An Epic Birthday Wishlist

torek, januar 05, 2016

This post is by no means me trying to give certain people hints what I'd like for my birthday which is at the end of the month. Honest! It's just an innocent little post. I haven't done many wishlist posts last year, I update it on my Pinterest anyway, but now I'm making a massive one to makeup up for it.

1. TOO FACED Chocolate Bonbons Palette
You're probably familiar with TF's chocolate palettes, well, they just released a new one. This is one of those "never gonna happen" fantasy parts of this wishlist, like Benefit's Rockateur bellow because firstly I don't know where to get yet and second, it costs mucho, many monies. I love the shades in it, maybe not that pink one, but it just looks like a great wearable palette. To be fair I wouldn't mind owning the previous ones too.
Ulta, $49.00

2. STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
A recurring product on my wishlists, you'll see many such items. I still didn't get, even though I really need new one. So many people swear by this one and say it's super black, has great staying power and I heard it also lasts a long time before it dries out. It's expensive, but this is the eyeliner I would most like to try. The greatest irony is that if I bought it last year, it'd be almost two euros cheaper due to exchange rate.
Feel Unique, €19.58.

3. MAKEUP FACTORY Mat Lip Fluid Longlasting 
61 Velvet Rosewood
Surprise, surprise, another thing I talked about already in my previous wishlist and still didn't get. It's like a darker, less pink Bourjois Nude-ist and it dries to such a nice matte finish. I would really like to expand my matte lip creams collection.
Müller, 11.95 €

4. ORIFLAME Volare
Yeah, talked about this too before. Twice *rolls eyes at herself*. I shallowly admit I want it purely for the gorgeous bottle. I'm not sure I'll like it as a fragrance, since I don't know how it smells, but I hear it's similar to Lancome's Tresor, which is more of an early 90's scent.
Oriflame, 20 €, Salma, 16.90 €

5. PHYSICIANS FORMULA Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder
Last year I feel in love with PF products. This powder is supposed to set the makeup, but leave a radiant finish, so it's probably not that different from Ambient Lightening powders. Of course the packaging is stunning, I already have the blush and I can confirm these are so well made.

6. URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer 
Fair Neutral
One more concealer can't hurt that's what I always say. I heard a lot of good things about it on several blogs, so naturally I'm intrigued. Apparently it's a better (more moisturising) version of Nars Radiant Creamy concealer.
Feel Unique, €23.63

7. MILANI Color Statement Lipstick Matte
Flirty, Love and Passion
Since I've tried the shade Darling, I'm adamant on owning more of these. I'm seriously impressed by the quality and I think these might be the best matte lipsticks I've tried so far. I'd like several shades, but I'm most interested in Flirty, Love and Passion. 
Milani EU 5.56 €

8. MAC Lipsticks 
Technically, I already own these shades, I have the sample sizes, but I would like to have a proper full size, since these are my favourite shades. Especially D for Danger is beyond gorgeous and I'd like to wear it without being concerned it will run out any minute.
MAC, 20 €.

9. THEBALM Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette
So I finally found the elusive theBalm counter (oh, the irony) and had a chance to swatch this palette. My love for Nude'tude is well documented here, but I think this one might be even prettier. It is absolutely stunning. I loved almost all the shades, I think one or two weren't the best and the quality of some was even better than in the Nude'tude (it may have been Fit that was incredibly buttery). I hate the packaging, just like the previous one. 
Müller, 35.70 € or 31 €, I'm not sure.

