Covergirl The Super Sizer by Lashblast Mascara

nedelja, maj 27, 2018

Supersizer is one of the two mascaras I got in a swap from Canada, this one is in waterproof version. We don't have this brand here, but I believe it's a sister brand of Max Factor and many products share remarkable similarities, but there isn't an equivalent for this mascara. It features a quite unique brush with very short bristles and it's quite a volumizing mascara.

The brush is thin with super short bristles and some slightly longer ones at the tip. This wasn't the best idea based on my experience because it's barely capable of combing the lashes, though mostly it doesn't, so it just deposits a lot of product, especially since the formula itself is very thick. I end up with a lot of product and volume, but very messy lashes, also the more you apply it, the higher the chance it starts to clump the lashes and creating clusters. It's bad at fanning out the lashes and corner lashes pose a particular problem as it can't reach them well. It's a type of mascara at which you need to dedicate a lot of time for a neat application.

Unfortunate brush aside, I think the formula is a great waterproof one, except for the fact it's one of the hardest to remove. It's the type of formula that makes quite an impact and it's very waterproof, so it survives a lot, as well as holds the lashes perfectly curled all day.

Price on Ulta is $6.99.

While it's a good waterproof formula, the brush isn't capable of any significant definition and you can quickly end up with spidery lashes. It think it's best you either use it in combination with another mascara wand that's better at defining and combing the lashes.

Have a great day!

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  1. While I like the volume your right about the mess. Pluss I am not a big fan of hard to remove waterproof mascaras so I will skip this one. Great review!

    1. I am not a fan of the brush. I expect better definition from a mascara and this just doesn't cut it, even though the volume is very impressive. It's also a mascara that is by far the hardest one to remove and I always fear for my lashes.

  2. That seems too short for putting mascara on.. thanks for the honest review of this!