AliExpress Bargains #4

torek, januar 16, 2018

This is my fifth such post about bargains I found on AliExpress and eBay, (I use AliExpress for everything apart from cosmetics since it's often cheaper than eBay, while I use eBay for buying K-Beauty). Previous posts are here: link 1, link 2, link 3 & link 4, plus wishlist 1 and 2. Prices are the ones I paid, so they might be different from the link. Some links will eventually stop working, so just put the name/description of the product in the AliExpress search engine.

Planets Sticky Notes

There are several versions of planet sticky notes, I have Earth and Sedna. These are classic cheap sticky notes, so those with not the best adhesive, but they sure look pretty. All the stationery arrived in 22 days and were bought from the same seller.
$0.84, link

Watercolour Sticky Notes
Just another pack of sticky notes, this one is in a pink watercolour print that only the most basic Instagram girl would buy. There are a few more options and shapes.
 $0.68, link

0.5mm Mechanical Pencils with a Polka Dot and Paris Design
Just simple mechanical pencils, there really isn't much to say except they work great and are very pretty.
$1.23, link

Multi-purpose Ballpoint Pen with a Screwdriver, Level, Ruler and Smartphone Stylus
The most used item I got, though I use everything, but this became my ultimate tool. It's a pen, ruler, scale, screwdriver and stylus in one, so truly a multipurpose product, but I use it as a stylus most. I never had one before, I'm kicking myself now because I hate texting, that also includes replying on Instagram because of those stupid keyboards where I always make mistakes, but this makes it a lot easier. Easier to write, erase and most importantly quickly locate the spelling mistake. I also use it as a pen, but it loses colour so fast, I think it's because I don't store it downright. It's also very handy as a ruler and you get two versions of small screwdrivers which are perfect for tiny screws in watches and other small devices. 
$1.79, link

Invisible Ink Pen with a Black Light
I got this on a whim just because I wanted to see if it works. It's a regular sharpie that is almost invisible when you write with it, there's only a hint of green tint that not easy to spot. On the cap of the pen is a black light which makes the text visible. You can also draw on skin with it. The colour I got was random.
$0.50, link

Nebula/Galaxy Washi Tape 
This exists in a many patterns, but it's a classic washi tape with not the best sticky properties, however, it's decent.
$0.82, link 

Washi Tape with a Makeup Pattern
This one also exists in many versions, but this is the only proper makeup one. Like another white washi I got a while ago, it's a bit see-though, but the pattern is pretty.
$0.93, link

Rose gold children's sunglasses
I'm petite so I ordered the child size version of these, though regular ones exist too and these are also available in many colours. I waited two months for these and I ordered them when there was some actual sun, but since it's been so gloomy in the past months I haven't had the chance to see if they are any good in strong sunlight. The glass is dark grey most of the time, only in stronger light it reflects pink, while the frame is gold. They sit very high on my nose, obviously since they are made for small children's noses, but they can be adjusted. The size fits me ok, maybe they are still a bit wide, but they are much better what I can get here, with the notable exception of H&M's kids department. They don't feel flimsy or fragile, they just feel like the stuff you can get in our shops.
$5.85, link

Keyboard Memory Soft Pad for Elbows and Wrists
I've had this for quite a while now and I use it all the time, including writing this. It's not as soft and fluffy as I expected, in fact the foam isn't a memory foam and it should be thicker, but it makes using both the keyboard and mouse more comfortable. The bottom part has a non-slip rubber mesh, in the middle is a regular foam and the top is covered with a microfibre blanket-like material. My cats also find it the height of their day if they manage to win a place on the mat for a nap. It could be better and thicker, but I'm not complaining too much. It took about a month to arrive, a few days less.
$3.49, link