10. BENEFIT Rockateur Face Powder
I wanted this for absolutely ages, but that damn Benefit is apparently trying extra hard for us Slovenes not to be able to get their products anywhere. I would order it already, but where? It looks like my type of shade, which usually implies it's similar to Catrice's Rose Royce or I'm Nuts About you, they describe the shade as rose gold.
Feel Unique, €31.73

11. BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 
Don't Pink of It
As a massive fan of Velvets, I would of course love to have more shades. Not just this one, but also Happy Nude Year and maybe one of the two new ones. I think Don't Pink of It is the lightest in their selection and it's a nice warm light pink. I'm baffled why this shade isn't sold here. I'd love to buy it and Happy Nude Year if I could. I just feel like it's not in the stars for me to have this shade. I've tried ordering it twice so far and it was either out of stock or it wouldn't let me though checkout.  
Feel Unique, €12.14

12. LOLITA LEMPICKA Elle L'aime 
I bought a sample of this last year and I'd love to have a full size despite it's lacking staying power because it's such a lovely summery scent. It is reminiscent of the über popular Bronze Goddess, but with a slight citrus twist. It's beachy, coconuty with neroli and jasmine plus some lime that keeps it from being too cloying.
Salma, 25.60 €

13. THE BODY SHOP Body Butter 
Satsuma and Shea
To be fair, here I could just write that I'd like to visit The Body Shop for my birthday. I love that shop, even though people find it overrated. I'm a fan of their body butters, they are the best I've tried and I had many scents, but now I'd like to basically repurchase their Shea and Satsuma version. First is a simple, creamy scent and the second a refreshing, juicy citrus scent. 
The Body Shop, 7 € for 50 ml, 19 € for 200 ml

14. MAYBELLINE Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner
I love trying out new eyeliners and currently I'm in a need of a new one. Emily from Beauty with Emily Fox likes this one and she's tried a lot of eyeliners, so I'm sure it's worth giving a go.
Feel Unique, €8.09; Salma, 6.96 €

Amber Romance
I'm currently running out of Coconut Passion version and I'd like something new. Most of their body sprays smell the same to me and lack staying power, but Coconut Passion, Vanilla Lace and this one are proper silage monsters that last very well. Amber Romance is vanilla-amber combination that's not a complicated scent, but a crowd pleaser.
Müller, 13 €

16. SOAP & GLORY Crush Body Scrub
I don't use scrubs enough because I have a problem and save products too much which is utter stupidity since I have the worst problems with ingrown hair. I need to basically surround myself with more scrubs, so I'll want to use them up and the best one I've tried so far was Soap & Glory's Flake Away, but I'd like a different scent now, so any would do and this one sounds nice. Boots International has been promising they'll start selling Soap & Glory. I hope they deliver.
Boots, €9.36 (300 ml)

17. THE BODY SHOP Body Scrub 
Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter or Brazil Nut
As I said I need more scrubs, so I would mind trying a few from The Body Shop. Cocoa one has the best reviews on Makeup Alley.
The Body Shop, €16.00

18. MILANI Rose Blush
I already have 01 Romantic Rose and I'm so blown away by it that I want more (I'll have the review ready soon). The more natural looking shades that is, so Blossomtime Rose, Awakening Rose and American Beauty Rose, all are limited edition.
Milani EU, 9.16 €

19. SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain 
03 Strawberry Kissed
Raves about these is very hard to miss, some even claim these are the best they tried and I do love a good matte liquid lipstick. Strawberry Kissed is most "my type of shade", though I find a lot of them very pretty. Of course, there is no way I could possibly get them online.
Sephora, 14 $

20. MILANI Amore Matte Lip Creme
Lust, Flirt and Romance
Milani also has matte lip cream that they released sometime last year (as LE, but now they might be already permanent). I would love to try a few and I'm most drawn to Lust, Flirt and Romance.
Milani, $8.99

21. I HEART MAKEUP Naked Chocolate
I've been eyeing this palette for ages and every time someone posts about it, I say I will get it. I don't know why I'm holding back at this one, I sort of have a feeling that if I could get it in Müller, I'd already have it. I love the selection of shades in this palette and I can see I would wear it a lot providing the quality impressed me. I did hear it has very decent matte eyeshadows, so I'm hoping it's good. 
Makeup Revolution, £7.99; Lič, 10.95 €. 

