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petek, avgust 12, 2016

DEBORAH Radiance Creator foundation 
I trialled this one once when I grabbed a sample of it to take home and I really liked it. It's one of the rare foundations available here that is actually pale (it's maybe about a half of shade darker than Revlon's Ivory) and I can never have too many light foundations in my stash - well, the thing is that I hate the texture of about a half I own, but I use them for mixing with darker foundations, so I could use a new good one. The only thing that's holding me back is the high price.
DM, 14-15 €

THE BODY SHOP Shade Adjusting Drops 
I've tried a couple of foundation lightening products before, but didn't like them because they were white which made foundation's tone weird, however, this one is slightly pink and it supposedly even cancels out the orange tones of foundations that are too dark. I love Milani's Conceal + Perfect, but it's majorly too dark and orange for me, so maybe this might make it usable.
Reviews here and here.
The Body Shop, 16 €

MILANI Amore Matte Lip Creme
I already have Gorgeous, which I love and I find several more shades appealing, actually I think Milani has some of the best shade range of matte lip creams. I love the look of shades Precious, Babe, Allure and some others, but it's very difficult to find swatches of these on someone with a similar colouring than me, so for now I'm only truly set on Precious.
Beauty Joint, $9.49; Click2Chic, 9.96 €; Moja Drogerija, 12,35 €

JORDANA Sweet Matte Cream Liquid Lip Colour 
This is a typical shade range that consist of mostly very bright colours, but there are a few that are more easy to wear. I have Cherry Cobbler already, which I said in my review is bright as the sun, but the formula is lovely, so I'd like something in a shade I'll wear more often. Most appealing ones to me are Rose Macaron and Creme Brule, while Tiramisu is already a bit dark, but still interesting to me.
Beauty Joint, $4.99; Click2Chic, 5 €; Moja Drogerija, 6,49 €

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Flipbalm
Ripe Mango 
I love Palmer's Swivel Stick and it's by far my favourite lip balm, so when I heard the news about these I instantly liked the look of them. There are three scents, but I think I might like Mango most, while the other two are coconut and watermelon. I haven't found these anywhere else than on Superdrug and iHerb, but I hope Feel Unique or Boots gets them at one point.
Superdrug, £4.99; iHerb, $3.29

SLEEK Matte Me Lip Gloss
I'm a big fan of Birthday Suit, which became one of my most worn shades, but it's the only shade I liked from the original range, so I was delighted to hear they expanded it with some more 90's inspired shades. I have my eye on the shades Shabby Chic and Velvet Slipper. 
Feel Unique, 6.39 €; Ličila.si, 9,95 €

BALEA Oil Repair Haaroil Spray
I think this is quite new in DM and it reminded me of got2b Oilicious spray, which is an aerosol hair oil and it's a great healthy & shiny hair faker. I might be worth trying out, but it has a high alcohol content. 
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Dry Shampoo for dark hair
I saw this the first time as well and it's not like I need a new dry shampoo, since I have tons, but I hear it's nice and one day when I use up mine, I might give it a try.
DM, 1.95 €

BALEA Beautiful Long Wunder Serum
This I'm dead set on getting asap because it reminds me of my old favourite Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique. I use heat tools weekly and I currently only have a few heat protectors, most of them make my hair wet, so you need to wait before you use a heat tool, while this is a simple serum and you can go straight to work.
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Duche & Creme Mango
You'd think I have tons of shower gels, but somehow my stash of seven got reduced to two almost empty bottles in less than a month - that just never happens. Balea always has some great scents of their shower gels and this one appeals to the tropical fruit fan like me. It's similar to the mango scents from previous LE, so a candy version of the scent. 
DM, 0.85 €

