Rimmel Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

torek, april 24, 2018

These Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks aren't new, as I think they launched either last year or the year before that, but they reached our drugstores sometime in Autumn. Despite the rather impressive shade range (I think it's 14 colours), we only have 5 and not the easy-to-wear pinky nude shade Blush I wanted. I still treated myself to a classic red shade Fire Starter for my birthday way back in January. I love matte liquid lipsticks (you can see my collection here) and I quite like this formula. 

Texture: It's one of the creamier formulas, or more like a mousse, though not like Bourjois as it is more pigmented. One layer mostly covers the lips completely, but there can be some sheer areas, so it's sometimes best to apply two layers. It dries completely matte in a few minutes and I get no feeling of tightness, stickiness or dryness, though it can feel almost powdery and if I apply two layers, then it feels like there is a layer or product on the lips. Once this sets it doesn't transfer. 

Shade: I have the shade 500 Fire Starter which is the only classic red in the selection and it's a warm version of the shade, but it doesn't lean to orange.

Staying power: I've had it for a while and I can say that once this sets it doesn't move. I don't know why I had the impression it doesn't last well in my first uses, because now I'm actually very impressed with the staying power, as it lasted the whole day every time I've worn it and I had to remove it with an oil cleanser at the end of the day. There's almost no transfer, it's just tiny traces on the glass when I'm drinking and it doesn't fade weird, so I'm really liking this. It's not as good as Maybelline's Matte Ink because it doesn't looks like it's freshly applied at the end of the day, but it's still one of the better ones without being uncomfortable to me.  

Scent: I was afraid this might have that awful rotten cucumbers scent that their Apocalips and matte lipsticks in the red packaging have, but luckily they don't. It's a plastic sweet scent and it's not even that noticeable. If I describe it in my usual oddly specific way, I'd liken the scent to a furniture shop. Random, I know.

Packaging: I quite like the design of the packaging at this one and I like it's one of the smaller ones. The applicator is big and slightly cut sideways, which is ok, but it could be a bit more precise as for a really neat application I need a lipliner.

Price and availability: I bought mine in DM for 6.19 €.

This is formula I'd buy more shades off. It sets matte, doesn't transfer and it's got a good colour pay-off, so it's a really good drugstore lipstick that's also easily accessible. Most liquid lipsticks feel ok on my lips and aren't drying, it's the same with this one, but whether it would be drying on more sensitive lips, I don't know. Most of the time I don't feel it on my lips and I can forget I'm even wearing it, so to me it's very comfortable.

Have a great day!

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  1. Jaz imam prav tako tale odtenek, tudi približno enako časa in se strinjam z vsem napisanim! Meni je ena izmed boljših formul, ki se jih dobi pri nas. Imam zelo suhe ustnice in se dobro obnese. Ni sicer tako obstojen kot Golden Rose, ki so moja najljubša formula, ampak se ga pa zelo enostavno popravi, če se kje zbriše. Najbolj mi je všeč barva, ker je res lepa vintage rdeča. :)

    1. Imam kar nekaj tekočih šmink, ki se dobijo pri nas in se strinjam, da je tale ena izmed najboljših :) Golden Rose mi pa vsi priporočajo, ampak mi ni niti en odtenek tako všeč, da bi ga želela imeti v zbirki, me pa vedno bolj mikajo :)