22. YVES ROCHER Serum Vegetal Ultra Plumping Serum
A had a nice amount of samples last year and I really liked it as it definitely had a very positive effect on my skin, so I've been thinking about it ever since. Of course in my usual manner I've been holding back and walked empty handed several times from their shop. To be fair, it's not the most affordable skin care item.
Yves Rocher, 26.50 €, 

23. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick
Oh, Lady, To Matte With Love and High Drama
Oh look, another matte lipstick. Noticing a theme yet? Mac surprised us with their version of liquid lipsticks. A bit late to the party, but I've seen some reviews of these and the matte finish looks so good. These were just released this week and it's probably not available in Europe yet. I'm most drawn to the deep purple-pink Oh, Lady, All-Fired-Up like To Matte With Love and the vampy High Drama, but a lot of the shades are really pretty.
MAC, 20 $

24. ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Starry Starry Night
Essie use to have this gorgeous dark blue nail polish called Starry Night which looked like the night sky, but they discontinued many years ago. Now they are releasing it again in a collection Retro Revival that should be available already, though I haven't seen it here. The new shade is called Starry, Starry Night and it's not the best remake, but it's close enough and it looks beautiful.
If it ever reaches our DMs, I assume it''ll be 9.90 €

25. ESSIE Apricot Cuticle Oil
I talked about this before and I keep avoiding it in the shop, even when I have a discount. I'm still completely neglecting my cuticles, so typical of me and I have a feeling that since this smells like peaches, I might be more inclined to use it. 
DM, probably 10 €

26. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 
I ordered this last year, but it never came. I'm still fuming, since so many packages get lost and it's like I have the worst luck in the world. I still want it. It's a burgundy and matte, which I can't resist.
eBay, 5.30 $ plus shipping

27. THEBALM Meet Matte Hughes
Charming, Adoring and Loyal
Yes, another matte lip cream, but it's the last one I swear. These were also released last year and as far as my experience with their product goes, these should be amazing. I haven't seen these in person yet, we still don't have these here, however, they are available online. I'm most interested in the Nude-ist type shade Charming, the burgundy Loyal and deep red Adoring.
Feel Unique, €18.23; Salma, 15.61 €

28. L'OCCITANE Pivoine Bath
Talked about this before too, but I've been avoiding going to L'Occitane because I'm just not in the mood for that type of shopping experience with a sales assistant constantly around me and talking. When I shop, I want to be left alone, otherwise I just want to leave as soon as possible. I love the scent of their Peony line, it's so gorgeous and I would love to have the fragrance too. This is a bath oil, which is the type of product I do need (Avon's bubble baths intrigue me as well, but I'm not a fan of the current scent selection) and it's made out of two phases, so it turns milky white in the bath, but I think I can use this as a shower oil, like the almond one. I might go to their shop this month since I have a discount card and I need to repurchase their cleansing oil.
L'Occitane. 20.30 €

29. ZOEVA Rose Golden Complete Eye Set
Another recurring wishlist item and something I'd really, really like to have, even though Lič send me Nanshy eyeshadow set to review. These come highly recommended and look so pretty, plus there are brushes in it that I still need. Nanshy's are great, but as I said it the review, there are a few types of brushes missing. 
Zoeva, 65 €

Have a great day!

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  1. Jst mislim da najboljš da tole samo prekopiram na svoj blog in napišem zraven +1 še zame. Vse bi rada sprobala :D Ok, mogoče bi se lahko uprla TooFaced paleti, pa še to zato ker me dizajn nikakor ne pritegne :)

  2. super wishlista, joj kak mene mika ta too faced paletka, bi še riskirala ta denar, ker so res krasni odtenki, pisani meni na kožo, maš mogoče kakšno idejo kje jo naročit ? ... drugače imam pa to bourjois rouge edition velvet tekočo šminku v odtenku don`t pink of it in je na ustnicah naravnost čudovita. Pa tudi naked chocolate paletka je vredna vsakega centa, po prebrani Petrini objavi sem jo takoj kupila in se zaj ne ločim več od nje ! <3

    1. Jo, če bi vedela :/ Mislim, da je šele par dni na tržišču. Prejšnje se da pa dobit na Beauty Bay.
      Oh, ja čokoladna paletka. Lol, se sama sebi smejem, da si ne privoščim nekaj za tistih 10 €. In normalno je zdaj ni na zalogi :D

  3. I had the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil before and I think it does the job well. The brush makes for easy application. Just to note, it smells like apricots, not peaches.

