Deborah 24 Ore Velvet Mat Lipstick 07

torek, marec 10, 2020

These are new in the drugstores and come in 8 shades. I have great experience with Deborah lips products, in particular I love their liquid matte lipstick, so this line immediately caught my attention. As expected I was not disappointed and these turned out to be great quality. 

Texture: Formula is really well made. It's super smooth, it glides on the lips with ease and it's not too thick or drying. Finish is properly matte and it's got a good level of pigmentation, but it's not as opaque as matte liquid lipsticks. It doesn't feel uncomfortable not even after several hours have passed, so if you didn't get a long with the liquid version, these feel less dry on the lips.

Shade: 02 is a medium warm pink that's similar to the discontinued Essence Stay True Lipliner waterproof 08 Thank you Berry much. Deborah has accurate swatches of all shades on their website

Staying power: I was concerned it might not last long, but it looks like freshly applied several hour later, provided of course I don't eat anything greasy. It's not as long lasting as the liquid version, but for a regular lipstick it's really good.

Packaging: It's a crayon like pencil with a wind up mechanism, so there's no need for a pencil sharpener. However, there's also nothing to help you make it more precise again when use it up a bit, Maybelline's SuperStay Ink for example is a similar design and they added a sharpener at the back. Formula's are actually very similar, so here is where Maybelline takes the lead.

Price and availability: It's sold in DM for 8.69 €.

Deborah nailed another matte formula and this one is more comfortable than the liquid version if you tend to have more dry lips. It's so smooth and lasts well, so I'm very pleased with the formula, but it has some strong competition is the drugstores.

Have a great day!

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  1. That is such a beautiful lip colour!

  2. Izgled mu je baš fin, kupila bih. Izgleda kvalitetno. hypoallergenic?

    1. Namam pojma. Kaže "dermatologically tested"

    2. Draga Mateja, čuvaj se od korone! :/