Empties #29

torek, maj 22, 2018

BIOBAZA Face Cleansing Micellar Oil 
This was my second bottle and I'm three quarters into my latest one. I've been using this for a year or two and by now I've developed a love-hate relationship. I hate that it's too weak to remove mascara and I still can't forgive that the sample which wowed me was completely different than what's in the full-size version. I don't like it's so thin and that it doesn't emulsify much, but I appreciate that it washes off completely and I definitely love it for the way it works with my skin. Oil cleansers tend to break me out, but with this my skin is completely clear. Until I find something better in the same or lower price range, I'm sticking to this, however, L'Occitane's Immortelle is my favourite if I want the job done properly.
Repurchase: Done.

BALEA Erfrischendes Waschgel
My standard second cleanser, I've gone through several tubes of this and I wasn't thinking about switching it anytime soon, but I was in two DMs and they didn't have it in stock which concerns me. It's gentle, pH friendly and does the job, plus it's affordable, so I really like it. I think a similar gel exists in the sensitive range, so if I can't find this one, I'll try that one. I just hope it's  merely out of stock or being repackaged.
Repurchase: Yes.

L'OREAL Pure Clay Purify Mask
This is the first one I used up out of four I own (one is still unopened). I had only one version of this formula, while I still have the grey and red version and actually the more I use these, the less I see a difference between them, apart from the Exfoliating one because of the beads, but it works the same with something extra. These are classic clay masks that I use when I need to detox my skin, so during breakouts or when my skin feels a bit blah, like it needs an intense clear out. I like these a lot, more than other clay masks I've tried and it's for various reasons, though they work similar to all clay masks. This one is meant for oily skin with imperfections and it has a lovely spa scent. 
Repurchase: I have plenty more, but yes.

BALEA Vital 3 in 1 Wet Wipes
I already featured these in a disappointing products post and they still sit at the top of my "most useless wet wipes" list. They were some of the weakest wipes I've tried and a lot of rubbing was needed for them to remove any makeup. They also dried very fast and even as dry the cloth material was nothing special.
Repurchase: No.

YES TO Carrots Gentle Cleansing Wipes
Another pack of rather useless wipes. Though they were stronger than Vital, but only marginally, they had this awful barfy scent. I hear their Cucumber version is much better.
Repurchase: No.

SULWHASOO Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum
This has an obscene 150$ price tag if you buy the full size, so I got a pack of five 8 ml samples, which I've been using for a year now. I used it every day in the first months, but lately I've only been using it occasionally and I really want to say that I see something when I use this because it's so crazy expensive, but I can't say that I do. I bought it because I heard it help with the elasticity of the skin, so it has more bounce which my skin was lacking up until I started K-Beauty, but this wasn't the product that fixed it, it was Banila Serum (now discontinued) that did and now a combination of other much cheaper products. I still have one bottle left and I'll use it up, but I'm not sure I would buy it again. This has a strong ginseng scent that really grew on me.
Repurchase: I'm not sure, I prefer other products, but this might be beneficial long-term.

AVEO MED Milde Pflege Dusche
I've gone through a couple of these and I'll keep buying it because it's a great gentle and pH friendly shower gel that smells like camomile.
Repurchase: Yes.

BALEA Duschshaum 
Fresh & Fruity
Fantastic shower foam. It's super fluffy, but firm and it smells so refreshing like grapefruits. I spent years avoiding buying these because I was convinced they last a few uses at most, but this lasted longer than shower gels. I bought it in August or September and been using it two or three times a week, maybe more, but I switch my shower products a lot and it was empty in the middle of February, so impressive.
Repurchase: Yes and I already have in a different scent.

