Essence Draw the Line Instant Colour Lipliner

ponedeljek, april 02, 2018

Essence discontinued their Longlasting lipliners which were some of my favourites and they replaced them with these Draw the Line Instant Colour Lipliners. Both are automatic liners with a sharpener in the back, so actually the only difference in the packaging is the colour of the cap. Originally I thought these are exactly the same as the previous version, which to me was a good thing already and then when I was making swatches I noticed these are actually an improved formula, so I'm even happier about that.

Texture: These behave much the same as the old Longlasting liners, meaning they are creamy, smooth, pigmented and easy to apply (also all over the lips). They aren't super precise like harder, more waxy liners are, but they still precise enough and do the job of keeping the lipstick in place as well as shape the lips better.

Colour: I got 05 so un-grey-tful which is a cool greyish mauve shade. Compared to Plum Cake from the previous line it's darker and more greyish-brown.

Staying power: Now this where I noticed that difference I mentioned before. While I was swatching the old and new formula I noticed that unlike the old one, this doesn't rub off as quickly. The formula sticks much better on the lips and needs a remover to get it off, so you get a much longer lasting lip liner than other Essence's offerings and that includes their lipsticks too.

Right: After removal with a dry tissue.

Price & availability: These cost 1.59 € in the drugstores.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the improvement of the staying power and the fact that despite that Essence managed to keep that same creamy, comfortable formula of their predecessors. Price is unbeatable, so if you're on a search for a good lipliner, these are worth checking out.  

Have a great day!

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  1. I was checking out their lip liners the other day but ended up not getting any, so this is making me wanna try them haha Plum Cake is the only non-red lip liner I've ever finished!

    1. I was checking other colours last I was in Müller and none convinced me, while I love the shades of Soft Contouring lipliners. I hope they add new colours in the next revamp :)

  2. The plum colour really suits you! I used to use essence when I was younger, I haven't seem them in shops in a while.

    Katie xx

    1. Thank you :) Strange that Essence disappeared from your shops because they keep expanding their list of shopping locations. Their stuff is available online worldwide on