    1. I'm really drawn to it precisely because of the way it applies :) I heard some people say it smells like peaches, but apricots make a lot more sense :D

  4. Sem kar slinco spustila...lahko tudi jaz samo še prekopiram in to je to. Masla za telo imam tudi jaz na WL, pomojem vsaj ene 6 :D

    1. Body butterji od TBS so odlični :). Sem jih imela že kar nekaj, ampak Vineyard Peach mi je še vedno top <3

    2. Nisem še sprobala :D Mam veliko izdelkov na WL, dejansko nikoli ne potem vsega nakupim :D
      Z "Naked" paletko boš pa zadela terno, jaz sem na te "čokoladke" prav nora, za ta denar so mi več kot odlične.

    3. Se splača sprobat :) Veš, da se v zadnjem letu postala ista. Včasih sem redno praznila wislisto, lani pa kot da bi potegnila ročno :D

      Oh, ko bi bila ta čokoladna vsaj na zalogi.

  5. ooh great ideas! I want the chocolate bar palette so bad!

    1. Too Faced has been on a roll in the last few years :)

  6. Omg, haha, mava podobne želje! Kar nekaj izdelkov si res ful želim poskusit, tako, da upam, da mi letos uspe! :) Upam, da se tebi tudi uresničijo želje ;)

    1. Ampak veš, da me nekako ne preseneča :D Upam, da tudi ti malo sprazniš tvojo wishlisto letos :)

  7. A girl's gotta spoil herself! :) You made me interested in the Physician's Formula powder, I'm always in the mood for a Ambient Lighting powder dupe. Very interested in the Urban Decay concealer and Too Faced palette as well! If you end up purchasing those, I'd love to hear a review ^.^

    1. Word! If you like such products as Ambient Lighting powder, perhaps try Bourjois Java powder (the green one, not the new navy one).
      I hope I get them, but knowing me I probably won't treat myself :)

  8. Precej izdelkov bi spadalo tudi k meni na WL, predvsem UD korektor :) Razen nad tole Too Faced paletko nisem najbolj navdušena, sem pa nekje videla preview za Peach različico, ki bi bila pomoje bolj zame :)

    1. Ravnokar sem videla Too Faced Peanut Butter paletko. Sem se morala kar smejat :D Peach verzije pa še nisem videla :)

  9. Jaz bi se ti kar pridružila pri nekaterih izdelkih :D. Npr. Stila liner, Naked Skin korektor, Nude Dude, Zoeva in Amber Romance. Poleg Coconut Passion je to edini vonj, ki mi je res všeč. Jantar je na sploh super v vseh parfumih :).

    Mislim, da človek ne more zgrešit, če ti kupi mat šminko, haha :D. Makeup Factory je čisto zate. Res mat mat, bolj ne gre in obstojno, da zdrgneš dol. Sem zdaj nekaj časa nosila Stockholm od NYX in se mi zdi najbolj prijazna mat šminka za moje ustnice :). Nič ne izsuši in je res lahek občutek. Če nisi še nobenega sprobala (mislim, da ne, ali?), moraš enega naročit. Saj zdaj lahko preko Feelunique, ampak vem, da so ti zadnje čase pakete izgubil :/.

    1. A Vanilla Lace ti pa ni? Se mi zdi tudi čisto vonj zate :) Amber parfum od L'Occitane mi je top, pa so ga seveda morali nehat prodajat.

      Skoraj ne vem če sem bila dovolj očitna z mat šminkami :D :P Makeup Factory sem enkrat sprobala na roki in sem bila čisto navdušena kako lepo mat se posuši. Na tebi mi je ta odtenek popoln in res upam, da bo na meni tudi izgledal tako.