BALEA Rummelplatz 
Deospray Luftig Leicht (Peach Ice Tea), Rasiergel Friche Kick (Lemon Ice Cream) and Dusche & Creme Zucker Suss (Cotton Candy)
Balea has a new limited edition, this time fair inspired. There are several products in this collection, all with sweet scents, all are already in the shops, so I had a chance to check them out. On my list to buy are the deodorant with the peach ice tea scent (I can't resist a peach) and the shaving gel with lemon ice cream scent. I checked the shower gel with the cotton candy scent and found it perhaps a bit too sweet, though Balea's shower gels often smell different in the shower. The shampoo from this line smells better to me, as it has a to me more appealing tropical fruit candy scent and the bodylotion with the vanilla cupcake scent smells pretty good too. Whole collection here.
DM, 0.85 - 1.99 €

L'OREAL Professionel Mythic Oil Brume Sublimatrice
This is a similar product to Balea's Oil Repair spray I mentioned before, I just assume it's better because it's a salon brand and I heard some good things about it, while I haven't heard anything about Balea's yet. It's not the cheapest, but also not expensive, so I'm waiting for Salma to get it because you can't get aerosols from the UK.
Look Fantastic, €13.45

COPPERTONE Clearly Sheer Faces SPF30
Every summer, even those sunscreens that are completely fine in winter, turn into a sticky, greasy mess on the face and I despise that feeling. I heard some really good things about this one and it's apparently super light, so I'm hoping that it'll be available in Slovenia sometime.
Review that won me over here.

SALLY HANSEN Insta-Dri or SECHE VITE Dry Fast Top Coat
I need to repurchase Seche Vite basically yesterday, but I keep putting it off, so for the past year I haven't even been using any top coats and it shows, especially in terms of my nail polish drying slower and being less shiny. Seche Vite isn't the cheapest, but it is so far the best top coat I tried. However, I've also heard good things about Sally Hansen one and it's cheaper, so I might try this one instead.
Sally Hansen - Boots, £5.99;  Seche Vite, Boots £9.00

I went to L'Occitane with a friend who was very inquisitive and that finally gave me a window of being able to explore the shop without being pestered by the SA - which so was wonderful, I can't even begin to tell how much I prefer to be left completely alone when shopping. I checked that Peony fragrance that I wanted for ages because I assumed that it's the same scent as the moisturiser, but surprisingly it didn't convince me. So I checked the rest of the fragrances and this one was absolute love at first sniff. It's unlike anything I smelled, it's floral, but warm and not sugary or vanillary, or even musky, it's just really a pretty scent.
L'Occitane 58 €

I did a mental squeal when I saw the press release for this because I saw that the notes describe peach and I'm a huge fan of that. The moment I tried it I knew it needs to be mine. It smells of proper peach from the start! I love it. It then becomes more floral with notes of freesia and osymathis, while the base note is represented by cocoa, so it's a unique and wonderful combination, actually quite sweet for a Boss scent, but still in the lines of simple, inoffensive office scents. The only minus that I can say is that it's not that strong and it doesn't last that well, but still that peach note makes it worth it for me. I'm a fan of Boss fragrances, in fact their Ma Vie is my favourite and I love most of their other ones, which might make me boring, but this one definitely caught my heart as well. I love the look of the bottle too and it's definitely one of the most sophisticated Boss creation.
Müller, from 59.95 € 

This is just my wishful thinking, I don't imagine I'll even be able to get it (like a proper camera for example), but it's something that I truly want. I have very pale skin and you know my hair is dark, so you can imagine that my body hair is pretty dark and strong, so if I shave it's never smooth and it grows back in a half a day, which is making me incredibly miserable (man, do I wish I was born blonde). I have an epilator that I've been using for years, but unfortunately I get a lot of ingrown hair that actually grows straight under my skin, so it's impossible to get out unless I damage the skin, which has left me with marks, plus my dark roots are visible through the skin, so I really want to at least lessen the problem. Even if it helps 30% or makes the hair less coarse, I'll be happy because I just can't bear to look at it anymore. Reviews I read were mostly very positive, so I think these are already good enough to actually invest in them.
505 €

Have a great day!