Beetle Car-Shaped Computer Mouse
I got this as a birthday gift for someone, so I don't have it myself, but I can report back that it's being used with no problems. It's a wireless mouse that despite the shape actually sits nice in the hand. Also the front lights are on when you're using it which makes it even more cool. The battery compartment is under the roof of the car, as is the USB wireless receiver that you then plug into the computer. Batteries aren't included, but it needs two AAAs. Both buttons on the bonnet work fine and the wheel too. As gimmicky as it looks, it's actually a nice little thing. I specifically looked for a Beetle old-timer shape because it's an inside joke, but most of these are shaped as a sports car and cheaper than what I paid. All versions come in several colours. It took a month and a half to arrive.
$8.88, link

Classic Rubiks Cube
I'm so impressed by this. I wanted a decent rubiks cube since my old one was falling apart, but nothing in shops here was under 15 € and I'm not paying that much for a toy (I went everywhere. Tedi had a cheap one, but it had emojis - yuck. I did get the small one for my keys for a euro, but it sticks like crazy). This is almost exactly the same as those 15 € cubes and for a fifth of the price. It spins in every direction with such ease, it never sticks and the stickers are really good quality, so nothing is coming off as on my old one. I've solved it hundreds of times so far and it's still like new (I play with these every time I'm nervous or bored or when I need a break, so basically pretty much every day). I'm really happy with this buy and I really recommend it, AliExpress also has a ton of different versions, I'm thinking about buying a clear/see-through one. It arrived in a month to Slovenia, but it was wrongly delivered to someone else, so I waited an extra week.
$3.14, link

60cm 5 in 1 Portable Collapsible Light Round Photography Reflector
I've been using my home-made reflector throughout my seven years of blogging, but it's small and only has one surface type. This one is considerably larger with a 60 cm circumference and you can use it 5 ways:
- White: the one I use most because it give the most neutral reflection that doesn't affect colours. However, it's not as reflective as silver, including my home-made silver one, so that's a bit of an issue for me, though with my camera is still capable of doing great pictures even in bad lighting, but for phone photography it'd be too weak.
- Silver: Originally I though I'll be using this one most because it's just a bigger version of mine, however, I noticed it makes my pictures look cool and then I need to fix the colours too much, so I avoid it.
- Gold: this one gives a lot of warmth to the pictures, it's a very noticeable yellow cast, so great for those photos where you have an item that pulls the picture quality down because it the camera thinks the whole set it then cool. It came in handy a few times,
- Black: not much use for this one as far as my photography is concerned. It absorbs the remaining light on the side you set it, so you have stronger shadows.
- The fifth is the central panel which is white, but semi-see though. I don't use it much, but I assume it gives a softer effect.
It's got a system with zippers, so you dress the central panel and then turn it the way you want it. I came folded and with a mini bag, so it's portable, but I must have the intelligence of a rock and a strength for a baby bird because I haven't been able to twist/fold it back yet. I use it a lot for my photography, but I hate it doesn't stand firmly like my home-made one and it falls down a lot, which is a reason for many I-give-up/I-need-a-bloody-break/angry outbursts during my several hour long photography sessions (I really need a stand and other accessories). These are more meant for portrait photography where you have an assistant who holds the reflector. Shipping was lightning fast for AliExpress, it took merely 9 days (it was sign for).
8.88$ link 

Puppy Slippers
I could easily buy this here, but I went to every such shop in my town and there was nothing that wasn't for children (we so need Primark here). Like the computer mouse it's was a gift for someone and I don't have them, but I ordered size 9 or L, which is EU 40, but it fits size 42 fine. The soles are rubber and they feel comfy enough, though not like some that are super fluffy. They took a month to arrive.
US $13.99, link to the shop

Have a great day!

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  1. O waw, še ena, ki rešuje kocko :D Jaz imam tisto prozorno in je kar težka, predvsem zato, ker mora biti dobra svetloba, da se razločno vidijo barve, ki so si ful podobne (še posebej, ko jo zmešaš). Sama rada ful hitro obračam, tako da imam rajši navadno. Tista je bolj "za foro".

    Ta okrogel reflektor sem tudi jaz gledala, pa ga najbrž ne bom vzela. Rabim nekaj, kar samo stoji.