AVEO Intensive Care Duschöl
I bought this because it was the cheapest oil I could find in our drugstores. My hands became really dry this winter, which is unusual for me and I first resorted to regular body oil to lock in the moisture, then it hit me, it might be best to use an oil cleanser too and I was right. With long-term use the condition of my skin improved drastically. It's also easy to use because I simply pour some oil without the need to squeeze the bottle, it emulsifies quickly and into a thick milky, I only need to rinse it a bit longer. The scent it annoying because it's like no one bothered fixing that part.
Repurchase: Done and yes.

L'OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil
This has been a staple in my bathroom since 2006 and I've never been without it, but I use it so little, just as an occasional treat because it's too expensive and the price definitely rose since my first purchase, so I think this was my last bottle for a while, unless someone gets it for me as a gift. It's the best shower oil I've tried because it emulsifies into a thick milk and it smells amazing, I really think everyone should try it at least once (they have sample sizes too), but it's too expensive for as a regular shower product. 
Repurchase: Maybe.

SOAP & GLORY Orangeasm Super Rich Body Butter
I loved this. The texture is one of the medium thick body butters, so it took a bit longer to sink in, which I like because it makes me feel like it's doing more than those light body lotions. It's got some red beads in it which are filled with shea butter and those burst when you were rubbing it in. The scent is great, one of the best citrusy scents, as it smelled like an orange peel, so quite a bitter & fresh orange (mixed with lemon) scent.
Repurchase: Yes, but realistically S&G is now really hard to get and we just got TBS in Slovenia, so it's not likely I'll buy it again.

SOAP & GLORY Sugar Crush Body Scrub
I've liked all of S&G scrubs I've tried so far and this is no exception. The smell isn't as harsh cleaning supply lemony as in the Hand Cleansing Gel, though it's still not the best lemon scent. However, the texture is far more important here and I can deal with the scent. It's one of the harsh scrubs, so just the way I like them and it's one that's washes off completely, leaving no oily filter behind, plus it's not drying at all. 
Repurchase: Yes, but Flake Away is still my favourite.

L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Absolut Repair Lipidium Instant Resurfacing Masque
This massive pot lasted me about a year and it was the mask I used 95% of the time. It's a thick treatment for very dry hair and one of rare ones that is enough for my hair, though when my hair was completely dried up, it wasn't that effective. After using it for a year almost exclusively I wish it left my hair a bit more silky and soft, but I repurchased it anyway.
Repurchase: Done.

GOT2B Ől-la-la Styling Oil Spray
This is the best shine spray/healthy hair maker/faker because it's silicone-oil based and not full of alcohol as most shine products are. Apart from great shine, it also tames the hair and makes it look a lot more polished, but it's so light, I think it shouldn't weight down the hair to anyone. Unfortunately, this is very hard to get in Slovenia now, but luckily I have a spare. Got2b newest product called Näturlich Nude Glanzleistung ől spray (Naturally nude shine feather-light oil spray) has similar ingredients and is worth checking out.
Repurchase: Done and yes.

KHADI Ayurvedic Hail Oil Balsam
I had this for quite a while and I kept giving it chances, but it's so disappointing. It's meant for healing dandruff and itchiness, which in theory should work since my scalp is very dry and need nourishment. Unfortunately this didn't fix anything and what's more, even as a regular pre-wash treatment, despite using a ton (a half a bottle once), it didn't nourish my hair and it was like I didn't use anything. Well apart from the smell, which could stun a horse and lingers in the hair. It's a very strong deep herbal scent., which is not disgusting, just insanely strong, as it literally fills the house.
Repurchase: No.

This is not an easy scent to wear and it's one I really need to be in the mood for because it's so strong, so sugary and so vanillary. It's like burned sugar and cotton candy on steroids, but it has its moments when it smells so comforting and nice. It's a fragrance I wore only in cold weather which is why it took me so long to use it up. It's a scent I bought back when I loved such ultra sugary fragrances, but now I'm more of an Olympea/Hugo Boss kinda girl and for my comforting/warm needs I have BBW Twilight Woods.
Repurchase: Probably not. 

