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ponedeljek, junij 15, 2015

I can probably read most of your minds right now, but I'll put off the obvious for a few paragraphs. Born Pretty has a selection of 15 shades available, all swatched on their website and I decided on the shade number 01, which appears a lovely, warm light-medium pink on their swatches, so you might imagine my surprise when I discovered it's orange, but let's start with one thing at a time.

Colour: In the tube 01 is a medium orange shade and when I swatched it on the back of the hand, it has this pinkish-coral hue to it, which leads me to believe that this shade would look amazing on medium tones, since it would look like the perfect peachy pink. Unfortunately because I'm very pale, it looks completely orange on me. My camera can't capture it quite true to life, but it is actually neon orange on me (if you check their swatches it's somewhere between shades 04 and 05). I don't think I can pull of orange on my lips, especially not as bright, but as I said before, this would probably look amazing on warm medium skin tones. 
Fellow blogger Petra choose the shade 11 and you can see her swatches here.

Texture and finish: It's a soft, moisturising lipstick that is semi to fully opaque - it all depends on how many layers you apply. The finish is creamy to a bit glossy, but I'm confused why is it called a plumper lip gloss. You can make it matte by blotting it with a tissue and enough colour remains on the lips, so I actually prefer it that way or when it's a bit worn off because my natural lip colour shines through and make it less bright orange. It's a very comfortable lipstick to wear, but sometimes it did wear off a bit patchy on me, probably due to the shade.

I'm also wearing Born Pretty false eyelashes #HS-43, which I'll review individually later. 

Staying power: At full opacity it manages to stay for a few hours, but then it starts to fade with the shine being the first thing to go and the rest of the colour settles into a stain. It doesn't survive eating or drinking well because it leaves a ring on colour.

Scent: It has a faint scent of plastic, new furniture and sawdust, but I didn't notice it until I went to check it out specifically for this description. 

Packaging: It's a clear knock-off of Top Shop lipsticks, I won't beat around the bush. They did at least name them The Hot Shop. The tube is metal and the mechanism works fine, so the quality of the packaging is good.

Price and availability: These lipsticks cost 4.29 $ on Born Pretty and you can get a 10 % discount with a code MKOH10. Born Pretty also has an app for iPhones.

Have a great day!

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  1. Jaz tudi ne maram oranžkastih odtenkov na meni, mi je pa všeč kako se tekstura sliši pa tudi sama embalaža :D

    1. Če so ti vlažilne šminke všeč, ti bo super, ampak jaz njihovim swatchem ne zaupam :)

  2. Hvala za omembo;) Jaz nikoli ne verjamem tem njihovim imenom, ker po navadi sploh niso povezani z izdelkom :D Tvoj odtenek mi je seveda zelo všeč. Tudi na tebi mi je všeč ta kontrast hladnih las in pop of color na ustih. Sploh ne izgleda slabo, čeprav vem da imaš raje roza in rdeče odtenke :). Formula je pa meni res fantastična. Ko se začne sušit na meni ostane dokaj veliko barve in kot si opisala, sijaj prvi izgine, ampak mi je všeč tisti stain :).

    1. Ni zakaj :) Se mi je zdelo, da bo tebi zelo všeč, ampak jaz ko se vidim s to šminko si res nisem všeč. Je skoraj neonska na meni. Stain je res v redu, si pravzaprav samo tako jo res upam nosit :)

  3. Lušten odtenek samo vem da imaš ti raje bolj rdeče / hladne :) So mi pa smešni s tem kopiranjem Topshopa x)

    1. Res si dosti dovolijo s tem kopiranjem :D Vsaj ne oglašujejo, da je šminka od Topshopa.