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  1. ouu I have one of the sleek lipcolours and don't wear it as often as i should haha... but so excited they're coming out with new shades!! eeek


    Xoxo Jessy

    1. I wear Birthday Suit a lot, but some of the new shades look even better :)

  2. Jaz sem v čisto isti situaciji s Seche Vite. Že pol leta ga ne uporabljam in ga nekako nočem kupit, ker se mi zdi drag. Zdaj pa imam prav tako nagledan ta Sally Hansen. Ga imajo v Avstrijskem DM-u, samo se ne morem odločit. Upam, da bo res tako dober kot Seche Vite :D.
    Deborah podlago moram preveriti, čeprav imam trenutno kar precej podlag. Pa tudi imam malo barve in grem lahko končno wild z vsemi, ki jih prej nisem morala nosit :).
    Moram ti povedat, da sem zadnjič kupovala točen parfum in sem preizkusila Olympea od Paco Rabanne in je res odličen vonj. Mi je kar žal, da ga nisem vzela. Na začetku se mi je zdel malo preveč sladek za poletje, pa sem vzela YSL Manifesto (preverjen). Potem sem pa doma konstantno vohala Olympea in mi je že žal, da ga nisem vzela :).

    1. Pa tudi težko je dobit ta Seche Vite nekje brez poštnine :/ To sem pa čisto pozabila, da je Sally Hansen v Avstriji. Sem ga namerala enkrat naročit na Boots. Samo isto kot ti se ne morem odločit, če bi res zamenjala nekaj tako dobrega kot je Seche Vite :)

      Te svetle pudre, ki jih imam, mi večina ne izgleda kul na koži, edina dva spodobna imata pa visoko prekrivnost, jaz imam pa raje manj. Za tega že leto cincam, če naj ga vzamem, ampak mi je 14 € dosti denarja.

      Olympea je res krasen vonj <3 Ga veliko nosim :) Sem bila ravno v ponedeljek v Refanu in sem videla, da ga imajo na novo. Sama sem vzela Angel (surprise, ampak mi res paše zdaj) in pa CK One, da imam en čisto enostaven, čist parfum. Manifesto mi tudi lepo diši, podobno kot La Vie Est Belle, ki sem ga imela.

    2. Ja mi je ravno La Vie Est Belle dala tudi za poskusit in mi je bil tudi zelo všeč. Pa Armani Si :). Mi je všeč, da lahko vsaj malo sprobam te vonje s točenimi parfumi, preden se odločim za nakup pravega. Kar pa je zadnje čase itak bolj redko :). Imam ogromno parfumov, ki jih enostavno ne morem dovolj hitro porabit.

    3. A je tudi pri vas zdaj po novem, da ne prodajajo več 15 ml? To ni mi niti malo všeč :/ So mi 15 ml zelo ustrezale, ker veliko menjam vonje.

    4. Mi imamo še eno drugo parfmumerijo Amour in več tam kupujem, ker je v bolj priročnem nakupovalnem centru in tam sem kupila 15 ml za 3.90 (z lastno stekleničko). Se mi zdi, da so malo podražili. V Refanu pa že nekaj časa nisem bila.

    5. Mislim, da je vseeno ceneje kot Refan včasih. Meni že ni več všeč da moram dat 9 € 30 ml :/. Škoda, da ni ta Amour še kje v LJ.

  3. I just bought Zuckersüß shower jelly today, it smells sooo good!

    1. I almost got it on Monday, but I decided to wait until I use up one of my shower gels :). I'm a fan of very sugary scents, so I'm glad Balea created this LE :)

  4. I have seen those Milani lippies everywhere, I'm so curious to try them too but it's so hard to get Milani products where I live. I also want to try the Adjusting drops, as I always tend to buy darker foundation shades haha x

    | www.noirettediary.com |

    1. What about Beauty Joint? They ship worldwide. Milani's Amore are great, as they are really matte :)
      For us Slovenes TBS is very hard to get, but hopefully I'll get to try this drops one day :)

  5. Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes imam tudi jaz na wishlisti ampak se še odločam med odtenki. :) Čakam na tvojo oceno od the Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes tekoče šminke v odtenku Charming, ker jo imam na wl :)
    Nekaj podobnega Coppertone spf kremi bi tudi jaz potrebovala ker se s trenutno kremo po 5-6 urah grozno svetim :/
    Če imaš po epilaciji veliko vraščenih dlačic poskusi naslednji dan, ko se koža umiri, uporabiti bolj grob piling in aha kislino, pa bi znalo biti boljše.