LADY SPEED STICK 27/7 Gel Anti-perspirant
I used to use this in high school and I remember liking it, but this time it didn't impress me that much. It didn't work that well on me, plus the gel needs extra time to dry, which isn't convenient when you need to get dressed quickly in the morning. It's also not invisible, as especially as it ages the gel turns white.
Repurchase: No.

REXONA Motion Sense Anti-Perspirant
My standard deodorant for many years, but this is the one that stopped working one me, at least in stressful situations, which sucks because I could always rely on this one. I'm currently giving it a break with Dove's stick version, which is fine, but not as impressive as this one was.
Repurchase: In time, yes.

AVEO Nail Polish Remover Professional
A basic remover that I got because of the packaging, since it has a pump. It's quite a weak remover, so I wasn't happy with it, but I think I repurchased the same one, even though mine has a different label (blue with a more obviously stated "professional"), so that was not terribly smart of me.
Repurchase: Done apparently.

BALEA Hygiene Handgel
I've had this for ages, but I forgot about it because I had so many other much more impressive versions. The formula is more liquid than others, plus it left a bit of a filter behind, so I never really liked using it much, but it's decent if there's nothing else in the drugstores. I much prefer the Soap & Glory versions and the BBW ones.
Repurchase: I've seen some fruity versions, so maybe, as S&G and BBW are too hard to get.

SOAP & GLORY Hand Maid and Sugar Crush Hand Cleansing Gel
Hand Maid is my favourite disinfectant so far because it ticks all the boxes of not leaving a trace after I use it, it isn't drying and it smells like candy (505 for local readers). I got Sugar Crush because I love the Hand Maid version, but I did not like the scent as it smells like toilet cleaner. It's that intense lemon chemical scent - I just hated it. I'm sticking only to Hand Maid
Repurchase: I have two Hand Maid versions in stock, while I won't buy the Sugar Crush any more. 


HOURGLASS Mineral Veil Primer
This is crazy expensive (54$) and also very highly rated, but I was quite disappointed by it. It's a regular matte primer that was way too drying for me and I had to use a ton of hydrating skin care after I took off my makeup. I didn't notice it making my skin more perfected, so my foundation application didn't look better, nor did I notice anything particularly in terms of it prolonging staying power of makeup. I don't get what the fuss is about.
Purchase: No.

BANILA CC brightening moisturising / cover base It radiant cover
I love the shade of this as it's really pale, about NC10, with not a particularly strong undertone - big thumbs up for that. Coverage is light-medium and this has a very dewy finish, so it's also quite a moisturising product and remains a bit tacky for a while, so this is a good choice for those with dry skin. It looks like skin, meaning it has a very natural finish, so you would be able to see it's makeup, only the dewy shine reveals there' product on the skin. It doesn't slip into pores for a long time, though at the end of the day it doesn't look as pretty there as it did from the start. It doesn't make the lines look more terrible and it smells like Nivea. Overall I like it despite the dewiness, but I rate it high mostly due to the shade.
Purchase: It's likeable, so I would consider it.

TONY MOLY Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream
This feels less than a moisturising BB cream and more like a regular foundation with a thin, liquid formula and  light-medium coverage. It's got a satin finish on the skin, but with a radiant look and again looks natural, looks very nice over pores, though it doesn't hide lines. It's not sticky and actually sets quite fast. Shade is about NC/W20, so too dark for me, but I like the formula of this.
Purchase: I would, if it weren't for the shade.

LIOELE Dollish Veil BB Spf 25/PA++
This was a surprise because I didn't know anything about it and expected a regular BB cream, but this is similar to Estee Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint release, meaning it's an off-white (in this case greyish violet) cream which when you rub it into skin turns a tinted cream, in this case to about NC20, it didn't match me. It's not tacky or dewy like Korean BB's usually rare, instead sets quickly to a satin-matte finish (though it doesn't hold back oil). Coverage it light and this is quite scented with a floral fragrance. I had some problems with flaking.
Purchase: No.

MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30/PA++
Such a thick formula, this was hard to blend in. Coverage was medium, but it wore off quickly, so it looked more like light-medium. Finish was satin-matte. Shade 21 was about NC20-25.
Purchase: No.

INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil
I liked this in terms of texture, but I think it sadly broke me out. The smell of this is so lovely, just pleasantly calming like a cup of green tea. It's a thicker oil than TFS Rice oil rich or Biobaza that I normally use, but it emulsifies into the same thin milky emulsion. It removed about 75% of makeup, I had some panda eyes with this, but unlike with TFS, most of the remaining makeup came off with the second gel cleanser. The skin felt really nice and soft after use, that's was the main thing that made me think I like this more than Biobaza, though it's not ideal like L'Occitane. Too bad for the spots, otherwise I'd buy the full size.
Purchase: Sadly no.

INNISFREE Green Tea Serum
A light serum that actually doesn't sink in completely or at least super quick, but it's still light on the skin. It's got a pleasant green tea scent. It left my skin looking healthy and fresh, but it's nothing special in terms of K-Beauty products.
Purchase: No.

FA BELLA Cleansing Gel
I don't even know where to buy this except on Amazon and I think it's only sold in a box with 50 of these sample packs, which is so wasteful. That confusion aside, this takes foam to a whole new level. It produces the thickest, most creamy and luxurious foam ever, it's pretty much like shaving gels. My skin was left completely clean, but in about five minutes it started to feel a bit tight. It has an old school cosmetic powdery floral scent.
Purchase: No.

THE FACE SHOP DR. Belmeur Panthenol Soothing Gel-Cream
A thick gel that reminds me of Kamagel ointment (a camomile based gel for soothing inflammations) which was simply too thick and heavy-feeling for my liking. If you have sensitive skin or it needs healing, it's worth a try, but only if you like heavy textures than need time to sink in. The scent was fresh.
Purchase: No.

TONYMOLY The Fresh Phytoncide Pore Gel-Cream
A gel type of serum-cream that even though it's not light should only fit oily skin because my skin became so tight about 10 minutes after application that I had to use a lot of hydrating skin care to soothe it. I noticed no difference in the state of my pores. 
Purchase: No.

INNISFREE Eco Science Recover Spot Essence
A classic gel for spots which had absolutely zero effect on spots when I tried it. COSRX Master Patches FTW.
Purchase: No.

LANEIGE Eye Sleeping Mask
This comes in a fancy bottle packaging with a special applicator, so basing a review on a sample bag won't deal with every aspect of the product. It feels light, like a serum and it's refreshing under the eyes. It doesn't take long to sink in even in a thick coat. It smells herbal, similar to old Scheller Zitrone Mellise gel (lemon balm). I don't get puffy eyes ever and I can't say I saw much of a difference in the morning in how my under eye area looked. It neither looked more rested or plumped up, though maybe it looked a bit better, but not amazing.
Purchase: No.

BIOBAZA Body Mlijeko za tijelo s ružom i geranijem
Body milk with rose and geranium.
This has such a strong rose scent, I'm really not a fan, but the formula is really nice. I don't know why they named it milk because this is a cream consistency and it absorbs relatively fast for such a formula, though not immediately like a milk would. It's a nice nourishing body moisturiser, I think it's good, except the scent. This claims to have 98% of ingredients of natural origin, second ingredient is shea butter, followed by almond oil, cocoa butter and sesame oil, so ingredients-wise this is very good.
Purchase: they have a coconut and lavender version which sound tempting, but I would get them only if the formula is exactly the same.

