but I would love to have a full size lipstick. Swatch here.

L'Oreal Colour Infallible in 24 Bronze Goddess
My love for Infallible eyeshadows has not waned. I still think these are some of the best eyeshadows out there. Bronze Goddess is one of my favourites, it an olive shade with gold shimmer. Review and a rubbish swatch here.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Stash
One my favourites liners ever. UD liners are so soft and pigmented plus they really last on the lid. I have a few colours, but Stash is my favourite. It's a dark olive colour with gold shimmer that I wear often in the waterline and smudged on the lower lashline. Swatch here.

Balea Bodycreme Sunny Peach  
A really nice moisturiser with a peach scent (my kryptonite) that is affordable and comes in a huge pot (available only in DM's). Review here.

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  1. great favourites!
    i need that essie polish :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

  2. Bronze goddess je čudovita barva! :D

  3. NYX Taupe je tudi pri meni must have! :)
    Tale Catrice šminka je ful lepa! Je bil že čas, da kakšno novo kupim :P

    Deja Zu

  4. Hey! I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! :)

  5. Ucinilo mi se da je onaj Catrice karmin ustvari Kiss kiss hibiskiss :D
    Prelepo! :)

  6. Mmm, hočem to breskvasto zadevo. Grem čimprej iskat *zapiše na listek* Ful dolg me ni blo na tvojem blogu in grem zdej nadoknadit. Sm pa vidla, da si objavla svojo fotko. Asdfghjkl girl! You're gorgeous! *.* Modre učke, temni lasje, svetla polt + tvoje ustnice = <3

    1. Oh, sem kar pogrešala tvoje poste, sem šla ene parkrat prav pogledat na tvoj blog če je kaj novega pa mi noče tvojih novih objav kazat :) Čestitke za službo pri Cosmotu! Pa hvala, mi je kar malo nerodno k me tako hvališ :), you're very sweet :D