    1. Sem pred kratkim kupila še Committed, ki mi je lepši, pravzaprav je eden najlepših odtenkov, ki jih imam :) Charming je pa kar temen na meni. Bom imela oba odtenka v eni objavi, je pa formula drugačna kot pri Adoring in je bolj podobna Milanijevim, ker se precej hitreje posušita v mat videz.

      Mene to, da se svetim še ne moti tako, me pa zelo moti ta lepljiv, moker občutek. Zdaj sem kupila eno od Farmone SPF 50 za manj kot 2€, pa se kar spodobno hitro posuši na koži, ampak je pa bela in gosta. Je pa namenjena prav mastni in mešani koži.

      Saj to delam, ampak praktično nič ne pomaga :/ Res skrbim, da redno uporabljam piling in body butter ali olje, ampak vraščenih dlačic imam pa ogromno, tudi če uporabim britvico :( Očitno imam tako kožo. Tudi AHA izdelke sem že imela (npr. Skin Doctors Ingrown Go) pa ni nič pomagalo.

  6. You can get the Palmer's flip balm on iHerb, that's where I bought mine (I'm from Croatia). Also check out Boots, they deliver to Slovenia and often have great sales.

    1. I forgot to check on iHerb, thanks :) But I did check Boots and unfortunately, they don't have it yet. I'm in no hurry any way if I ever get it at all :)

    2. No problem! :)

      Btw, I love your blog, I found you a few weeks ago and I've read the whole thing :D ! We have a very similar undertone and skintone (I'm more neutral leaning cool, no warmth whatsoever), so I bought some of the products you recommended and they are great! Thank you and I hope to read you for a long time! :)

    3. Hvala :) I just bought Maybelline's Fit Me 110 for normal/dry skin and it's the best match I found so far, but foundation itself is weird, so maybe the one for oily skin is better :)

  7. I also would love to try Lumea, as I have a similar problem with my body hair (it's very dark and strong and my skin is really pale), maybe someday I will be able to afford it ;)

    1. I really hope these become cheaper in the next years :)

  8. Ja, Shade Adjusting drops rabiš! Ti jih lahko naslednjič vzamem, če bom prej kot ti v tujini :D
    Mimoza & akacija ti je všeč, zanimivo. Tudi meni, zelo meden in topel vonj, bo super za jesen. Mislim celo da bo počasi šel iz prodaje, tako da upam na malo znižanja (ampak še ne tako hitro) :D

    1. Tvoja objava me je čisto prepričala ;P Tečno mi je ko ne morem kupit 90% pudrov, ker imamo same temne odtenke.

      Res mi je všeč :) Sploh nisem pričakovala kaj dosti od njega, ampak mi je odličen. Joj, ta L'Occitane tudi takoj da vse iz prodaje. Zdaj bom morala pa še to skrbet, da ga bom zamudila, ker jaz se vedno tako obotavljam pri nakupu.

  9. Lumeo imam jaz na WL že nekaj časa, ampak je finančno....uffff..

    1. Šokantno drag je še :/ Od Remingtona podoben je cenejši, ampak nisem kaj dosti slišala o njem, če je dober. Upam, da se kmalu pocenijo te zadeve.

  10. I have been trying to get my hands on the Milani lip creams. They are so hard to find.

    1. Have you checked Beautyjoint.com? They ship worldwide.

  11. Hey Mateja, longtime reader here. Just thought I'd chime in about the copper tone clearly sheer. I have the body version and I hate it. It kind of flakes or pills on your skin. I can't imagine the face version being any better since it has similar ingredients.I love your blog by the way, it's the only one I keep up with.

    1. Really? Well, that doesn't sound good :/ We still don't have it here, but I had high hopes for it. Thanks for the mini review :)