OPI Malaga Wine

torek, oktober 22, 2013

This was actually my very first red nail polish years ago. It's an interesting red because I notice it changes colour depending on the light. Under artificial (indoor) yellow lighting it looks deep wine-burgundy with more purple hues (leaning to vampy territory, but still not too dark), while under natural light it's a more medium cherry red. It used to be my most worn nail polish, but my bottle is ancient by now so the consistency has changed. From the beginning the formula was a pleasure to use, despite that it needed two coats for full coverage (it has a more jelly finish). The brush is wide, but still comfortable to use on my narrow nails.  

Have you ever tried this shade? Have a great day!

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  1. Poskusila sem ga, ja, samo nimam lastne stekleničke (pri kolegici sem ga ukradla :)). Lepa klasična barva, nekaj podobnega sem si kupila tu v Bratislavi. :)

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  3. Lovely sexy autumn-appropriate shade :-)