    1. Tole gledam, pa mi izgledajo barve dovolj izrazite: . A imaš tako, pa se ne vidi? Imam eno mini za na ključe, ki ima dve stranici skoraj iste pastelne barve in je tudi tečna za sestavljat.

      Reflektor ti živce pobere, ker če nimaš nekaj velikega na kar lahko nasloniš, samo pada. Moral bi bit kvadraten. Še vedno veliko raje uporabljam mojega doma narejenega :).

    2. Ja, takšno imam. Se mi zdi, da so na sliki bolj poudarjene barve, kot so v resnici - vsaj pri moji je tako. Saj ni slaba, se jo da sestaviti, samo počasi in je bolj gimmick kot kaj drugega. Zdaj mi lepo izgleda na polici :D

      Sem šla malo pogledat (na eBay sicer) in imajo tudi kvadratne, morda bi bil tak res boljša izbira, ker nimam niti malo potrpljenja za stvari, ki padajo itd. Ali pa bom tudi jaz kar sama probala narediti.

    3. Ah pa tako dobro izgleda, ponavadi so kar točne slike na AliExpresu. No, saj kot praviš je gimmicky ampak zanimiva :)

      Pri tem mojemu reflektorju je tudi to problem, ker je vse tako zmečkano, da tudi ne odbija svetlobe tako lepo kot kos aluminijaste folije na kartonu. Edina prednost je, da imam več površin in da je zelo velik, ampak doma narejen še vedno deluje bolje.

  2. These are one of my favourite posts of yours. I find Aliexpress very overwhelming so I enjoy seeing what cute (and cheap) stuff one can find there xD

    1. I'm so glad you like them :) I recently went on a research binge for cuff earrings and bought a bunch of them, so that's going to be in one of the next posts :)

  3. The makeup Washi tape looks super cute.

    1. It could have a stronger hold, but it's pretty sweet :)

  4. Odsevnike bi tudi jaz nujno potrebovala. Imam doma isti sistem kot ti, folijo na kartonu. Ampak je moja tudi že precej zmečkana in včasih bi rabila nekaj bolj toplega kot to gold verzijo. Čeprav se mi zdi predrago za nekaj kar moraš držat v roki. Včasih se prav natelovadim s temi fotografijami - groza.

    Tudi ta podlaga za pred tipkovnico je super. Vem, da si jo že enkrat omenila na blogu in sem si že takrat shranila link :).

    Super objava. Imam vedno rada nove ideje :)

    1. Mogoče butasta ideja ampak a mi v prvi pomoči ena dvostranska zlata/srebrna folija? Če maš kakšno pretečeno prvo pomoč iz avta lahko za zlato to porabiš tako, da oblečeš karton. Se mi zdi čisto isto, ker tale moj odsevnik je tako tečen, saj stalno pada, če nimaš podstavljeno milijon stvari. Pa ne govor sploh o telovadbi med slikanjem. Jaz imam en položaj ko stojim na ročkah od stola - sem čisto z tistih slik "this is why men die younger", čisto nič pametnejša :D

      Podlago skoz uporabljam, si pa res želim da bi bila bolj fluffy in mehkejša.

      Me veseli, da ti je bila všeč :)

    2. To pa prvič slišim. Moram definitivno preveriti, ker bi res rabila včasih kaj bolj toplega, ko je svetloba že preveč modra ali pod lučkami :). Hvala :D.

      Pa naj še kdo reče, da bit bloger ni naporno.. :D.

  5. Sem naročila ta multi-purpose pen in je awesome :D Invisible Ink pisalo pa se spomnim, da je bilo včasih pri kakšnih najstniških revijah kot darilo, ampak je hitro nehalo delat.
    Miška izgleda res zanimivo :D Super objava, kot vedno :D

    1. Zdaj sem videla, da imajo tudi take svinčnike, ki imajo gor digitalno uro :D Saj ta moj invisible ink flomaster se tudi meni suši, itak kaj dosti od njega za par centov ne moreš pričakovat.

      Hvala :)