BIOBAZA Feet 3u1 Balzam za njegu stopala i peta
3-in-1 balm for feet and heels
The smell of this is ridiculously strong, I mean it fills the house. It's a strong eucalyptus scent, so if you have a cold, there's a cream for you, but I think Biobaza took the concept of fresh smelling feet a little too far. Formula is like a body milk, so not a balm and not even remotely moisturising enough for my dry feet, though it moisturises somewhat decently. Most of it sinks in fast, but some remains in that trying-to-be-powdery non-slippy layer. 
Purchase: No.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Hydro Booster Intenziv Konzetrat
The first thing that hit me was an alcohol scent, since this has alcohol on 2nd place, It's a very light serum that absorbs fast. I wouldn't use it because of the alcohol, but otherwise it's just a simple hydrating serum, like many others.
Purchase: No.

Beauty Balm -  a rich thick moisturiser
Body Cream - lighter than the Balm, but still nourishing cream consistency
Body Lotion - very light like a milk and it has an alcoholic scent.
All had a creamy, but slightly odd scent. These were nothing special
Purchase: No.

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  1. Balea gel je v Avstrijskem DM-u nov. Ne vem sicer, če so sestavine iste, ima pa drugačno emablažo in se oglašuje kot nekaj z aloe vero. Če pogledaš na njihov online shop ga že najdeš. Žal, ga nisem vohala, ker imam še tega trenutno na zalogi, ampak upam, da so vonj spremenili. Ker ta mi ni ravno všeč. Med verzija je brez vonja, skoraj boljša. Je pa za to ceno res odličen.

    Sem si zdaj kupila od Bale olje za tuširanje in ga zmešala z Balea med milom za roke...zdaj imam pa neko tekočo zadevo, ki šprica iz dozirnika :D. Sem tak freak, da bi mi bilo čudno prat roke brez mila za roke. I'm weird. Imam pa res ful probleme s suhimi rokami, tako da mogoče probam še samo z oljem :).

    Da sploh porabiš kak parfum do konca, je zame že zmaga. Meni se to zgodi mogoče enkrat na 5 let. Imam jih preveč, uporabljam malo in menjujem na sezone.

    Annemarie Hydro Booster meni tudi ni bil všeč. Ne samo zaradi alkohola, tudi tekstura me ni navdušila.

    1. A, that's explains it :) Sem pogledala nove sestavine. So zelo podobne, samo zdaj je aloe vera na 4. mestu, kar se sliši kot dobra izboljšava, upam pa, da je tudi po teksturi še vedno podoben. Jaz sem se vonja že kar privadila, ampak mi je bil od začetka preveč močen.

      Smart :) Jaz kar ostajam pri samo olju, itak se popolnoma spere. Sem pa mojega danes prelila v embalažo od Biobazinega olja, da imam pumpico.

      Jaz proti koncu parfuma že vse za brezveze špricam samo, da ga bo čim prej konec :D Ta je itak že zelo star in se je že vohala tisti pokvarjena alkoholna nota.

      Hydro Booster je bil meni zelo podoben Vichyemu Aqualia Thermal serumu. Isto poln alkohola in lahek. Res nič posebnega.

  2. Balea gel je tudi meni odličen, sem kupila verjetno že kakšnih 15 :D No, upam da pride ta nova verzija čimprej k nam, ker mi ga bo počasi zmanjkalo :D

    Te pene za tuširanje pa res dolgo držijo, zdaj skušam porabiti peno za roke od Balee in se mi zdi, da ne gre nikamor. Jaz sem pa mislila, da bo to takoj prazno :D

    Biobazini vonji pa so tudi meni premočni, vsaj od teh izdelkov, ki sem jih preizkusila :)

    1. Sem šla že dvakrat gledat, pa nove verzije še ni, stare zaloge pa tudi ne. Malo bodo morali pohitet.

      Res, te pene so zelo prijetno presenečenje. Kupila sem navaden Nivea tuš gel, ki je zdržal dva tedna, te pene se pa kar držijo mesece. Čisto drugače od pričakovanega :)

      Se strinjam glede Biobaze. Razen micelne vodice ima vse močen vonj, kar pa meni ni všeč zaradi njihovih naravnih vonjev. Jaz sem bolj za parfumske.