      Od NYX sem imela pa tri odtenke: Istanbul, Tokyo in Adis Abbaba. Sem ji imela na blogu že res dolgo nazaj, kakšna štiri leta, me verjetno še nisi brala takrat. Pa Manhattanove sem imela praktično vse in ti od NYX so čisto enaki. Ampak zdaj so se mi že vsi pokvarili in sem jih vrgla stran. Imela bi jih celo goro, se moram enkrat spravit na eBay naročit, da bo najceneje. Feel Unique me je pa res razočaral zadnje čase...

    2. Ne vem, če sem izpustila ali pa nisem videla - Vanilla Lace. :) U Amber, sliši se dobro :).

      A vidiš, takrat te pa res še nisem brala, hehe. No saj potem veš kakšni so. Meni so res najboljša tekstura in občutek trenutno. Ker moje ustnice mat zadeve rade izsušijo.

      Zadnjič sem videla v Avonu nov parfum Mesmerize Blue ima belo breskev not. A ni breskev tvoj vonj? :) Po drgnjenju sem ugotovila, da tudi precej lepo diši.

  10. Večino tistih stvari, ki jih še nimam, jih lahko kar prekopiram na mojo WL. UD korektor si morem nujno letos privoščit!
    Makeup Factory Rosewood je pa res čisto zate, pa Rockateur če ga kje najdeš je amazing, tako tudi Don't pink of it. Naked Chocolate je pa res presenetljivo dobra za ta denar, sem presenečena kako pogosto jo uporabljam.

    1. Za celo tisto Benefit blush paletko sem ti še zdaj tako fouš in se prav neumno počutim, da je nisem naročila takrat, pa sem jo že imela v košarici. Ta Benefit se prav matra, da ne bi Slovenci imela možnosti kje njihove stvari naročit. V čem je fora?

  11. za benefit, mac in podobno je treba skočit samo do Sephore v IKEA centru (Villese). Ostalo ma pa Klagenfurt. ;)

    1. Sploh nisem vedela, da je v Villenese tudi Sephora. Sem mislila, da je samo v Tori d'Europa v Trstu. Tnx za info. Pa Kiko je tudi, a ne? Samo če živiš skoraj pri Beli krajini je težko samo skočit v Italijo in Austrijo. Upam, da mi uspe do tam pridet :).

  12. That Too Faced palette looks so darn cute :-D And yes to The Body Shop body butters, they're ALWAYS on my list as well. That Zoeva brush set looks gorgeous by the way.

    1. It sure does :) I so wish The Body Shop would come to their senses and start selling their stuff here. Some brands are so trying to be hard to get.

  13. Mah, tvoje wishliste so SANJSKE! <3
    Mislim, da ne rabim omenjat, da imam četrt istih stvari na WL od prej, ostale pa sem zdaj dodala nanjo, ko sem videla tvojo objavo. :P Thanks a lot, haha. :D
    Me pa zanima primerjava teh dveh MAC šmink: Relentlessly Red in All fired up..kateri je po tvojem mnenju bolj ''unikaten'' oziroma poseben, da ne najdeš v drogeriji kup istih odtenkov? Pa si nista preveč podobna med samo v živo? Sta dovolj drugačna, da ''rabim'' oba? :DD Zelo kolebam, katerega od teh dveh odtenkov si naj naslednjič privoščim, oba sta res zelo moj stil. :D

    1. Hvala <3 Ja, lej nekdo te mora dražit :P
      Relentlessly Red je malo bolj unikaten, ampak sta oba izjemna. Nista si podobna v živo, imam primerjavo na eni sliki na Instagramu. RR je koralno rdeča, AFU je pa bolj roza-rdeča in temnejša. Ne rabiš seveda oba :D Sta pa dovolj različna, da ju lahko opravičiš. Boš mogla v živo videt, da se boš prepričala, ampak če bi rada pravo unikatnost, bi na tvojem mestu vzela RR, sploh če si iz Merry Berry vzela odtenek šminke Red Rocks, ker je že v rangu AFU :)